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The Trial of the Linens - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Wiedźmin | The Witcher - All Media Types
A young witcher's sexual education, or:

Five times Geralt faced the Trial of the Linens and one time he administered it. (43,038 words)
the.witcher  DiraSudis 
4 days ago by theodosia21
White Hats - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Generation Kill, Curse Workers Series - Holly Black
"Every day's your lucky day when you work for the LMD, Ray," Brad said blandly. (6,953 words)
generation.kill  au  fusion  oneshot  DiraSudis 
january 2013 by theodosia21
Restart in Safe Mode - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - The Administration - Manna Francis
Leo Warrick's version of the "if you hurt my son I'll kill you" talk is specially engineered for maximum effectiveness. (2,355 words)
misc  DiraSudis  oneshot 
january 2013 by theodosia21
Don't You Shake Alone - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Generation Kill
Nate looked exactly like Brad always pictured him: exhausted in the full life-in-a-combat-zone sense of the word. (62,189 words)
generation.kill  DiraSudis  awesome-all  awesome-long 
august 2012 by theodosia21
You Just Brace and You Breathe - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Generation Kill
Afghanistan, December 2001. Bo meets Frost, and then Nate meets Brad. (21,751 words)
generation.kill  au  DiraSudis 
december 2011 by theodosia21
The Only Thing I Ever Want Anymore - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant
Post-Feed. Major spoilers! // For two days every month when the crazy hormones kicked in, I could count on getting knocked flat and stripped naked anytime we were alone. You're damn right I counted the days.  (3,129 words)
Newsflesh.Trilogy  DiraSudis  oneshot 
august 2011 by theodosia21
What to Do After Firing - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Generation Kill, A Companion to Wolves
Ray and Navi have their first multiple breeding, and Brad and Frost look after them when it's over. (14,196 words)
generation.kill  au  DiraSudis  awesome-all  awesome-short 
august 2011 by theodosia21
Which in Your Case You Have Not Got - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Generation Kill, A Companion to Wolves
Every Marine a Wolfbrother. A conversation about shitting leads to Evan learning a lot about how Second Platoon really works. (8,991 words)
generation.kill  fusion  DiraSudis 
july 2011 by theodosia21
Jigsaw - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Stargate SG-1
Jack wakes up in the SGC to the news that his team is dead. If he weren't hearing the news from General Hammond he might not believe it--and even so it's not quite real until he sees the bodies. Once he does, he knows nothing is ever going to be the same again.
Sam wakes up in the SGC to the news that she is now the senior member of SG-1. Jack O'Neill is dead. For Sam and her team, nothing is ever going to be the same again.
SG-1 might be able to go on like this--Sam's going to keep her team together if it kills her--but a man who's lost his team is capable of anything, and Jack's about to do the unthinkable to make things right.  (66,906 words)
SG1  au  DiraSudis  awesome-all  awesome-long  magnificent 
june 2011 by theodosia21
The Season of Grace - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Oxford Time Travel universe - Willis
The strangest thing about it, beforehand, is that no one tries to stop her from going. Kivrin has spent years perfecting her arguments, but in the end it's utterly routine. (7,587 words; Doomsday Book tag)  DiraSudis 
march 2011 by theodosia21
dira: [vorkosigan] Treatment for Shock
When someone did move, at long last, it was Roic. // Gen. Mark, Miles, Roic. CryoBurn epilogue fic. (1,000 words)
vorkosigan  angst  oneshot  DiraSudis 
november 2010 by theodosia21
The World That You Need - Dira Sudis - Vorkosigan Saga - Bujold
In which a Countess renowned for her shopping discovers a gift she would like to give her husband and wonders how it may be arranged. (59,624 words so far; polyamory)
vorkosigan  DiraSudis  awesome-all  awesome-long 
october 2010 by theodosia21
dira: [vorkosigan] And They Think It's Hell
"Miles suggested that you were the one I should ask, if I wanted to know the truth about my father. Will you tell me?" Gregor, Cordelia, Aral. post-The Vor Game. Adult themes. 3,000 words.
