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A knife is one way to get through...
More Malice and Critic knifeplay? The Through the Looking Glass review had her holding up a knife to him, and yeah..
character:critic  character:other  type:M/f  feature:knifeplay  pairing:critic/other 
march 2018 by tgwtg_prompts
Love No One, Because They Will Make you Evil
After they have been dating a while Insano tells Linkara the whole Wayne Schlumper and Spoonette story(who I headcanon as her real first name being a female version of Noah)and because of her rejecting of him and his brother he turned to a life villainy,I would just love to read Linkara's reaction to the whole thing where even though he thinks that a dumb reason to become a super villain and even Insano on reflection ambit's it's a dumb reason to become a super villain Insano is still his boyfriend and it took a lot to tell Linkara about his past so Linkara has to be nice about it.
character:insano  character:linkara  character:spoonette  feature:SCIENCE  type:M/m  type:m/f  pairing:insano/linkara  pairing:insano/spoonette 
february 2017 by tgwtg_prompts
Can I have a prompt where Elvira and Moarte go on a date?

I think it would be cute and Elvira is such a fun-loving person.

Please and thank you :)
character:moarte  character:other  type:M/f  pairing:other 
december 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
Don't worry, it frightens all of us
Santa Christ takes Fat Grandma on a date because even crazy and possible senile storytellers deserves to be treat like a lady for a night plus it be funny to see Linkara's reaction would be,There doesn't need to anything sexual in the story because frankly even though the idea of Santa Christ taking Fat Grandma on a date is kind of cute the idea of them having sex frightens me a little.
character:linkara  character:santachrist  character:fatgrandma  type:M/f  pairing:other  feature:fluff 
december 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
And isn't it wonderful?
During one of his battles with Insano Linkara feeling frustrated he says without thinking "Sometimes I wish you didn't exist" unfortunately you know what happens when you make wishes like that during the holidays a big flash of light happens,And when Linkara wakes up he being as genre savvy as he is he starts calling Spoony and looking up on the internet any sign of Doctor Insano,Lucky for Linkara and Insano though he can't find a sign of Insano he does come across a Schlumper brothers's worldwide incorporate ad in his search and figures out that Insano was still born he just didn't become Insano,He tracks Wayne Schlumper down and befriends him to see what his life is like and to see if his wish was a good thing or not,When he get to talking with Wayne he finds he seems to have a pretty good life,He one of the CEO of a huge company he runs with his brother who has a great relationship with,SOI was still born but as a normal kid instead of a koosh ball like thing, (More at link)
character:linkara  character:insano  character:sonofinsano  character:spoony  character:spoonette  character:linksano  type:M/f  type:M/m  pairing:insano/spoonette  pairing:insano/linkara 
december 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
Hyper Boner to the Max
Inspired by Freddy vs Jason cameo, Hyper and Devil Boner kidnap Critic for one of their dates and have sex in front of him while he's tied up to piss him off.
character:hyperfangirl  character:devilboner  character:nostalgiacritic  type:M/f  feature:kidnapping  pairing:hyperfangirl/devilboner 
december 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
From Last Week's AT4W
I want to see how Linkara and Nella rescued Block and Tease from that Mexican prison. Shipping is okay if you want it.
character:linkara  character:nella  character:drtease  character:drblock  Type:gen  type:M/f  pairing:linkara/nella 
october 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
When the Hurly-Burly's Done
Sounds strange, but comedic Macbeth AU. Malcolm and Tamara hear a prophecy that they will one day be the stars of the Nostalgia Critic show. They initially brush it off, but then the first part of prophecy comes true. Cue Malcolm and Tamara trying to kill Critic off...but being them, they don't actually succeed. Cue hilarity.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:malcolm  character:tamara  feature:murder  Type:gen  type:M/f  pairing:malcolm/tamara 
