Nocturne: Book 1 - venusm - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
You can’t end a war with a single death. The hatred, the divisions, the cruelty, the heartbreak, it doesn’t end on a single morning. As the wizarding community in Britain struggles to rebuild, magic itself begins to fracture, mirroring the fractures in society.

Spells fail, wards fall, and unpredictable explosions of power shatter brick and mortar, blood and bone.

The Ritual of Reconciliation is an ancient blood magic ritual that should, if successful, slowly begin to heal the wounds War brings.

At its heart, the rite marries two people, one from each side. The husband must come from those who lost. The bride must come from those who won.

The more tied to the conflict the respective spouses, the more beloved by their respective peoples, the more successful the ritual, because blood magic is old magic and the oldest magic?

Requires sacrifice.

Or, how Harry and Draco wind up in an old fashioned pureblood-style traditional marriage and have to fuck every night lest magic die.

TLDR: kink, worldbuilding, darkness, love, drinking, pureblood customs, potions, wizarding homes, jewelry, sex, pain, roses, body adornment, rituals, and a dread portal python named Arky. (6,584 words so far)
hp  awesome-all  awesome-short 
14 days ago
Let's Speak English - Prologue 1 - Off We Go!
Let's Speak English is an autobiographical comic about my time as an English Teacher in Japan! It started in Late 2013 and ended in mid 2016. It's now being made into a book!
manga/manhwa/webcomics  humor 
14 days ago
CrossingsCon 2016
Videos from the CrossingsCon 2016 sessions.
YoungWizards  video 
14 days ago
Edgar Allan Poe's Murder Mystery Dinner Party
Edgar Allan Poe invites some of history's most famous authors to play a murder mystery game, but things don't go quite as planned.
original  video  humor 
14 days ago
misplace your cities - Electrasev5n - Naruto
post-Clarity Aiko finds herself in the canon universe, where she definitely does not belong. She is then insufferable. (203,300 words so far)
naruto  au  awesome-all  awesome-long 
14 days ago
pull the morning out of the night - heartslogos - Dragon Age: Inquisition
(if they love each other,who cares?)
They pull the morning out of the night.
- my sonnet is a light goes on in (e.e. cummings)

AU where the elven empire never falls, and the Iron Bull finds himself in service to the favorite of the Wolf. (129,439 words so far)
dragon_age  au 
14 days ago
SATOKO - YourIdiotWriter - Naruto
Being a ninja isn't as cool as one might think. It generally involves a lot of horrified screaming and praying for your life to a bunch of gods you've never even heard of. I mean, it kinda makes up for itself if you can shoot lightning from your finger tips and spit lava from your mouth, but you don't get any of that cool shit when you get to replace the ostracized and totally hated main character who can do exactly neither of those things and more. I'm really looking forward to this, guys. Not.

((Or: SI replaces Naruto and proceeds to try and solve her problems with explosions and fire, and glitter. Is convinced the universe is out to get her because every time she tries to do something right, everything becomes worse. 116,488 words so far))
naruto  au 
14 days ago
The Legend of God's Eyes - Loudest_Voice - Naruto
Uchiha Sasuke knows his brother is wandering around Konoha, enjoying a life of respect and freedom, while the family he crippled slowly dies. Now he's finally a ninja and will not rest until his brother has paid for his betrayal. Even if said brother turns out to be his jounin-sensei. (99,869 words so far)
naruto  au 
14 days ago
find your way by moonlight - blackkat - Naruto
Vampires and Hunters and magic, oh my! (Or, Obito is Madara's favorite chew toy, Kakashi is the Hunter who's convinced [probably correctly] that Obito is in need of rescue, and dogs might not fix everything, but they certainly help. 94,989 words so far)
naruto  au 
14 days ago
I Don't Want To Live On the Moon - Vroomian - Akatsuki no Yona | Yona of the Dawn
She gets dropped into another world, in another country, in the middle of a war. Is it any wonder seven years pass before she stumbles into the plot? (76,597 words so far)  au 
14 days ago
The Till-Then From the Ever-Since - Kieron_ODuibhir - Batman (Comics)
It began, or seemed to begin, with Jason.

