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Open Data in Developing Economies Toward Building an Evidence Base on What Works and How OPEN DATA IN DEVELOPING ECONOMIES AFRICAN MINDS 9 781928 331599 U User Research C Causes and Context Di Data Infrastructure Dh Data Holders Ds Data Security Pr Privac
Open Data’s Impact on Improving Government
Chapter 5 Burundi’s Open RBF 64
Chapter 6 India’s ESMI 78
Chapter 7 Open Development Cambodia 96
Chapter 8 Uganda’s iParticipate 109
Open Data’s Impact on Empowering Citizens
Chapter 9 GotToVote! Kenya 126
Chapter 10 Tanzania’s Open Education Dashboards 138
Chapter 11 South Africa’s Medicine Price Registry 152
Open Data’s Impact on Creating Opportunity
Chapter 12 Aclímate Colombia 170
Chapter 13 Ghana’s Esoko 191
Chapter 14 Jamaica’s Interactive Community Mapping 206
Open Data’s Impact on Solving Public Problems
Chapter 15 Nepal Earthquake Recovery 226
Chapter 16 Paraguay’s Dengue Prediction 248
5 weeks ago
PDF output is searchable with Adobe Reader but not with Mac Preview - MobileRead Forums
I had the same issue with a couple of PDFs that were created with Calibre, and managed to fix it by transforming them using Ghostscript.
I ran the following command to have Ghostscript recreate the PDFs:
gs -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile="<New PDF file>" "<Original PDF file>" refrr:https://www.google.com/
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Job Description - Policy Analysts – Digital Government (11905)
GOOD: experience working in a public sector digital government unit or similar function within government or with the public sector
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Keesler Welch on Twitter: "David Laibson's 9 lenses on wellbeing since revealed preference is imperfect. #ASSA2018 https://t.co/3FZT2EQgy0"

1. Revealed preference
2. expert opinion (Samuelson on index funds; GDP; consumption)
3. Educated consumers (force a choice @ end of training session)
4. Choices with unshrouded information (but beware of oversalience)
5. Long-run behavior (repeated rounds of feedback)
6. Choices for the future (omitting present bias)
7. Structural models with normative preferences and biases
8. Altrustic third parties (?)
9. Subjective well-being (real time, ex-poste, ex-ante, affective, life satisfaction)
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AI​ ​Now​ ​2017​ ​Report
Labor​ ​and​ ​Automation
Bias​ ​and​ ​Inclusion
Rights​ ​and​ ​Liberties
Ethics​ ​and​ ​Governance
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november 2017
1.12.13 — sh 1.12.13 documentation
I think everyone who ever uses the `sh` module greatly prefers it over `subprocess`.
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october 2017
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august 2017
Digital Health Atlas

Getting this right will be hard. The Digital Health Atlas is a Global web-platform to curate digital health implementations, supporting Ministries of Health, technologists and implementers to map, monitor, and foster digital health innovation investments to meet Government health goals. It’s ambitious but has had little use, partly because it’s too complex.
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august 2017
Africa’s digital knowledge economy worrying - SciDev.Net Sub-Saharan Africa
While connectivity plays a role in all three categories, it seems to have a strong effect only on digital content creation. On the other hand, the production of academic articles is more strongly related to a country’s gross domestic product (GDP) than to connectivity. Innovation capacity appears to have a positive relationship to all three content types. Education as a topically narrower variable appears to be related only to variance in academic articles. refrr:https://t.co/ykTdiP9JTA
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june 2017
Sample OSM Athena queries
FROM changesets
WHERE regexp_like(tags['comment'], '(?i)#gmu'); refrr:https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/big-data/querying-openstreetmap-with-amazon-athena/
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june 2017
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may 2017
SUBJECT: Policies for Federal Agency Public Websites and Digital Services
Agencies can often use the Fast Track clearance process under the Paperwork Reduction Act
(PRA) for the collection of service delivery feedback.8 In particular, the Fast Track process
allows agencies to gather timely feedback from users through the following types of
voluntary information collections:
● Focus groups;
● One-time or panel discussion groups;
● Customer satisfaction qualitative surveys;
● Post-transaction customer surveys;
● Online surveys;
● Comment cards or complaint forms;
● Moderated, unmoderated, in-person, and remote usability studies; and
● Testing of a survey or other collection to refine questions.
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may 2017
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