october 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
Dick Gun?
Hyper Boner, with Hyper giving a blowjob to Devil Boner's dick gun and him eating her out in return.
character:hyperfangirl  character:devilboner  feature:oral  type:M/f  pairing:hyperfangirl/devilboner 
september 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
Hyper Fan Dumb...that's a bit reduntant
From Phantom review: Hyper and FanDumb get over their issues with each other, and she helps him kidnap and keep Beth while he helps her with the same to Critic.
character:hyperfangirl  character:bethelderkin  character:other  character:nostalgiacritic  feature:kidnapping  type:M/f  pairing:other  pairing:critic/hyperfangirl 
september 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
The Lupa Fiasco
requesting a fic with Lupa figuring out what to do with all the geese Todd gave her, from that one episode of TPSR.
character:toddintheshadows  character:obscuruslupa  feature:animals  type:M/f  feature:Crack  pairing:todd/lupa  feature:stalking 
august 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
Benny's apparent crush on Hyper in the Cinderella review intrigued me. Can we have him pining for her while she obsesses over Critic? Unrequited love all the way.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:hyperfangirl  character:other  type:M/f  pairing:critic/hyperfangirl  pairing:other  feature:onesidedlove 
july 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
The Height's Right...
Critic/Tamara smutty angst. He misses Chick and he's trying to recreate that relationship with Tamara.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:tamara  type:M/f  feature:angst  pairing:critic/tamara  pairing:critic/chick 
july 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
Hyper/Devil, hostages
Hyper and Devil Boner cooing in Cinderella review over who held Critic hostage better was precious. So them kidnapping him together as a couple's activity, being all over each other all the way. You know they would.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:hyperfangirl  character:devilboner  type:M/f  pairing:other  feature:kidnapping 
june 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
Haven't had one of these in a while
Hyper>Critic fanvid to “Speeding Car” by Walking On Cars, from her point of view please? Just make it sad and dark (include her vlogs), not ~romantic~, and have the confrontation over her not knowing anything he likes in there somewhere (you'll get why when you look up lyrics).
character:nostalgiacritic  character:hyperfangirl  type:M/f  medium:video  pairing:critic/hyperfangirl  feature:onesidedlove  feature:angst 
april 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
Very Hyper Boner then?
Hyper/Devil Boner first time, with Devil Boner his usual EXTREMEtm self but happy being bottom, and Hyper struggling to get used to mutual attraction and having control without forcing it.
character:hyperfangirl  character:devilboner  feature:Firsttime  type:M/f  pairing:other 
april 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
A little time off
Tamara/Malcolm drunkenly making out on their days off. Hey it's canon that they get wasted when they're not needed, just taking an extra step. :D
character:malcolm  character:tamara  type:M/f  feature:drunkenness  pairing:malcolm/tamara 
april 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
I don't follow...
Critic's review of the TMNT Christmas Special inspired dirty trash feelings, so Critic/Tamara, with dom Critic who's not very good at this, and snarky bottom Tamara.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:tamara  type:M/f  feature:dom/sub  pairing:critic/tamara 
december 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
Not dead, just sleeping
Chick/Critic fanvid to “Thrown Down” to Fleetwood Mac, with “he held her hands” set to when he's trying in Thanks For The Feedback and “she listened to what he had to say” set to their talking in To Boldly Flee. (I'm sorry, I know the ship is dead for many valid reasons but wave of shipper feels hit me ;_;)
character:nostalgiacritic  character:nostalgiachick  type:M/f  feature:hurt/comfort  pairing:critic/chick  feature:songfic 
december 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
"Tamara Lynn Chambers ‏@TamaraLChambers Aug 18