Usually that would have meant something in the order of fire and explosion and probably at least one gunshot wound, but for once (as Tim said, sourly), it wasn't actually Jason's fault. (64,974 words so far)
14 days ago
The Universe's Newest Puppet - phoenixyfriend - Naruto
Fate's strings are really more of a garotte at this point. // In which an SI OC ends up as Uchiha Sasuke's twin sister, and commences planning because this is either a seriously entertaining coma or her unfortunately permanent new reality. (58,795 words so far)
naruto  au 
14 days ago
I Want Some Satisfaction - Barkour - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Over the years Inasa rivals Todoroki, then befriends Todoroki, then has a shocking realization about Todoroki. (20,588 words)
my.hero.academia  humor 
14 days ago
I (Heart) You - darkmagicalgirl - Haikyuu!!
When Kyoutani comes back from the dead, Yahaba is sitting on the headstone the next row over and reading a magazine. (3,680 words)
haikyuu!!  au  oneshot 
14 days ago
Lucky Child - Star Charter (Bibliograph) - 幽☆遊☆白書 | YuYu Hakusho: Ghost Files
"My name is Yukimura Keiko, and I am not who you think I am." // When a Yu Yu Hakusho fan dies and is reincarnated in Keiko’s body, she’s faced with a difficult choice: stay true to her former self, or follow the script set for Keiko by the anime. Although the thought of agreeably becoming Yusuke’s helpless girlfriend turns her stomach, can she afford to be herself when one wrong move could rewrite history? As mysterious forces manipulate Not-Quite-Keiko in the pursuit of their own ends, she must choose between honoring the anime by sacrificing her identity, or forging a destiny of her own making. (244,961 words so far)
14 days ago
Family Matters - AKK - Tokyo Babylon, X/1999
Preventing the End of the World caused some side-effects Subaru is ill-prepared to deal with on his own. (147,390 words)
TokyoBabylon  X/1999 
14 days ago
Build Upon The Ruins - izanyas - 文豪ストレイドッグス | Bungou Stray Dogs
The famous and all-winning Double Black gets put aside to gather dust after a battle against a kaiju leaves one of its pilots badly injured. Four years later, the threat against humanity is too dire to afford not to use a fully functional jaeger. Ozaki Kouyou orders Dazai to find a new copilot and fight again.

Chuuya is all for it. Dazai is not. Kunikida finds himself trying to understand the gap full of unsaid things that stands between them both. (73,543 words)
bungou.stray.dogs  pacific.rim  fusion  au  awesome-all  awesome-long 
14 days ago
Waves - IncompleteSentanc (Erava) - Naruto
Sakura dies on October 10th with green eyes that slowly lose their shine and bright pink hair that turns dark with blood. Then Sakura is born on January 12th with dark blue eyes that get lighter and lighter and red hair so dark it looks black more often than not.

She doesn't know it immediately, but she's a child reborn and time is reborn with her. It's time for a change, and Sakura will do all she can to bring it - for one reason or another. She's a woman reborn, and she's already died once before. What more does she have to fear? (68,891 words)
naruto  au 
14 days ago
How To Survive The Weirdest Experience Of Your Life - IncompleteSentanc (Erava) - Naruto
Obito has lived through the single weirdest experience of his life. Not many could say that they'd gotten crushed by a boulder, had half their body replaced by creepy alien flesh, was promptly held captive for a year by a supposed-to-be-dead Madara Uchiha, was saved by a randomly raiding pack of supervillains, then promptly killed by them, fixed up again, then dumped in a forest, and finally, FINALLY, returned home again.


