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Transmageddon is a video transcoder for Linux and Unix systems built using GStreamer. It supports almost any format as its input and can generate a very large host of output files. The goal of the application was to help people to create the files they need to be able to play on their mobile devices and for people not hugely experienced with multimedia to generate a multimedia file without having to resort to command line tools with ungainly syntaxes.
Linux  Ubuntu  app  video  conversion 
february 2013 by the_karel
Mobi to PDF Converter
Mobi to PDF converter

Fast, Free & Online. BETA version. Also converts PRC to PDF!
ebook  conversion  Kindle  PDF  mobi 
december 2012 by the_karel
Listen to articles or documents by simply sending an email, pressing a button in your browser or the SoundGecko mobile apps.
audio  mp3  tools  conversion 
november 2012 by the_karel
PHPImageWorkshop - PHP class using the GD library for image processing
Powerful PHP class using GD library to work easily with images including layer notion (like Photoshop or GIMP)
PHP  image  PHP:GD  framework  library  manipulation  conversion 
july 2012 by the_karel
Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML
Word to clean HTML is a free converter tool for documents produced by Microsoft Word and similar office software. Word to clean HTML strips out invalid or proprietry tags, leaving clean HTML behind for use in web pages and ebooks.
Word  conversion  HTML 
july 2012 by the_karel
vCard to LDIF/CSV Converter
Convert vCard to LDIF online, CSV. You can also download the script and run it locally. All you need is a shell with PHP installed.
vcard  csv  ldiff  conversion 
october 2009 by the_karel

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