Local News Is Dying, and It’s Taking Small Town America With It - Bloomberg
Local government is exactly the kind of place where journalistic resources are being cut.” refrr:
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4 days ago
Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change
1. All technological change is a trade-off. For every advantage a new technology offers, there is always a corresponding disadvantage.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of new technologies are never distributed evenly among the population. This means that every new technology benefits some and harms others.

3. Embedded in every technology there is a powerful idea, sometimes two or three powerful ideas. Every technology has a philosophy which is given expression in how the technology makes people use their minds, in what it makes us do with our bodies, in how it codifies the world, in which of our senses it amplifies, in which of our emotional and intellectual tendencies it disregards.

4. Technological change is not additive; it is ecological. The consequences of technological change are always vast, often unpredictable and largely irreversible.

5. Media tend to become mythic. Cars, planes, TV, movies, newspapers — they have achieved mythic status because they are perceived as gifts of nature, not as artifacts produced in a specific political and historical context.
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6 weeks ago
GitHub - bernorieder/youtube-transcript-scraper
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8 weeks ago
Data is Now Cheap, But Information is Still Very Expensive - ICTworks
use a staging database between source and output?
y John Mulqueen, a Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning Manager at Catholic Relief Services
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june 2018
GitHub - ericmhuntley/article-template
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april 2018
GitHub - dumparkltd/preciousplastic-map
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march 2018
Open Data in Developing Economies Toward Building an Evidence Base on What Works and How OPEN DATA IN DEVELOPING ECONOMIES AFRICAN MINDS 9 781928 331599 U User Research C Causes and Context Di Data Infrastructure Dh Data Holders Ds Data Security Pr Privac
Open Data’s Impact on Improving Government
Chapter 5 Burundi’s Open RBF 64
Chapter 6 India’s ESMI 78
Chapter 7 Open Development Cambodia 96
Chapter 8 Uganda’s iParticipate 109
Open Data’s Impact on Empowering Citizens
Chapter 9 GotToVote! Kenya 126
Chapter 10 Tanzania’s Open Education Dashboards 138
Chapter 11 South Africa’s Medicine Price Registry 152
Open Data’s Impact on Creating Opportunity
Chapter 12 Aclímate Colombia 170
Chapter 13 Ghana’s Esoko 191
Chapter 14 Jamaica’s Interactive Community Mapping 206
Open Data’s Impact on Solving Public Problems
Chapter 15 Nepal Earthquake Recovery 226
Chapter 16 Paraguay’s Dengue Prediction 248
february 2018
PDF output is searchable with Adobe Reader but not with Mac Preview - MobileRead Forums
I had the same issue with a couple of PDFs that were created with Calibre, and managed to fix it by transforming them using Ghostscript.
I ran the following command to have Ghostscript recreate the PDFs:
gs -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile="<New PDF file>" "<Original PDF file>" refrr:https://www.google.com/
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january 2018
Job Description - Policy Analysts – Digital Government (11905)
GOOD: experience working in a public sector digital government unit or similar function within government or with the public sector
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january 2018
Keesler Welch on Twitter: "David Laibson's 9 lenses on wellbeing since revealed preference is imperfect. #ASSA2018 https://t.co/3FZT2EQgy0"

1. Revealed preference
2. expert opinion (Samuelson on index funds; GDP; consumption)
3. Educated consumers (force a choice @ end of training session)
4. Choices with unshrouded information (but beware of oversalience)
5. Long-run behavior (repeated rounds of feedback)
6. Choices for the future (omitting present bias)
7. Structural models with normative preferences and biases
8. Altrustic third parties (?)
9. Subjective well-being (real time, ex-poste, ex-ante, affective, life satisfaction)
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january 2018
AI​ ​Now​ ​2017​ ​Report
Labor​ ​and​ ​Automation
Bias​ ​and​ ​Inclusion
Rights​ ​and​ ​Liberties
Ethics​ ​and​ ​Governance
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november 2017
1.12.13 — sh 1.12.13 documentation
I think everyone who ever uses the `sh` module greatly prefers it over `subprocess`.
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october 2017
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