His life has gotten pretty weird. But he's home, he has his family, and he has hope that someday soon he'll be able to say he didn't just survive the experience - but that he also come out of it pretty okay. (40,041 words)
naruto  au 
14 days ago
By Any Other Name - astolat - Wiedźmin | The Witcher (Video Game)
Vesemir wasn’t sure what he’d done to deserve any of this. // Notes: So I asked for prompts on DW and potted_music said "Geralt/Emhyr AU in which Emhyr is a witcher too" and I was all lol, how on earth could Emhyr have ended up as a witcher, and then this story happened. (25,418 words)
the.witcher  astolat  awesome-all  awesome-long 
14 days ago
Growing Back - izanyas - 文豪ストレイドッグス | Bungou Stray Dogs
With the agency's hands tied, there's only one person Edogawa Ranpo can think of to help break Dazai out of jail. (9,441)
bungou.stray.dogs  oneshot 
14 days ago
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Dragonslayers - coveredinfeels - Dragon Age: Inquisition
Harmon knows how this goes. He's from Nevarra, and he's read books. Plural. If you want to fight a dragon you need to find a Kindly Mentor who can teach you all their Secret Strategies.

So all he needs to do is find this old Tal-Vashoth dragonslayer his cousin keeps going on about, get him to teach Harmon about dragons, convince everyone else to go along with his dragon-hunting plans, fight a dragon, and win.

Easy, right?

Starring one cheerful qunari grandpa, one grumpy necromancer grandpa, and a bunch of Nevarran mercenaries who are about to have a very educational experience. (7,053 words)
dragon_age  humor  oneshot 
14 days ago
All the Colors You Thought Were Kings, by Arkady Martine | Shimmer
Moonrise glitters dull on the sides of the ship that’ll take you away. She’s down by the water, her belly kissing the sand and her skinny landing-legs stuck out like a crab. You and Tamar watched her land, stayed up half the night like babies staring at their first meteor storm, peeking over the railings of Tamar’s balcony and marveling at how the falling star-glimmer lit up the lights under your skins like an echo. You two have been full up with starstuff for as long as you’ve been old enough to go outside the crèche by yourselves. Now you’re almost home. (very obviously a Homestruck fanfic with the serial numbers filed off, but well written & enjoyable, with beautiful imagery)
original  homestuck  oneshot 
14 days ago
To Be Seen Aright - Deastar - Hockey RPF
Sid’s gotten pretty used to total strangers asking him what he’s trying to prove, or telling him he wasn’t raised right, and they always expect it to bother him. He doesn’t tell them he hears much, much worse on the ice.

When shit gets even worse than usual—when a ref calls him a brat when he’s arguing a call, when another team’s goon tries to put him on his knees five times a game—he sits on the bench and presses down on his chest protector, feeling the shape of the captain’s ring on its chain around his neck, until he doesn’t feel like throwing up anymore. Sid’s never had a dom, not even for a night, but he has his team, and that’s enough. That’s more than enough. (109,504 words)
hockey.rpf  deastar  au 
6 weeks ago
The Immortal Realm of Barbelo - joisbishmyoga - Persona 5
No. A child's voice, soft and desperate. There is one last possibility... you mustn't give in!

But what else could he do?

Something chuckled softly, deep in his heart, and suddenly his mask burned. Akechi clutched at it, metal and glass melting between his fingers, rolling molten into his throat to choke back his scream.

Well, now. This is familiar. (46,267 words)
persona.series  joisbishmyoga 
6 weeks ago
Owe No Debt - izanyas - 文豪ストレイドッグス | Bungou Stray Dogs
Regrets were always Dazai's thing. Chuuya strives forward, doesn't look back, doesn't let the past catch up to him any more than he lets Corruption's bruises halt his momentum. It doesn't have to change just because he teamed up with Dazai once again. (It does.) (34,721 words)
bungou.stray.dogs  awesome-all  awesome-long 
6 weeks ago
Portrait Of You - izanyas - Bungou Stray Dogs, Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Chuuya saves a little girl from her own stupidity during a trip to Musutafu. Uraraka Ochako is a gravity manipulator, a moody child, someone you can't help but let drag you along wherever she wants. She's like him and she's not. She saves him a little, too. (11,388 words)
bungou.stray.dogs  my.hero.academia  crossover 
6 weeks ago
still disputed territory - ophelietta - Hikaru no Go
If anyone had ever bothered to ask him about it, Tsutsui Kimihiro would have described himself as a nice, polite, well-mannered person.

