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High-performance input handling on the web | Read the Tea Leaves
So throttle/debounce/requestAnimationFrame is not the best way to go.
javascript  performance  events 
4 weeks ago by thany
Convert woff to woff2 | Everything Fonts
Convert to WOFF2 for the latest Firefox, Chrome and Android browsers. Can easily make a 50% difference compared to WOFF1.
font  font-face  fontface  performance  conversion  convert  converter  tool  tools 
july 2015 by thany
@font-face and performance | High Performance Web Sites
Some pointers about performance issues and possible solutions when using @font-face
font-face  css  performance  webfont 
november 2013 by thany
WordPress Fragment Caching Revisited | CSS-Tricks
Could be useful, because wordpress is pretty slow just by itself.
performance  php  wordpress 
september 2013 by thany
Trace Windows 7 boot/shutdown/hibernate/standby/resume issues - Windows 7 - MSFN Forum
Excellent guide on finding where/why Windows might get stuck while booting or shutting down. Used it myself to track down an app that was delaying my shutdown enough to display the "waiting for programs to close" screen. Not so anymore.
windows8  windows7  performance  windows  sdk  analytics 
july 2013 by thany
gnarf37/jquery-requestAnimationFrame · GitHub
I feel like jQuery plugins oughta work with this plugin as well. Who knows jQuery itself may switch back to requestAnimationFrame standardly, some time in the future.
javascript  animation  plugins  performance  jquery  plugin 
may 2013 by thany
One less JPG | Four Kitchens
Okay, so it makes much more of a difference to download one less jpeg, than to try and compact your code even further than it already is (or should be).
performance  images  html  tips 
may 2013 by thany
Front-end performance for web designers and front-end developers – CSS Wizardry – CSS, OOCSS, front-end architecture, performance and more, by Harry Roberts
A really good introduction to front-end performance techniques. Most of this was already on my radar, but I still picked up a handy tip or two (particularly about DNS prefetching).

At this stage it should go without saying that you should be keeping up with this kind of thing: performance is really, really, *really* important.
optimize  javascript  performance  optimization  html  tips  css 
january 2013 by thany
Speed up your site using prefetching by Jon Fox
More details on DNS prefetching, page prefetching and, controversial, page pre-rendering.
optimize  prefetch  performance  optimization  html 
january 2013 by thany - Delay proxy for http resources
A proxy service (that can also be installed locally) that does nothing but delay loading resources of a website you specify. After all, slow loading resources can break code or layout.
optimize  tools  performance  tool  proxy  optimization  html 
january 2013 by thany
Media Query & Asset Downloading Results |
Learn how to tell the browser NOT to load a background-image when not displaying it, or when displaying another one instead.
css3  image  performance  images  css  responsive 
july 2012 by thany
JavaScript Profiling With The Chrome Developer Tools | Smashing Coding
It seems a little bit more exhaustive than FireBug, so that's good. We'll see.
profiling  performance  javascript 
june 2012 by thany
A HTTP response header validator. And reports back in human language.
cache  performance  validator  tools  http 
january 2012 by thany
Fighting the @font-face FOUT « Paul Irish
FOUT is the flash of unstyled text that you get while using @font-face, when the browser has not yet downloaded your font(s).
css  typography  fonts  performance  fontface 
april 2011 by thany
Page Speed Online
Another cooltool from Google. It's a bit like YSlow, but doesn't need Firebug, or even Firefox, to run.
google  performance  tools 
april 2011 by thany
Browse test cases · jsPerf
Test javascript performance of various solutions for certain problems - side by side right in your own browser. That, or you create a custom testcase. Cool stuff.
javascript  performance  tools 
april 2011 by thany
StresStimulus | Load Testing Tool Tutorial
A plugin for Fiddler to automate stress-testing your (and only your) website
stresstest  performance  programming  fiddler 
march 2011 by thany

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