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The Best Tabbed SSH Solution in Windows 7 | Eric
ttyplus is mtputty

superputty is *very* GUI, not just tabbed putty. Uggh.

mtputty is tabbed ok, but won't let me adjust putty settings (font, IP, etc.) for sessions.
Also attempts to connect to m6500 rather than, so fails (despite it imported the session).
putty  kitty  mobaxterm  securecrt  ttyplus  superputty  comparison  mtputty 
september 2017 by theskett
KiTTY – A fork of PuTTY 0.67 with many additional features | Hacker News
kitty has a bunch of menu options that PuTTY doesn't have (font up, font down, reverse...) but they didn't work on Rocket's Lenovo; semi random font color etc.

MTPuTTY seems a bit less irritating, but I can't edit / save PuTTY configs.

mintty is simplest but not tabbed, can be run from ConEmu to get tabs but the setup isn't clear.
kitty  putty  comparison  terminal  windows  ssh  emulator  mobaxterm  mtputty  mintty  conemu 
september 2017 by theskett
Which U.S. state is comparable to England in size?
wyoming 93k sq miles, oregon 96k sq miles, uk 94k sq miles
uk  us  state  similar  same  size  comparison  as 
february 2016 by theskett
mysql - When MyISAM is better than InnoDB? - Stack Overflow
Alternatively, develop against PostgreSQL and get the best of both.
myisam  innodb  mysql  difference  comparison  better 
august 2014 by theskett

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