Kaga just brought out the fucking worst in him. (27,349 words)
6 weeks ago
wish by spirit and if by yes - midnightluck - One Piece
Mostly, Sabo likes his job, even when it means trying to chase down pirates like Whitebeard in the New World to discuss important Army affairs. Okay, maybe especially then.

Reunion AU where Sabo's a little shit, everyone’s happy, and yet some stuff still hurts. (29,274 words so far)
OnePiece  awesome-all  awesome-long 
6 weeks ago
A Trader in Topaz - Lucius Parhelion (Parhelion) - Original Work
Trader Nebyi of the Veiled People has traveled months to guest with his partner, the Magus Raushan, and purchase gems in The City of Dark Gold. But, for once, it won't be either Raushan's toyings with magic or his pleasure-loving ways that get them both in trouble. (17,964 words)
parhelion  original 
6 weeks ago
Something Borrowed - rageprufrock - Haikyuu!!
In which Oikawa and Iwaizumi have always been a foregone conclusion to everyone else, but a massive, unanswered question to one another. (16,031 words)
haikyuu!!  rageprufrock  au 
6 weeks ago
Doubt - pentapus - Books of the Raksura - Martha Wells
Jades notices something is off with Moon, but she can't panic because Chime is already doing that. (11,170 words)
martha.wells  pentapus  awesome-all  awesome-short 
6 weeks ago
I Heard it in Your Voice Last Night - saunterleftside - Naruto
Ryouma introduces Kakashi to some of his favorite rock bands. Written for the world of ANBU Legacy. (13,949 words)
6 weeks ago
I'm Not Calling You a Liar - saunterleftside - Naruto
In which there is terrible lying, dentistry, and first steps at a threesome. // Written for the prompt: "Katsuko and Ryouma, in their unholy partnership, try (and maybe succeed?) to get Kakashi to do something he would really rather not do." Set in the world of ANBU Legacy, a collaborative AU Naruto RP. Please note, this is not ANBU Legacy canon. (7,181 words)
naruto  oneshot 
6 weeks ago
Neither Sought Nor Knew - pumpkinpodfic (thegreatpumpkin), the_rck - Labyrinth (1986)
Sarah could never figure out, later, which of them was more surprised the second time she summoned the Goblin King. It was a toss up, too, which of them was the more appalled when he had to answer.

He smiled at her that time and promised her the stars at her feet, but his eyes were tight with anger even as he offered her his hand. (6,611 words)
Labyrinth  dark  oneshot  the_rck 
6 weeks ago
Kiss meme - Frustrated - Asuka Kureru (Askerian) - Seirei no Moribito | Guardian of the Sacred Spirit
Jin ground his teeth together, narrowed his eyes threateningly, and placed a hand on his sword in a ready-to-draw gesture that had broken the nerve of many a would-be opponent.

Balsa took another sip of tea.

"He'll be back when he gets back," she said, throwing him an unimpressed, heavy-lidded look over the rim of her cup. (2,080 words)
AsukaKureru  oneshot 
6 weeks ago
floating, sinking - shuofthewind - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Somewhere in her is the sinking feeling that they weren't supposed to survive.

[Jyn's not entirely sure how they lived. She just knows that they did. She's not sure how the Rebellion lost the plans, either, but she has half a plan to fix that. Maybe. Mon Mothma has other ideas.] (190,736 words)
StarWars  awesome-all  awesome-long 
9 weeks ago
to treat everything as if it were a nail - thingswithteeth - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Jyn Erso is raised as a hostage of the Empire. It matters less than it should. There are many different ways to rebel. (102,728 words)
StarWars  au 
9 weeks ago
to the beat of my heart - kittebasu (chanyeol) - Haikyuu!!
Former boyband member and acting idol Tsukishima Kei’s continued entanglement with Nekoma's lead singer Kuroo Tetsurou is just a series of missed steps in choreography he can’t quite master. (It doesn't help at all that Kuroo Tetsurou makes a habit of constantly changing the music.) (68,655 words)
haikyuu!!  au 
9 weeks ago
Auguries of Innocence - the_rck - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Granger sighed and leaned her head on Weasley's shoulder. "The ritual was horrible. I can't imagine-- Well, I can or it wouldn't bother me." She shot a glance at Draco. "Not that he-- Well, it could be worse. It could have happened to someone who didn't deserve it."

