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Senator Doesn't Like Companies Lying to Government - Bloomberg
"And so, in a world of dysfunctional government and pervasive financial capitalism, more and more of our politics is contested in the form of securities regulation."
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march 2018 by the_syborg
Two Bubbles of Unrealism: Learning From the Tragedy of Trump - Los Angeles Review of Books
"But there’s little reason to think that the situation would be much better and more sustainable had the utopia of the future triumphed instead."
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november 2016 by the_syborg
Violence in Blue | Patrick Ball | Granta Magazine
"As I said at the beginning of this article, the estimate of 1,500 police homicides per year would mean that eight to ten per cent of all American homicide victims are killed by the police. Of all American homicide victims killed by people they don’t know, approximately one-third of them are victims of the police."
Amerika  violence  data 
march 2016 by the_syborg
“An American in Berlin,” Claire Messud | World Literature Today
while there is much to agree with in messud's essay, i do not think that "In Berlin, a sense of becoming trumps a sense of belatedness"; rather, a sense of belatedness is precisely the symbiote, so to speak. of a sense of becoming
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april 2013 by the_syborg
Stilgoe predicts the return of railroad | Harvard Gazette
“Train Time: Railroads and the Imminent Reshaping of the United States Landscape”
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october 2012 by the_syborg
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