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"I liken it to a train going down the road. As the train is going down the track, the train of society, its scoping up information. scooping up as it goes down the track. for some reason, the train can only hold so much information, I don't know why. And the guy on the caboose, he's throwing the information off as fast as he can, to make room for new information coming on the front. And the problem with that is that the information we're throwing off is the informaiton it took us 25,000 years to glean. "

at the shop, they get to fit in, they get to fit in by making something.
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14 days ago
The Two Root Causes of Software Complexity - Press Up
“inherent complexity is that the problem is hard, incidental complexity is because we [the makers of software] are bad at our jobs.”
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6 weeks ago
Joshua Angrist on Econometrics and Causation - Econlib
Angrist uses charter schools as a way to counter conservative anti-empirical dogmatism about econometrics
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6 weeks ago
lso a good first step to reduce disclosure risk. refrr:https://gist.github.com/tmcw
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7 weeks ago
The Not Unreasonable Podcast - Joshua Gans on Prediction Machines
Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence refrr:https://www.google.com/
when you suddenly have better predictions, you can make better contingent decisions.
Rather than always brining umbrella, bring

AI can allow you to do that for very complicated deciision.
YOu haven't thought about what you would do if you could.
That is complementarity, making humans more valuable, as machines get cheaper.
What is diff b/w tech giants and com,panies generally
they had capabilities, and were already tring to solve AI-like problems.
prediction at the heart of their business.

Other businesses, have prediciton, but don't have capabilites, data. They've been avoiding prediciton for a hwile. that will be later.
Insurance will see these deployed fairly quickly, further and further down will take more.

Big inroads. Moral economy. Make deals with e/o and collaborate.
Insurance: reallocation of risk, you don't eliminate it.

You can remember when you didn't trust your internet connection. but eventually you do.
*making predictions shortens the life of these book. "enron is the future"*

startups reformulating nonprediction problems as a prediction problem, sovles it and impacts our lives. How they manifest are always different from what people imagined at this stage, will also be true for AI.
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7 weeks ago
Director Seeks to Strengthen Collaborations
"The purpose of the Boston visit was to touch base with students. Tufts University formed an agreement with the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission to help facilitate the acceptance of students."

05/23/2018 $1,471,500.00 Contract SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
11/20/2017 $1,257,500.00 Contract SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
03/30/2017 $2,140,500.00 Contract SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
09/14/2016 $1,396,500.00 Contract SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
07/01/2015 $3,067,500.00 Contract SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
09/23/2014 $1,863,625.00 Contract SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
07/01/2013 $3,437,500.00 Contract SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
12/01/2012 $1,610,290.00 Contract SAUDI ARABIA King Abdul -Aziz University
11/29/2012 $250,000.00 Contract SAUDI ARABIA Umm-Al-Qura University
07/01/2012 $8,738,996.00 Contract SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
07/01/2012 $7,398,000.00 Contract SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
07/01/2012 $2,920,000.00 Contract SAUDI ARABIA ARAMCO
07/01/2012 $1,074,804.00 Contract SAUDI ARABIA Umm-Al-Qura University
07/01/2012 $1,000,000.00 Contract SAUDI ARABIA Umm-Al-Qura University
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10 weeks ago
Cash transfers and adult labour outcomes in developing countries: Why does the Econ 101 labour-leisure trade-off model lead us astray? | VoxDev
These can be broadly grouped as arising from missing markets, price effects from behavioural conditions attached to transfers, and dynamic and general equilibrium effects.
Missing markets

Credit constraints and missing insurance markets can cause four other channels: health productivity effect, self-employment liquidity effect, insurance effect, investment in labour search effect
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october 2018
Wilhelmina Welsch
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october 2018
Local News Is Dying, and It’s Taking Small Town America With It - Bloomberg
Local government is exactly the kind of place where journalistic resources are being cut.” refrr:
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september 2018
Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change
1. All technological change is a trade-off. For every advantage a new technology offers, there is always a corresponding disadvantage.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of new technologies are never distributed evenly among the population. This means that every new technology benefits some and harms others.

3. Embedded in every technology there is a powerful idea, sometimes two or three powerful ideas. Every technology has a philosophy which is given expression in how the technology makes people use their minds, in what it makes us do with our bodies, in how it codifies the world, in which of our senses it amplifies, in which of our emotional and intellectual tendencies it disregards.

4. Technological change is not additive; it is ecological. The consequences of technological change are always vast, often unpredictable and largely irreversible.

5. Media tend to become mythic. Cars, planes, TV, movies, newspapers — they have achieved mythic status because they are perceived as gifts of nature, not as artifacts produced in a specific political and historical context.
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august 2018
GitHub - bernorieder/youtube-transcript-scraper
thadk starred bernorieder/youtube-transcript-scraper
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july 2018
Data is Now Cheap, But Information is Still Very Expensive - ICTworks
use a staging database between source and output?
y John Mulqueen, a Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning Manager at Catholic Relief Services
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june 2018
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