I really want to make a video of me walking Doug Walker like a dog..." We're (understandably!) never going to get that video, so does anyone want to sate my shallowness and fanart it instead? (With Critic, this isn't a RPS request.)
character:critic  character:tamara  type:M/f  medium:art  feature:animalplay  feature:leashes  pairing:critic/tamara  feature:femdom 
august 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
Ms. Fangirl Will See You Now...
At Midwest Media Expo, Doug and Rob talked about how awful Hyper is, and called her logic like Christian Grey's. That's too much of a huge character note to pass up, so one-sided Hyper/Critic with horribly unsafe BDSM set in those two weeks please.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:hyperfangirl  type:M/f  pairing:critic/hyperfangirl  feature:bdsm  feature:onesidedlove 
june 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
Nostalgia Chick / or & Linkara, trauma recovery
Post-To Boldly Flee - Nostalgia Chick doesn't remember all of her cyborg conversion, but she remembers enough of it to give her nightmares. Now she can't look at Linkara without seeing Mechakara, even though she knows logically that they're two distinct people. Circumstances throw them together to resolve a crisis involving one of the other reviewers (author's choice), and they have to work through her internal trauma, as well as lingering guilt on Linkara's part for not stopping Mechakara before it got that far. Whether it ends with platonic hugging or something steamier is up to you, but I'd like there to be some gentle, nurturing touching involved to make up for Mechakara's invasive violence, please!
character:linkara  character:nostalgiachick  character:mechakara  character:anyone/everyone  feature:hurt/comfort  feature:trauma  type:M/f  pairing:linkara/chick 
may 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
Linkara/Fangirl non-con
Linkara gets kidnapped and raped by a fangirl meant to represent you. Do as thou will
character:linkara  character:other  feature:noncon  feature:self-insert  pairing:linkara/other  type:M/f 
march 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
Linkara/Marzgurl, cosplay
Marzgurl decides to make Linkara happy by cosplaying as Harley Quinn and acting like her
character:linkara  character:marzgurl  type:M/f  pairing:linkara/marz  feature:cosplay  feature:roleplaying 
february 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
Ooo, Shining
Rachel/Malcolm post-Shining review, with him comforting her for all the stress and abuse and panic attacks she had to go through in the episode.
character:rachel  character:malcolm  type:M/f  pairing:malcolm/rachel  feature:hurt/comfort  feature:panic  feature:abuse 
january 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
Stockholm Syndrome
Doug in Princess Diaries 2 commentary: “The whole plot of this episode is Critic almost falling into Stockholm Syndrome”. The dark!fic writes itself, but Critic actually falling into Stockholm please. I reiterate, make it dark, Stalking is Love equals vile.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:hyperfangirl  type:M/f  feature:stalking  feature:kidnapping  pairing:critic/hyperfangirl 
november 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
Critic/Tamara, crossdressing and genderplay. Fact that she finds it easy to crossdress in boy clothes and wants this to be seen as important is canon, and we all know how up for rocking a mini-skirt he is.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:tamara  type:M/f  feature:costumes  feature:crossdressing  pairing:critic/tamara 
october 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
Critic/Tamara, consensual kidnapping fantasy. Literally doesn't matter who tops or bottoms, because he's been in sex slave position multiple times this year, and she's apparently playing a handcuffed-constantly character called Miss Stockholm on that game show that will never come. (but if it's Critic at the bottom, bonus points for Tamara reassuring her crazy boss that she's really not Hyper and he's safe)
character:nostalgiacritic  character:tamara  type:M/f  pairing:critic/tamara  feature:roleplaying  feature:kidnapping 
october 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
Linkara/Prostitute, Starfire cosplay
The idea of a major feminist like Linkara ordering a prostitute to get his rocks off gets my rocks off. He pays her extra to act and dress like Starfire to satisfy his teenage fantasizes
character:linkara  character:other  type:m/f  pairing:linkara/other  feature:costumes  feature:prostituion 
october 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
Film Brain/Sursum Ursa
Because they have so much chemistry in the new review & it's friggin' hilarious!
character:filmbrain  character:sursumursa  type:m/f  pairing:filmbrain/sursumursa 
september 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
spoilers for Princess Diaries 2 review
Hyper Fangirl was keeping Critic for two weeks, I can't imagine he didn't try to escape at least once, so fill-in fic please? Handcuffs would be nice, rope even better, and please no requited love.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:hyperfangirl  type:m/f  pairing:critic/hyperfangirl  feature:kidnapping  feature:onesidedlove  feature:bondage 
september 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
Dom!Critic/Tamara, ageplay and humiliation. It's basically canon that he puts her in sexy little girl outfits to piss her off.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:tamara  type:m/f  pairing:critic/tamara  feature:ageplay  feature:humiliation  feature:dom/sub 
september 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
Dark Critic/Rachel (no cutesy I beg you, go from the actual show) post Master Of Disguise. What she had to do to get her job back.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:rachel  type:m/f  pairing:critic/rachel  feature:dark 
september 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
Malcolm/Tamara (the characters) fluff with no Critic. Disney Afternoon was creepy but her showing actual concern for him was nice.
character:malcolm  character:tamara  type:m/f  pairing:malcolm/tamara  feature:fluff 
september 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
Tamara/Critic fem!dom. After all she's only there to punish him to get him viewcounts.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:tamara  type:m/f  pairing:critic/tamara  feature:femdom 
september 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
Douchey Mcnitpick/Hyper Fangirl. He's the straw fanboy, she's the straw fangirl, we might as well go the predictable route here.
character:doucheymcnitpick  character:hyperfangirl  type:m/f  feature:fanboying  pairing:other 
september 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
Nostalgia Critc and Hyper Nerd Girl
After the NC's review of The Lorax, I need more shenanigans with the Critic and the lovestruck Hyper Nerd Girl. Maybe she finds out where he lives, and pays him a visit? Can be silly, cute, cracky, adult, whatever. I just wanna see these two interact!
character:nostalgiacritic  character:hyperfangirl  type:m/f  pairing:critic/hyperfangirl 
september 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
Schoolgirl Roleplay
There's this dialogue from an episode of 'The Office'... Michael Scott: What um, what do you think of role play? Phyllis: It can be fun. Michael Scott: Yeah? Well, Jan has this school girl fantasy. Phyllis: That's a pretty common one. Michael Scott: I just, I feel uncomfortable wearing the dress. ...Critic/Chick schoolgirl roleplay, 'nuff said.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:nostalgiachick  type:m/f  pairing:critic/chick  feature:roleplaying  feature:schoolgirl 
september 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
Linkara/Starfire, casual sex based on the caption for the "Red Hood and the Outlaws review"
New 52 Starfire propositions Linkara for random sex in an alley. As one can imagine, Linkara detests the fact that DC is writing one of his childhood heroes as "Space Paris Hilton"...but this is not only Starfire, but one of his childhood heroes and undoubtley had a crush on. How can he resist?
character:linkara  character:other  type:m/f  pairing:linkara/other  crossover:dcu 
september 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
"Noah Antwiler @thespoonyone

