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Facebook And Twitter – Handling Extremism And Disorder | Paul Bernal's Blog
A Bill to Make provision as to matters concerning the social and moral responsibility of Facebook and Twitter, to ensure that proper cooperation is made with the authorities in relation to morality, extremism and disorder.
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november 2014 by theodi
Local Authorities as Case Studies for Research on Open Data
I am a researcher at the University of Southampton, doing a PhD into Open Data and Democracy in UK Local Authorities and I am looking for case studies. I am already working closely with a few authorities such as Windsor and Maidenhead and the Hampshire Hub and I am very keen to add a few more (I am doing this late in life having retired a few years ago following a career in IT).
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july 2014 by theodi
Strip Out Complexity and Open Your Data – How Cities Can Open Their Data Quickly and Easily | dsrptn
The concept of data platforms has garnered a lot of coverage over the past few years and the City as a Platform is one that has wide traction in the “Smart City” space. It’s an idea that has been widely promulgated by service integrators and large consultancy firms. This idea has been adopted into the thinking of many cities in the UK, increasingly by local authorities who have both been forced by central government diktat to open their data and who are also engaging with many of the large private companies who sell infrastructure and capabilities and with whom they may have existing contractual arrangements.
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june 2014 by theodi
Opening Up EU Procurement Data | Open Knowledge Foundation Blog
What is the next European dataset that investigative journalists should look at? Back in 2012 at the DataHarvest conference, Brigitte, investigative superstar from FarmSubsidy and co-host of the conference, had a clear answer: let’s open up TED (Tenders Electronic Daily). TED is the EU’s shared procurement mechanism, and is at the heart of the EU contracting process. Opening it up would shine a light on the key questions of who receives public money, and what they receive it for.
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may 2014 by theodi
Hyperlinks and hope: five years out - Sunlight Foundation Blog
In the five years since’s public launch, the government-wide data portal has expanded dramatically, been the subject of a legislative fight, the focus of an international open source collaboration as well as numerous contests and dialogs.

Five years into the Obama administration’s experiment with marks a good time to ask — is the experiment a success?
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may 2014 by theodi
“Open-washing” – The difference between opening your data and simply making them available | Open Knowledge Foundation Blog
Last week, the Danish it-magazine Computerworld, in an article entitled “Check-list for digital innovation: These are the things you must know“, emphasised how more and more companies are discovering that giving your users access to your data is a good business strategy.
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march 2014 by theodi

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