What is the correct way to view your CPU speed on Linux? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
For intel i3, i5 and i7 based cpus there is a dedicated tool called i7z that shows current speed for all cpu cores.

From man page (description):

i7z runs the i7z, ncurses based, program without any options. i7z will print out the C-states and temperature for i3, i5 and i7 based Core processors from Intel (including Nehalems, Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge).

For ubuntu-based distributions you can install it by issuing this command:

sudo apt-get install i7z
then just run it (tool needs to be run with sudo):

sudo i7z

(Often disagrees with cpuinfo etc.)
cpu  speed  linux  dell  m6500  throttle  throttling  i7z  multiplier 
The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think
One of usability’s most hard-earned lessons is that you are not the user. This is why it’s a disaster to guess at the users’ needs. Since designers are so different from the majority of the target audience, it’s not just irrelevant what you like or what you think is easy to use — it’s often misleading to rely on such personal preferences.
oecd  computer  computing  users  user's  user  skills  skill  level  ability  worse  than  you  think 
2 days ago
Working with MySQL Scheduled Event
Used by Servergraph to run optimize on Wednesday evenings; but we can't see when the process completes.
Could create an additional event on completion, to get the timestamp.
mysql  scheduled  scheduler  event  servergraph  optimize  optimization 
4 days ago
Dell XPS M1330 Notebook watercooling MOD, the little How to - YouTube
this are throttling for compressed air, Metric 5 Screw and for 6mm tube. That is from the company FESTO, unfortunately I have no part number anymore, sorry :(
watercool  water  cooled  laptop  dell 
4 days ago
MySQL check for crashed table - Stack Overflow
show table status where comment like '%crash%';
mysql  show  table  status  where  comment  like  crash  crashed 
5 days ago
Remove Security Questions when setting up Local Account in Windows 10
To skip the questions, do not set a password for that account, and click next. It is possible to create an account without security questions if you leave them blank. You can set up the new password for yourself at the later stage. If you forget the password, you will have to ask your admin to reset it for you.
windows  10  skip  avoid  do  not  use  security  questions 
6 days ago
(35) Ryan Cook's answer to For an experienced computer programmer who has been coding for years, what are some new interesting things you learn that you previously didn't know? - Quora
Ryan Cook, Software Engineer at Jornaya
Answered Jul 12
I've been writing code for 20 years (11 professionally), and today I learned something absolutely fascinating.

I finally got around to reading @Robert Martin’s book Clean Architecture. Should have made time for it much sooner.

I've encountered many of the concepts before (SOLID, coupling & cohesion, etc), but never in such an entertaining and eye-opening way.

Anyway, I learned something new about programming paradigms. That the 3 major paradigms (structured, object-oriented, and functional) were all discovered within the same decade (1958-1968). Since then, no new paradigms have been discovered, and it's extremely unlikely that there ever will be.

Martin argues that these 3 paradigms can be understood as each taking something away from there freewheeling nature of bare metal programming:

Structured programming limits direct transfer of control (goodbye goto).
OOP limits indirect transfer of control (goodbye function pointers).
Functional programming limits variable assignment (goodbye mutable state).
Arguably, there's nothing left to take away that wouldn't simply leave us crippled. For better or worse, these are the paradigms we have to live with, probably forever.
clean  architecture  uncle  bob  robert  martin 
6 days ago
apache - .htaccess: Invalid command 'RewriteEngine', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration - Stack Overflow
> or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

Check to make sure you have mod_rewrite enabled.

From: https://webdevdoor.com/php/mod_rewrite-windows-apache-url-rewriting

Find the httpd.conf file (usually you will find it in a folder called conf, config or something along those lines)
Inside the httpd.conf file uncomment the line LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so (remove the pound '#' sign from in front of the line)
Also find the line ClearModuleList is uncommented then find and make sure that the line AddModule mod_rewrite.c is not commented out.
If the LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so line is missing from the httpd.conf file entirely, just add it.