And the answer is yes, she does me up the butt like an animal. Strap-on the size of a banana."

I think this speaks for itself.
character:anyone/everyone  character:spoony  type:M/f  pairing:spoony/anyone  feature:pegging 
september 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
Vira Gunn/Leon, with cuteness all around
Vira Gunn is insulted that there's no fic about her and Leon yet. So, let's fulfill her wish! Vira Gunn/Leon, with cuteness all around!
character:viragunn  character:leonthomas  feature:fluff  type:M/f  pairing:leon/vira 
december 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
I want a fanart of Doug as the guy in this photoset (the one gallantly kneeling in front of Belle :)

He has said he's a big fan of Belle and I know he has visited Disneyland before, I can't help thinking that him meeting the Belle from the park would be cute. (If you feel uncomfortable about fanarting real people, it can be Critic instead).
character:doug  character:other  medium:art  feature:rpf  feature:costumes  type:M/f  pairing:doug/other 
november 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
pins the "pretty" down on the couch
I realize it's not a solution for the grossness in that review, but Wicked Witch/Critic where she pins the "pretty" down on the couch and works out her frustrations that way.
character:other  character:nostalgiacritic  feature:evilness  feature:seduction  feature:rough  type:M/f  pairing:critic/other 
november 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Jaeris the selkie!
Jaeris the selkie!
Can we have more of that "Jaeris the selkie" story from the RBB because it was kind of awesome. The one where he set off to find his wife at the end, not the one where he was bonded to Linkara forever. (That one was great too, but it wrapped itself up nicely at the end whereas the "has his skin back" story left quite a lot of room for more.) Sequel(s)? Please? Like showing Jaeris and Linkara tracking down Jaeris' wife and ultimately rescuing her and all the obstacles along the way? I don't know why I love this AU but I think it's my new favorite one and I need more!
character:jaeristhegunslinger  character:linkara  feature:AU  feature:rescue  type:M/f  pairing:jaeris/other 
september 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
A very different kind of 'Distraction'
Fresh off her obsessive pursuit of Todd, the Chick volunteers for the mission to distract Zodd and his troops while Joe and MarzGurl skulk around.