Draco felt tears in his eyes. "That's true." He pulled his knees up against his chest. "I shouldn't have done it. I almost didn't. I wasn't supposed to. That was the best might-be right then."

Granger stared at him.

"Dumbledore would have lived?" Weasley asked.

"No." Draco shook his head. "He was doomed that year in almost all the good might-bes. I just shouldn't have killed him. If I hadn't, Potter would have had a few more months with him. Professor Snape would have killed him. He'd promised two ways, you see. Dumbledore and my mother both." He lowered his cheek to his knees. "That might-be was better. Potter'd be married by now. I'd be in Italy. I'd like to be in Italy..." (44,990 words so far, dark)
hp  dark  au  awesome-all  awesome-long 
9 weeks ago
Cluster Got Your Back, Bro - flawedamythyst - Marvel Cinematic Universe
Being psychically linked to seven people scattered around the globe turns out to involve rather more taking down foreign governments than Clint had expected, but at least it's a good cheat for keeping up with the latest episode of Dog Cops. (30,925 words; Sense8 Avengers AU)
marvel.cinematic.universe  au 
9 weeks ago
Martingale - manic_intent - John Wick (Movies)
John’s grip on the gun was steady, the pistol trained on Santino, not wavering in the least even when Winston stepped forward, trying to calm him down. Taunting John Wick had been juvenile—possibly even suicidal—but in this moment, balanced between life and death and ruin, Santino could not begin to care. He smiled.

Once, his mother had called a smile an omega’s last line of defense: de-escalation, she used to preach, just be calm. Santino and Gianna had watched her die, choking on her goddamned calm. Their father had thought—incorrectly, as it turned out—that she had cheated on him, and their mother’s own bodyguard had shot her in the chest, point blank, over the kitchen table. It had been an early and valuable lesson in trust and power. (24,195 words)
John.Wick  manic_intent  au 
9 weeks ago
Sixty Impossible Things - Wynn - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Viktor: Also whatever Yuri's said about me is probably a lie
Viktor: Unless it’s that I want to talk to you, because I do )))))))
Other Yuri: everything i said is true
Other Yuri: viktor nikiforov is a giant douchebag asshole!!!!!!
Other Yuri: i take back everything i said about you calling him
Other Yuri: let him suffer ignored and alone the rest of his pathetic life

Yuuri sits shellshocked at the barrage of messages. (28,980 words so far)
9 weeks ago
pin your heart to my sleeve - foxfireflamequeen - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
When Yuri is six years old, Viktor Nikiforov gives him his heart. (13,117 words)
9 weeks ago
yo body lethal - clairelutra (exosolarmoon) - Miraculous Ladybug
[S] Marinette & Adrien: Enjoy a day at the water park. (13,068 words)
miraculous.ladybug  humor 
9 weeks ago
the merry-go-round of life - fireblazie - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
It is 1998, and Yuri is dead. // In which Yuri is a ghost, and Yuuri and Viktor are the grim reapers assigned to help him cross over before his soul fades away into nothingness. (9,577 words)
Yuri.on.Ice  au  oneshot 
9 weeks ago
Lowdown and Dirty - Karalyn - Foreigner Series - C. J. Cherryh
Ilisidi always has more than one reason for everything she does. Including Filing Intent on the paidhi-aiji. (7,657 words)
Foreigner  oneshot 
9 weeks ago
The Unknown Unknown - opalish - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Yuuri never meant to become a supervillain. These things just happen to him. (7,464 words)
Yuri.on.Ice  humor  oneshot  au 
9 weeks ago
Like Dust - wyrvel - Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
When they first met, they were teenagers, and it ended in bloody knuckles and fire. 

