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Senator Doesn't Like Companies Lying to Government - Bloomberg
"And so, in a world of dysfunctional government and pervasive financial capitalism, more and more of our politics is contested in the form of securities regulation."
dsreads  finance  politics  Kapital  Amerika 
march 2018 by the_syborg
Two Bubbles of Unrealism: Learning From the Tragedy of Trump - Los Angeles Review of Books
"But there’s little reason to think that the situation would be much better and more sustainable had the utopia of the future triumphed instead."
politics  history  Europe  Amerika  TheDisaster  globalization  nation-state  Latour  commentary  climate-change  economics 
november 2016 by the_syborg
Benjamedia | Public Seminar
McKenzie Wark: "Benjamin has a genius for using the energies of the obsolete. But one has to ask if the somewhat cult-like status Benjamin now enjoys is something of a betrayal of the critical leverage Benjamin thought the obsolete materials of the past could play in the present."
intellectual-history  theory  aesthetics  history  Benjamin  photography  film  culture  literature  DieFragment  alienated-labor  art  architecture  avantgarde  politics  TheRuin  utopia 
august 2015 by the_syborg
Did the Decline of Sampling Cause the Decline of Political Hip Hop? - Erik Nielson - The Atlantic
compelling if difficult to substantiate satisfactorily. but the question of causality isn't nearly as interesting as the space for thinking about property and aesthetics and politics this opens
history  politics  ultracomplex-systems  Kapital  commentary  IP  musique  aesthetics  rap  race 
september 2013 by the_syborg
Germany's Paradox: Family-Friendly Benefits, But Few Kids : NPR
insofar as it fails to mention the state's future pension obligations versus a shrinking population, this is pretty weak coverage from ol'npr -- pity: the situation in germany is really interesting
politics  children  alienated-labor  gender  Germany 
may 2013 by the_syborg
German science minister stripped of her PhD : Nature News Blog
is it that this hasn't happened yet in the US or that few politicians in the US have PhDs?
politics  academe  germany  plagiarism 
february 2013 by the_syborg

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