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iCity D4. 4 Open Data
This deliverable provides an overview of Fraunhofer Open Data Platform and Open Data platforms of London, Barcelona, Genoa and Bologna, and presents an approach to their integration in the iCity platform on the basis of Fraunhofer Open Data Platform.
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october 2014 by theodi
CATALYST project - FP7
Online communities have been playing an increasingly important role in supporting grassroots initiatives in the area of social innovation and sustainability. However, as such platforms go larger and larger, it is more and more difficult for community managers to ensure efficient debates among citizens, i.e. to ensure collective ideation, decision and action.

End of 2013, major community networks and leading research institutes have teamed up to tackle this issue with the support of the European Commission’s research funding programme. Over 2 years, through the CATALYST project, they will develop and test collective intelligence tools and make them available, as open source solutions, to any interested communities.
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october 2014 by theodi
Strip Out Complexity and Open Your Data – How Cities Can Open Their Data Quickly and Easily | dsrptn
The concept of data platforms has garnered a lot of coverage over the past few years and the City as a Platform is one that has wide traction in the “Smart City” space. It’s an idea that has been widely promulgated by service integrators and large consultancy firms. This idea has been adopted into the thinking of many cities in the UK, increasingly by local authorities who have both been forced by central government diktat to open their data and who are also engaging with many of the large private companies who sell infrastructure and capabilities and with whom they may have existing contractual arrangements.
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june 2014 by theodi

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