Giotto infuriated Ricardo. He looked so delicate you could blow him away with the slightest huff, a thin lattice of dust and faded thread in the shape of a person.

But /god/ do his kneecaps ever hurt when they collide with your stomach. (5,993 words; Giotto | Vongola Primo /Ricardo | Vongola Secondo)
katekyo.hitman.reborn  oneshot 
9 weeks ago
it won't be like this for long - Katharos - 琅琊榜 | Nirvana in Fire (TV)
In canon universe, Jingyan's Consort dies in suspicious circumstances during the Chiyan conspiracy. In this universe, their child survives. or: Jingyan's adventures in single parenthood. (3,837 words)  au  oneshot 
9 weeks ago
wild peaches - notbecauseofvictories - Labyrinth (1986)
The morning after Sarah Williams defeats the Goblin King, she gets up and makes toast. She has to brush some glitter off the toaster—it withers and vanishes at the brush of her fingertips, and she stares at her hand for a long time. (3,571 words)
Labyrinth  oneshot 
9 weeks ago
this one or none at all - sunsmasher - Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat
Damen steals Nikandros' thunder. // "I’m going to ride home tomorrow and begin preparations to ask for her hand,” Nikandros says, and Laurent smiles wider and says, “Oh, wonderful,” as Damen leaps to his feet with a thundering crash of chair against flagstone.

“Nikandros!” he shouts, papers flying, arms wide, “This— amazing! She sounds amazing! Congratulations!” (2,527 words)
captive.prince  humor  oneshot 
9 weeks ago
Fighting Queen - pentapus - Books of the Raksura - Martha Wells
Rain meets one of the fighting queens of the Fringes under less than ideal circumstances. (1,287 words, Pearl/Rain. tags: aiming for some classic tropes, shy delicate damsel with her inner moral strength, deadly veteran warrior who grumbles but still tears through the bad guys for the damsel, but it's raksura, so swap those gender roles)
martha.wells  oneshot  pentapus 
9 weeks ago
In Every Time and Season - Branch - 琅琊榜 | Nirvana in Fire (TV)
Lin Shu survives, and, with a certain amount of salutary brow-beating, finds a purpose in doing so that moves him to enter the world again, seek out his loved ones, and start walking a meaningful path forward with them. (40,130 words so far)  branchandroot 
june 2017
Sometimes Fate Don't Smile - icarus_chained - Vampire: The Masquerade
Michael Rains is a private eye, one who looks out for the little guy, and a little thing like getting Embraced by a Nosferatu and condemned to haunt the night ain't gonna stop that. Poking your nose around some places in this city can get dangerous, though, vampire or no vampire, and there's a war loomin' on the horizon. Gonna get messy around here soon. Some guys just ain't got any luck. (29,281 words so far)
vampire.the.masquerade  icarus_chained 
june 2017
Sons of Fathers - CurlicueCal - DCU, Smallville, Teen Titans
Kon-El Luthor Kent gets bored and decides to make the acquaintance of the other half of his heritage. This proceeds smashingly. // In which I take rampant advantage of whatever bits of various canons suit me to explore my Dad!Lex feels. (26,569 words)
DCU  Smallville 
june 2017
The War of Silver and Ash - astolat - Wiedźmin | The Witcher (Video Game)
He couldn’t blame Regis for doubting. He’d come to Emhyr because he’d wanted to bring everything to this fight, but he hadn’t known himself how big that everything was. It was too big to look at. You only saw the little part of it you were standing right next to, the army on a battlefield or the bridge being built. Except now he’d spent the last year standing next to Emhyr at the one place with a clear view all around, the mountaintop of the empire he’d built, and he’d seen what you could do when you put millions of hands together on a rope and pulled at the same time in the same direction. And vampires could think and feel and love like humans, but they couldn’t do that. Because they were all lords unto themselves.