vorkosigan  DiraSudis  oneshot  awesome-all  awesome-short 
september 2010 by theodosia21
dira: [doctor who] The Box Below
If time can be rewritten, then this is an early draft. (3,300 words)
doctorwho  DiraSudis  oneshot  awesome-all  awesome-short 
july 2010 by theodosia21
dira: [Star Trek] The Care and Feeding of Your Starship Captain
What Leonard was about to do was undeniably crude--maybe one step up from bleeding to balance the humors--but in this case the science was sound. (Kirk/McCoy. NC-17. 5,000 words. BDSM.)
StarTrek  oneshot  DiraSudis 
february 2010 by theodosia21
dira: [the mentalist] Love and Affection and Respect for Personal Boundaries
"I want to touch you," he says quietly, matter-of-factly. "I want to give you pleasure, I want to give you whatever you'll let me, as much as you'll let me. But I don't want anything from you in return. I don't want to be touched. I don't want to undress." (Jane/Van Pelt. NC-17. 7,000 words)
the.mentalist  DiraSudis  oneshot  hot 
december 2009 by theodosia21
dsudis: [st xi] Ten Sessions
Star Trek: Reboot. McCoy, Kirk. PG. 2,018 words. Jim could be fantastically thoughtless except when being thoughtful would embarrass McCoy more.
StarTrek  DiraSudis  oneshot 
july 2009 by theodosia21
dsudis: [spn] Until the Breaking of the Day
In which Dean asks an anatomical question, and receives a theological answer. (Dean/Castiel. PG-13. 1,357 words.)
supernatural  oneshot  awesome-all  awesome-short  DiraSudis 
april 2009 by theodosia21
dsudis: [spn/doctor who] untitled Dean/Donna ficlet
Dean and Sam arrive at the motel where all the deaths have been reported just in time to see this red-haired woman open her car door for something that is obviously not right. They run toward her, screaming at her to get away from that thing, and she smiles, waves, and starts the car--and then all the windows go opaque with hideous green-black splat.
DoctorWho  supernatural  crossover  oneshot  DiraSudis 
april 2009 by theodosia21
dsudis: [torchwood] Get Loved, Make More, Try to Stay Alive (1/8)
Sweet and heart wrenching and brilliant. Bonus points for a great ending. There's a reason Torchwood employees don't have kids. ("When we don't die young and violently, we die weird. Well, or all three.") But then, Ianto and Jack have never been great at following the rules. To say nothing of the Doctor. (Jack/Ianto. Less than 19% mpreg by volume. 68,550 words.)
Torchwood  DoctorWho  awesome-all  awesome-long  DiraSudis 
october 2008 by theodosia21
dsudis: [torchwood] Make a Beginning
Post-"Exit Wounds". Gwen couldn't go on like that much longer. Neither could Torchwood. (Gwen. Jack/Ianto. PG-13. 4,799 words.)
Torchwood  oneshot  DiraSudis 
october 2008 by theodosia21
Last Rites by Dira Sudis
Gen, post-"Cursed." House has some bad news for Chase, and a surprise for Cameron.
house  angst  oneshot  DiraSudis 
march 2008 by theodosia21
dsudis: (Panic! at the Disco Almost Changed Their Name to) Fuzzy Kitten Cuddle Time (1/2)
Jon/Brendon. NC-17. 14,439 words. In which Jon Walker is sometimes a kitten.
bandom  DiraSudis 
march 2008 by theodosia21
dsudis: TTT Fic: Burn Up in Love Love Love (1/2)
Jon makes a realization. Pairing: GSF. Rating: NC-17.
bandom  DiraSudis 
february 2008 by theodosia21
Counting the Days, by Dira Sudis
After Buffy's death, Dawn needs to get out of the house, so Spike takes her down to LA.
BtVS-Angel  angst  oneshot  DiraSudis 
may 2007 by theodosia21

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