Considering Zodd hired them off Craigslist, I don't think it's in the realm of possibility he had a...different idea of party entertainment.

So the prompt: Lindsay, as Ursa, seduces and 'distracts' Zodd in front of the troops. Kyle can join as Non if the writer wishes. Bonus points if Joe and Marz look on and get...distracted themselves.
character:nostalgiachick  character:angryjoe  character:marzgurl  character:oancitizen  character:zod  feature:seduction  type:M/f  pairing:chick/zod 
september 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
tuxedos and dinner dates
As much as I am not a big fan of James Bond, Ed Glaser just looked absolutely gorgeous in that tuxedo for his Deja View video on "Italian James Bond" Seriously... XD

Can we have something with him and a female reader maybe he takes her out on a fancy dinner date, then afterwards he takes her back to his place and they make out and she feels fondles him while he wears the tux.

And if bonus points for if she teases him by taking the bowtie off with her teeth.
character:ed  character:reader  feature:self-insert  feature:dating  feature:clothing  type:M/f  pairing:ed/reader 
july 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Belle dress
Let's late make up for Malcolm saying he felt humiliated in Catwoman... Rebecca/Tacoma, she really likes him in that Belle dress.
character:rebecca  character:tacoma  feature:clothing  feature:crossdressing  type:M/f  pairing:rebecca/tacoma 
july 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
On the Merida redesign
@ShadowTodd The four on the left look normal, but the other three are giving me some serious bedroom eyes

(a reply to a discussion about the Merida redesign that has got alot of people under their skin, including a picture of her with some of the other disney princesses.)

Todd getting kidnapped and seduced by some Disney Princesses (bonus points if they actually lock him in a tower) and Chick comes to his rescue to save her dude-in-distress.
character:toddintheshadows  character:nostalgiachick  feature:kidnapping  feature:rescue  feature:seduction  type:M/f  pairing:chick/todd  pairing:todd/other  character:other 
may 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
dark!fic - feeling abandoned
Anon is feeling depressed lately and really craving a dark!fic to ease my depression.

This is a specific request so bare with me....

Maybe one of the female reviewers, not the big popular ones, but maybe one that hasn't been in any of the Anniversaries or crossovers for ages; barely even noticed on the site by anyone, feels a bit unappreciated and pushed aside. When the news reaches her that The Critic went into the plot-hole, she goes into a state of depression where she gets it into her head that she has been abandoned by him and goes on a self-destructive rampage lashing out at the other contributors who are worried about her.

Running away from Channel Awesome, this female review is blocking herself off from both the reviewers and the fans that want to help her. But she feels so hurt and "betrayed" by Critic that she doesn't listen. Even going as far as to have one-night stands with a guy who admittedly hates the Critic, to use him as a spiteful hate-fuck to take out her anger on NC (that is until the guy calls it off stating that he will not be some tool for her issues with him) which is also in itself hollow. When she hears that Critic has returned, she goes to his house in a drunken fueled rage to kill him, but when she comes to see him face to face she cannot bring herself to do it and mentally breaks down. Holding onto and crying over him.

With everything she has been holding up and building up coming out in a floodgate of hurt, resentment, and pain.

She saying she wants to hate him but she hasn't the strength to and he profusely apologizing to her for abandoning her and "throwing her under the bus all these years." until they both spend the whole night holding each other.

Make it as depressing and sober as you can. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
character:anyone/everyone  character:nostalgiacritic  feature:angst  feature:depression  feature:betrayal  feature:anger  pairing:any  pairing:critic/anyone  type:M/f 
april 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Quinn/female reviewer
Can we have something sweet and romantic where Quinn falls in love with one of the female reviewers and tries to woo her.