“You’re too strong,” Geralt said. “You don’t have to work together to survive. So you’re no damn good at it. What higher vampire’s going to take being yelled at by an asshole of a drill sergeant or digging ditches every day? Anyway, it wouldn’t work. There aren’t enough of you. Meanwhile Emhyr has a half hour chat with me in his bedroom one night, and a year later, two million soldiers know how to kill vampires.” He shook his head. “Witchers are dying out because humans don’t need witchers anymore.” (15,879 words)
the.witcher  awesome-all  awesome-short  astolat 
june 2017
The Maiden, The Witch, and The Crone - aegistheia - Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika, xxxHoLic
They all know something about wishes, their prices, and the way they can change a world. Some more than others. (8,842 words)
xxxholic  crossover  Puella.Magi.Madoka.Magica 
june 2017
A Purpose-Driven Life - Beatrice_Otter - Marvel Cinematic Universe
Dottie escapes the Red Room as a child. Everything goes differently from there. (6,194 words)
marvel.cinematic.universe  women.are.awesome  oneshot 
june 2017
Linguistic Ambiguities in Vulcan Ethical Codes - elumish - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies)
The thing people always forget is that it was a Vulcan ship that reached Tarsus IV first. (5,764 words)
StarTrek  oneshot 
june 2017
blasting open all the rich seams of possibility - suitablyskippy - モブサイコ100 | Mob Psycho 100
If Shou gets the hang of astral projection, he can move onto possession. If he gets the hang of possession, he can hammer through Ritsu’s psychic guard-wall with sheer brute strength of will, take control of Ritsu’s body, and pull off so many hilarious pranks at Ritsu’s expense that just thinking about it gives Shou the jolt of pure, energised determination that he needs to wrench free his soul, spit it through his teeth, and send himself catapulting victoriously into the sky like a glorious psychic firework.

(Being best friends is just as hazardous for Shou and Ritsu themselves as it is for everyone else around them.) (3,883 words)
mob.psycho.100  humor  oneshot 
june 2017
like religion - WerewolvesAreReal - Natsume Yuujinchou | Natsume's Book of Friends
Natsume would like to make it clear that this is all the dog's fault. (OR: how to become a god, by accident). (6,894 words)
natsume.yuujinchou  oneshot 
june 2017
And Not a Ghost in Sight - WerewolvesAreReal - Natsume Yuujinchou | Natsume's Book of Friends
Nishimura, Kitamoto, and Natsume's weird cat investigate a haunted house. The cat is acting really strange... (925 words)
natsume.yuujinchou  oneshot 
june 2017
Cashflow for Kids - tagteamme - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Phichit and Yuuri and how they made some extra $$$ during their university years. (6,852 words)
Yuri.on.Ice  humor  oneshot 
june 2017
Timezones and Tricky Translations - ilien - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
JJ gets a lot of texts from Yuri Plisetsky. He's aware that the ones that aren’t “Fuck you!” are actually meant for Otabek, but he answers them, anyway. (6,497 words)
Yuri.on.Ice  oneshot 
june 2017
Night is Young and the Music's High - opalish - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
"Best press conference ever," the Japanese Nationals silver medalist says when asked. “Ten out of ten, would medal again.”

"I would die for Katsuki-kun," Minami declares, with terrifying sincerity. (3,086 words)
Yuri.on.Ice  humor  oneshot 
june 2017
Impulse - Metis_Ink - Haikyuu!!
"Semi’s not sure how subtle the team is trying to be, but there must be some ungodly conspiracy pointed against him. It’s working in the sense that Semi is half aware that maybe this rivalry with Shirabu is a lot more troublesome than it seems, but really, that’s all he's getting."


