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Senator Doesn't Like Companies Lying to Government - Bloomberg
"And so, in a world of dysfunctional government and pervasive financial capitalism, more and more of our politics is contested in the form of securities regulation."
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march 2018 by the_syborg
Did the Decline of Sampling Cause the Decline of Political Hip Hop? - Erik Nielson - The Atlantic
compelling if difficult to substantiate satisfactorily. but the question of causality isn't nearly as interesting as the space for thinking about property and aesthetics and politics this opens
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september 2013 by the_syborg
Nathan Heller: Is College Moving Online? : The New Yorker
nicely concludes with terry's copyright experiment. also, this earlier bit is hilarious: "When brochures from these schools arrive in the mail, they often look the same. Chances are, you’ll find a Byronic young man reading “Cartesian Meditations” on a bench beneath an elm tree, or perhaps his romantic cousin, the New England boy of fall, a tousle-haired chap with a knapsack slung back on one shoulder. He is walking with a lovely, earnest young woman who apparently likes scarves, and probably Shelley. They are smiling. Everyone is smiling. The professors, who are wearing friendly, Rick Moranis-style glasses, smile, though they’re hard at work at a large table with an eager student, sharing a splayed book and gesturing as if weighing two big, wholesome orbs of fruit."
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may 2013 by the_syborg
Bits and Pieces: Campus Culture
aye, and reed would do well to contend with this in its continuing struggles with AOD policy/enforcement/etc -- (Harry Lewis rounds up all of his blogging on the so-called "cheating scandal" at )
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january 2013 by the_syborg
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