Quinn is such a hunk <3
character:quinn  character:anyone/everyone  pairing:quinn/anyone  type:M/f 
april 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Rob / Doug cheating on each other.
Rob/Doug, cheating. On each other with ladies in their lives or vice versa, I just want the combination of the secret relationship with the publicly acceptable one.
character:doug  character:rob  feature:secrecy  feature:cheating  feature:incest  feature:rpf  pairing:doug/rob  setting:realpeople  type:M/m  type:M/f 
april 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
boy, are my cheeks red writing this
Phelous and Lupa fucking after the events of "To Boldly Flee". That's all. Add some fluff, a complex storyline or whatever you want, but those two getting down to sweaty business is pretty important.
character:phelous  character:obscuruslupa  pairing:lupa/phelous  setting:toboldlyflee  type:M/f 
april 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
pushed to the brink
Two reviewers, a guy and a girl, get pushed to the brink by something, whether it's a terrible movie, a crisis of some kind or someone else's problem that they ended up having to deal with, and end up having sex to get rid of their frustration/anger/tension- but they're not together, not friends, not even really on good speaking terms, and so despite their friends thinking they'd make a cute couple, there's really nothing there except sexual tension and mutual apathy.
character:anyone/everyone  feature:anger  feature:stress  feature:foeyay  type:M/f  pairing:any 
april 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Starfleet Captain Linkara/Other Female Character (Klingon Captain)
Found this fascinating quote about Klingon Mating:
"Men do not roar. Women roar. Then they hurl heavy objects. And claw at you.
[Whereas of a man] reads love poetry. He ducks a lot."

Starfleet Captain Linkara's ship runs across Klingon territory, or something, and the female Captain of a Klingon ship demands repayment. Via violent sex in her private quarters with Linkara, who is totally into it. Whether he knows ahead of time or has to figure things out as he goes is up to the author.

Bonus points for this:
"When choosing a mate, it is traditional for a female Klingon to bite the male's face, allowing her to taste his blood and get his scent."
character:anyone/everyone  character:linkara  feature:rough  feature:violence  type:M/f  feature:bloodplay  pairing:linkara/anyone 
april 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Female reviewer has a break-down
This anon is full of coffee and unable to sleep so forgive me if this prompt seems...strange...nothing terrible happened to prompt this and maybe its also because I have been watching a lot of drama movies lately. So there is that.

Can we have a female reviewer, maybe who is looked upon as the comforter/healer of the group, that everyone has looked up to for encouragement and a soothing word through everything bad that has happened to them (references to the other anniversaries perhaps) suddenly has a BSOD moment/break-down and runs off prompting one of them male reviewers to look for her and he finds her and she starts ranting until the male reviewer kisses her and she lets out a lot of emotional baggage and steam passionately kissing him.
character:anyone/everyone  feature:kissing  feature:breakdown  pairing:any  type:M/f 
march 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Quinn/Rebecca. Quinn is not used to nice feelings so he doesn't know how deal with his crush on Rebecca.
character:quinn  character:rebecca  pairing:rebecca/quinn  type:M/f 
march 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Fluff fest
Rebecca/Donnie fluff-fest. Oh what, like they don't deserve it?
character:rebecca  character:donnie  feature:fluff  type:M/f  pairing:donnie/rebecca 
march 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Male reviewer/Needy Girl
Can I get one of the male reviewers in a relationship with a clingy, needy girl? The type that's borderline abusive and incredibly demanding?

