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Map the Banks - @OpenCorporates
The financial crisis cost society 4 trillion dollars. Before we can disrupt the industry, we need to understand what it looks like.

We've hunted down official government records of which companies are licensed to carry out financial activities. In total, there are 267 sources of data in 177 jurisidictions around the world. If you're a coder, we need your help to write scrapers! If you're not, there are other ways you can help.
data  maps  banking  finance  opencorporates  crowdsourcing  scraping 
december 2014 by theodi
Kimono: web app that turns websites into structured APIs from your browser in seconds
Web scraping. It's something we all love to hate. You wish the data you needed to power your app, model or visualization was available via API. We've felt this pain, many times over. So we built kimono to do all this heavy lifting for us.
api  data  scraping 
march 2014 by theodi
Introducing the Table Xtract beta | ScraperWiki
Accurately extract tables from web pages and PDFs.
data  pdf  tool  scraperwiki  scraper  scraping 
march 2014 by theodi

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