Second year Semi Eita faces the downward spiral that is his life following the arrival of some first year setter who's way too cocky for his own good. (15,072 words)
june 2017
all lost souls - norio - Haikyuu!!
Not again, Akaashi thought. But he had never seen this sight before. (45,875 words)
haikyuu!!  au  noragami  fusion 
june 2017
with benefits - norio - Haikyuu!!
Bokuto wouldn't have thought he'd have a series of one-night stands with Akaashi. (5,665 words)
haikyuu!!  oneshot 
june 2017
notice me kouhai - norio - Haikyuu!!
This was definitely, somehow, Bokuto's fault. (4,427 words)
haikyuu!!  oneshot 
june 2017
one in a hundred - norio - Haikyuu!!
Though he has no proof, Bokuto suspects dating would be a lot easier if Akaashi stopped trying to break up with him. (4,080 words)
haikyuu!!  oneshot 
june 2017
Fight! The Exciting Adventures of a High School Girl! The Fire Will Never Die! - norio - Haikyuu!!
Bokuto is a shoujo mangaka. Akaashi is done, and also his editor. (1,954 words)
haikyuu!!  au  humor  oneshot 
june 2017
opening doors and pulling some strings - sunsmasher - Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat
The Captive Prince A Knight’s Tale AU. Featuring the joust, an off-screen masquerade, and a reveal. With Damen in the part of William Thatcher, Laurent in the part of Lady Jocelyn, and Laurent again in the part of Geoffrey Chaucer. // "You would win the tournament anyway," Jokaste tells him, cold and pale and unmoved by Damen's frustration. "If you should prove your love for Prince Laurent, you shall do your worst."

Beside Damen, Charls goes suddenly still. (1,607 words)
captive.prince  oneshot  au 
june 2017
Good Lives - jibrailis - Naruto
Gai accidentally becomes first lady of Konoha. (7,601 words)
naruto  awesome-all  awesome-short 
may 2017
The Battle of Candle Arc, by Yoon Ha Lee
General Shuos Jedao was spending his least favorite remembrance day with Captain-magistrate Rahal Korais. There was nothing wrong with Korais except that he was the fangmoth's Doctrine officer, and even then he was reasonable for a Rahal. Nevertheless, Doctrine observed remembrances with the ranking officer, which meant that Jedao had to make sure he didn't fall over.

Next time, Jedao thought, wishing the painkillers worked better, I have to get myself assassinated on a planet where they do the job right. (7,963 words)
may 2017
Feathers on the Sand - Carradee - Star Wars - All Media Types
Padmé Amidala Naberrie was a politician, with years of experience dealing with direct and indirect communication. Why did she knowingly marry a volatile, traumatized Jedi who gave off so many “creepy! stalker!” flags?

That’s aside from various odd details—details that, perhaps, could've given her a chance to save them all. (92,301 words so far)
StarWars  au  download.this  awesome-all  awesome-long 
may 2017
A Year In Toussaint - astolat - Wiedźmin | The Witcher (Video Game)
Geralt had no damn idea what to do with a vineyard when Anna Henrietta gave him Corvo Bianco, but he figured it couldn’t be that bad. (30,737 words)
the.witcher  astolat 
may 2017
i'd rather fall among the stars - heartslogos - Warframe
“You are all strong,” Margulis tells them. They do not say anything back because half of them are muzzled, a good quarter of them are drugged, and the rest of them are smart enough to know that with the Orokin - Margulis is not Orokin in the way the rest are - watching they should preserve whatever secrets of speech they have left. “But you are children. And it is not the role of children to be strong.”

It is a sweet sentiment.

But they are not children. (27,087 words so far)
may 2017
i have named you queen (listen) - Damkianna - Original Work
Grandmother ruled Gir Niajra, and always had.

Jummai felt certain this was so, mostly because it was impossible to imagine otherwise: anyone, anyone at all, seated so comfortably on that great golden throne except Grandmother? Anyone who could look or speak with such authority, to whom so many great and worthy people bowed down? No—only Grandmother. It had always been Grandmother, and it always would be.

Then Grandmother died; and there was a war.

(Or: Jummai is a princess without a throne—but she has no intention of leaving to others what is rightfully hers. She needs a wife with an army, and gets one; but her wife seems impervious to her tactical charm, she keeps making mistakes, and her cousin still wants her dead. 19,713 words)
may 2017
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