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Two Bubbles of Unrealism: Learning From the Tragedy of Trump - Los Angeles Review of Books
"But there’s little reason to think that the situation would be much better and more sustainable had the utopia of the future triumphed instead."
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november 2016 by the_syborg
What inner city kids know about social media, and why we should listen — I.M.H.O. — Medium
yes, but not at all surprising if one has been paying attention to research in this space (e.g., db)
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september 2013 by the_syborg
Did the Decline of Sampling Cause the Decline of Political Hip Hop? - Erik Nielson - The Atlantic
compelling if difficult to substantiate satisfactorily. but the question of causality isn't nearly as interesting as the space for thinking about property and aesthetics and politics this opens
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september 2013 by the_syborg
Nathan Heller: Is College Moving Online? : The New Yorker
nicely concludes with terry's copyright experiment. also, this earlier bit is hilarious: "When brochures from these schools arrive in the mail, they often look the same. Chances are, you’ll find a Byronic young man reading “Cartesian Meditations” on a bench beneath an elm tree, or perhaps his romantic cousin, the New England boy of fall, a tousle-haired chap with a knapsack slung back on one shoulder. He is walking with a lovely, earnest young woman who apparently likes scarves, and probably Shelley. They are smiling. Everyone is smiling. The professors, who are wearing friendly, Rick Moranis-style glasses, smile, though they’re hard at work at a large table with an eager student, sharing a splayed book and gesturing as if weighing two big, wholesome orbs of fruit."
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may 2013 by the_syborg
“An American in Berlin,” Claire Messud | World Literature Today
while there is much to agree with in messud's essay, i do not think that "In Berlin, a sense of becoming trumps a sense of belatedness"; rather, a sense of belatedness is precisely the symbiote, so to speak. of a sense of becoming
commentary  cities  Berlin  aesthetics  essay  space  Amerika 
april 2013 by the_syborg
k-punk: Prosopopoeia and geopoetics
"as if this view of immigration spontaneously arose out of people's experience, rather than as a consequence of a framing of experience which has been very deliberately constructed with the assistance of a popular media. Most of the alleged "concerns about immigration" could easily be reframed as anxieties about global capitalism or poor (and inadequately targeted) public services. Indeed, the "immigration" question assumes such importance because it allows global capital to remain obscured." word.
alienated-labor  commentary  class  community  Zizek  ultracomplex-systems  Jameson 
may 2010 by the_syborg
The university after what, now? - Michael Bérubé - Chávezian Airspace
I recently gave a paper in which I argued that the rise of the political blogosphere was a vindication of one of cultural studies’ central beliefs and a rebuke to the McChesney-Chomsky-Herman model of mass media (all three of those influential theorists, by the bye, said at the outset of this decade that the Internet could not work as a progressive political force because it was commercial). [And then, while I was in KC, I rehearsed that argument in a recent thread on this very blog as well.] That is to say: cultural studies has taught us—or has tried to teach us—that you don’t know the meaning of a mass-cultural artifact until you find out what those masses of people actually do with it. After my talk, someone asked me, “but isn’t that really more a question for sociology?” To which I replied, well, the questions of sociology shouldn’t be considered alien territory for cultural studies.
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april 2009 by the_syborg
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