US Embassy Rejected 70% of Liberian Visa Applicants in 2016; Made US$1.73 million | The Bush Chicken
Statistics from a US State Department website reveals that 70.2 percent of Liberians who applied for US visas for tourist and business purposes in 2016 were denied. Only 3,214 visas were approved out of a total of 10,796 applications.
“In fiscal year 2015, 12 percent of Liberian visiting visa holders overstayed their visas rather than departing the United States in a timely fashion,” an embassy spokesperson said.
visa  liberia 
23 days ago
A Russian Slot Machine Hack Is Costing Casinos Big Time | WIRED
Russia has been a hotbed of slots-related malfeasance since 2009, when the country outlawed virtually all gambling. (Vladimir Putin, who was prime minister at the time, reportedly believed the move would reduce the power of Georgian organized crime.). Others apparently went to Murat Bliev’s bosses in St. Petersburg, who were keen to probe the machines’ source code for vulnerabilities.
Matthew Green‏ @matthew_d_green Feb 6
@agelastic If we didn't have Russians, information security professionals would have to invent them.
hacking  computers  gambling  informal  russia 
5 weeks ago
Inferring causal impact using Bayesian structural time-series models
n contrast to classical difference-in-differences schemes, state-space models make it possible to (i) infer the temporal evolution of attributable impact, (ii) incorporate empirical priors on the parameters in a fully Bayesian treatment, and (iii) flexibly accommodate multiple sources of variation,
timeseries  r  google  statistics  rlang  via:gnat  econometrics  statespace 
7 weeks ago
Rule by Nobody — Real Life
For bad algorithms and bureaucracies, any failure can be interpreted as a sign that the system needs more power to produce better outcomes
power  algorithms  democracy  algorithm  bureaucracy 
8 weeks ago
GitHub - devgateway/rdi-crosswalk-public
thadk starred devgateway/rdi-crosswalk-public
github  needs-tags 
december 2016
Taiwan loses another diplomatic ally as tiny São Tomé and Principe switches allegiance to China — Quartz
The Taiwanese government said in a Dec. 21 statement that it “deeply regrets” São Tomé’s decision and will withdraw its embassy there and end all cooperation projects between the two sides. It added that it assisted São Tomé in many areas, but in particular it helped reduce the incidence of malaria in São Tomé from 50% in 2003 to 1% in 2015.
malaria  taiwan 
december 2016
OpenFn Documentation - README, Getting Started, Documentation, and Release Notes for OpenFn
A source application sends messages to your project’s inbox when something happens.
Jobs will be triggered, based on your filters, and use the data in those messages to attempt specific actions in destination systems.
The logs are recorded so you can see precisely what happened and when and where it happened to take action in the event of a failed attempt—like editing the job or even the source message and trying it again. refrr:https://www.openfn.org/pricing
erlang  integration  open  webdev  webhook  via:verasolutions 
december 2016
Social Network Analysis and Informal Trade by Olivier J Walther :: SSRN
hmm that walther social network analysis of w/african traders was all men, wonder if it skews outlook and findings?
socialnetworking  via:nitibhan  twitter  ghana  market  informal 
october 2016
Book Review: Failing in the Field – Karlan and Appel on what we can learn from things going wrong | Impact Evaluations
Inappropriate research settings
Technical design flaws
Partner organization challenges
Survey and Measurement Execution Problems
Low Participation Rates
failure  rct  survey 
october 2016
Things you probably didn’t know you could do with Chrome’s Developer Console
getEventListeners refrr:https://t.co/CjE1XurA5w
Tapping into web page events with Chrome's monitorEvents(), getEventListeners() were new to me.
chrome  webdev 
september 2016
Applying blockchain technology in global data infrastructure | Open Data Institute
Tim Davies ‏@timdavies 13h13 hours ago
#data2016 @ODIHQ’s paper on data infrastructure and blockchain essential reading to punch through hype:
blockchain  storage  analysis  data2016 
september 2016
PWT 9.0 | PWT Releases | GGDC Databases | GGDC | Expertise & Academic Research | Research / FEB | FEB | About us | University of Groningen
PWT version 9.0 is a database with information on relative levels of income, output, inputs and productivity, covering 182 countries between 1950 and 2014. Released on: June 9, 2016
data  gdp  ppp  @gradschool  182  intldevelopment  stata  rlang  statistics 
august 2016
embracing conway's law -- wingolog
To minimize your costs, you must somehow join the community of people that make your dependency.
opensource  linguistics  conway  google  chrome  apple 
july 2016
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