dont forget to restart apache
apache  mod_rewrite  rewriteengine  syntax  error  httpd.conf 
8 days ago
(37) Alan Mellor's answer to What did you learn as a software developer? - Quora
It’s impossible to forecast how long a big piece of work will take
It’s impossible to forecast small pieces of work if there are any unknowns. There usually are
Social skills matter more than you think
Usually adding more people makes everything worse
Your perfect design will not survive the next requirements
Your hacked up design will kill your ability to change code quickly
Most developers use the word ‘performance’ as an excuse to not change something
There’s a library for that, whatever it is
You have to write code to be read by a given audience, like a book
Simple always wins
It’s better to ship a little and often
The reward for doing good work is more work, often with less time
There is a lot of fantasy about earnings
There is a cult around algorithms
Languages are tribal
Unit tests speed development not slow it
Nobody has a crystal ball
It’s tiring when you have to solve difficult puzzles
Use all the help you can get
Startups, product companies, consulting all have very different values
You will have a disaster with your name on it
Some developers are really very rude and up themselves
They usually mellow with age
Everything looks easy when you start
Words mean exactly what other people want them to mean
Wannabe developer managers are painful
Point counter managers are painful
Managing developers can be like herding cats
You can find little rewards in even the dullest projects
Great developers question stuff
All things considered, it’s a pretty good career
Software  development  developer  what  did  you  learn  truths  alan  mellor 
12 days ago
This seems not to work for Joerg at Cristie; Servergraph still attempts to start before a DHCP IP address is available, perhaps because I didn't check 'the right wait service':

If you need to delay you service after the network is up, include

in the .service file.

This will ensure that all configured network devices are up and have an IP address assigned before the service is started. network-online.target will time out after 90s. Enabling this might considerably delay your boot even if the timeout is not reached.

The right "wait" service must be enabled too (NetworkManager-wait-online.service if NetworkManager is used to configure the network, systemd-networkd-wait-online.service if systemd-networkd is used, etc.). systemd-networkd.service has Also=systemd-networkd-wait-online.service in its [Install] section, so when systmed-networkd.service is enabled, systemd-networkd-wait-online.service will be enabled too, which means that network-online.target will include systemd-networkd-wait-online.service when and only when systemd-networkd.service is enabled. NetworkManager-wait-online.service is set up similarly. Verify that the right service is enabled (usually only one should be):

$ systemctl is-enabled NetworkManager-wait-online.service systemd-networkd-wait-online.service
systemd  systemctl  network  up  ip  dhcp  address  servergraph  fails  start  on  boot 
14 days ago
#864642 - vmxnet3: Reports suspect GRO implementation on vSphere hosts / one VM crashes - Debian Bug report logs
We changed the NIC from vmxnet3 to e1000, after which the message stopped.
Had to put the old MAC address on the 'new' e1000 NIC, so the DHCP IP reservation worked on the new NIC (Servergraph worked regardless of the MAC / IP)
Driver  has  suspect  GRO  implementation  TCP  performance  may  be  compromised  vmware  vsphere  nic  device  error  errors  esxi  vmxnet3  tools 
16 days ago
logging - Log all queries in mysql - Stack Overflow
Add to my-sg.cnf , then restart:

# log all SQL

or (and maybe better) :

Enable Query logging on the database:

SET global general_log = 1;
SET global log_output = 'table';

View the log:

select * from mysql.general_log

Disable Query logging on the database:

SET global general_log = 0;
log  all  queries  mysql  sql 
20 days ago
How to prevent Windows 10 from automatically adding keyboard layouts (i.e. US keyboard) - Super User
HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Keyboard Layout\Preload
then sign out / in (or restart).
windows  10  remove  us  keyboard  layout 
20 days ago
ssh - Allow both domain users *and* local users to Centos 7 server - Server Fault
vi /etc/pam.d/sshd
account sufficient pam_localuser.so
to be the first line in the 'account' block (was previously the third)
ssh  sshd  cannot  login  access  as  local  user 
23 days ago
linux - PAM SSSD Allow Local Users - Super User
look in your pam configuration, lines starting with account.
I suppose that there is only pam_sss but not pam_unix.

the pam file depends on the distribution you use.
For RHEL based system and SSH it is /etc/pam.d/password-auth
ssh  sshd  access  denied  cannot  login  fails  fail 
23 days ago
[SOLVED] pam_access(sshd:account): access denied for user `local' from `server'
Added below entry to /etc/pam.d/sshd then restarted sshd
account sufficient pam_localuser.so

But, not working on my Ansible server.
sshd  ssh  local  account  denied  login  access  pam 
23 days ago
ldap - ldapsearch over ssl/tls doesn't work - Stack Overflow
First, replace -h my.server.com -p 3269 with -H ldaps://my.server.com:3269 as suggested by @dearlbry.

Then, in /etc/openldap/ldap.conf (or /etc/ldap/ldap.conf on my Ubuntu 13.04), disable certificate verification by adding this :

HOST my.server.com
PORT 3269
You can also create a ldaprc file in the current directory with the same content if you don't want to affect the whole system.

This will enable ldapsearch over SSL, but without verification.
ldaps  ldapsearch  ssl  tls 
23 days ago
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