I'm going to hell...
character:anyone/everyone  pairing:any  type:M/f 
march 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Critic/Female reviewer or Critic/Fem!Male Reviewer
(I can see this working best in the Big House AU, but it's up to the author!anon.) So critic and a female reviewer/Rule 63'd male reviewer have a thing going on (it's up to the A!A exactly what that means, though I confess a love for established relationships). One day, the female discovers she's pregnant. Cue her being worried about what she's going to do, Critic's reaction, lots of awkward emotions and stress, betting pools on how Critic's going to mess something up-- --and then, when Critic finds out, he floors everyone by manning up, taking responsibility for his actions, and standing by his ladyfriend/girlfriend's side, no matter what she chooses. Beyond that, go nuts--one-night stand or established relationship? Keep it or not? [cut for character limit, click for rest of prompt]
feature:au  feature:pregnancy  type:m/f  feature:genderfuck  setting:bighouse  pairing:critic/anyone  character:nostalgiacritic  character:anyone/everyone 
february 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
I'm feeling quirky. Jillian/Critic, and make it really, really R-rated, if you please. :)
character:jillian  type:m/f  feature:explicit  character:nostalgiacritic  pairing:critic/jillian 
february 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
a terrible dream
Hell with Doug, Demo Reel fic where Donnie wakes up from a terrible dream that his whole life was just punishment for someone else and goes straight into Rebecca's arms.
character:donnie  feature:punishment  character:rebecca  type:m/f  feature:hurt/comfort  pairing:donnie/rebecca  feature:dream 
february 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
super-smart burglar
Tara from WTFIWWY/Cinema Snob, with Tara as some kind of super-smart burglar trying to steal his stuff. This anon would really prefer sex over a silly fic or fluffiness.
character:cinemasnob  pairing:snob/tara  type:m/f  character:tara  feature:crime 
february 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
"You are one tasty black man!" Reeaally, kink meme? We're going to let that line slide? ;p
character:rebecca  feature:oral  type:m/f  pairing:rebecca/tacoma  character:tacoma 
february 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Rebecca/Donnie dressed up like Bane's henchmen
Rebecca/Donnie dressed up like Bane's henchmen (you remember, the ones with eyeliner and pretty guns?). I don't actually mind who doms who, but she did have the bigger weapon...
feature:dom/sub  character:donnie  character:rebecca  type:m/f  pairing:donnie/rebecca  feature:costumes  feature:weaponry 
february 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
TBF costumes
Related to the above, Marz and Joe in their To Boldly Flee Major and Snake costumes getting it on. Bonus points for doggy style and Marz being spanked (because dat ass).
character:angryjoe  setting:toboldlyflee  character:marzgurl  feature:spanking  pairing:joe/marz  type:m/f  feature:costumes 
february 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Donnie/his wife
Donnie/his wife (I'm assuming her name is Robin too). If a man's going to leech, then he should probably be extra-giving in the bedroom yes?
character:donnie  feature:marriage  type:m/f  pairing:donnie/other  character:other 
february 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
my turn
Jillian Z./Linkara, based on their tumblr flirting. Possibly the two of them at a con (in private), and she must, at the very least give him a titwank with her famous rack.
character:jillian  feature:breastplay  feature:flirting  type:m/f  pairing:jillian/linkara  feature:conventions  character:linkara 
february 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Tying up and going down
So, after a sexy sexy dream that was interrupted at a most inopportune moment I'm really craving dommy Linkara tying a woman up and going down on her.

Anon would prefer female reader perspective, but any female producer would do instead. Bonus points for lots of teasing, additional kinks welcome. Entirely consensual, or at most dub-con please.
character:reader  feature:self-insert  feature:teasing  feature:oral  feature:bondage  type:m/f  character:linkara  pairing:linkara/reader  pairing:linkara/anyone  character:anyone/everyone 
february 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
'What else would you play with me?'
At one point in Paw's LP of Alice in Wonderland, he calls Roses and after a bit, he asks her, 'What else would you play with me?' So... Paw/Roses, some kinky sex games.
character:pushinguproses  type:m/f  character:paw  pairing:paw/roses  feature:games 
january 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
I now ship Linkara/Chick like crazy after the ending to To Boldly Flee. Can we have cute and awkward Linkara asking Chick on a date? Maybe actually stepping up to defend her honor from ...well, I don't want to spoil anything here. But those of you who've seen the final part know what I'm talking about. That look he gave her was adorable, though. :)
feature:dating  type:m/f  pairing:linkara/chick  character:nostalgiachick  character:linkara 
january 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Insano/Female Reader
Could I have Insano/Female Reader? I'd love something where he hypnotizes the reader. Bonus points for smut.
character:insano  character:reader  feature:hypnosis  feature:self-insert  type:m/f  pairing:insano/reader 
november 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
Hagan/Oancitizen, preferably nothing dark. I can't really think of anything specific, but ever since insane!Oan called her 'darling Diamanda' during their review of Eat the Schoolgirl, I just knew I wanted to read fic of them.
character:diamanda  character:oancitizen  pairing:diamanda/oancitizen  type:m/f 
november 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
I'm gonna be walking funny for months
In the orgy part of the Rejected SWS Ideas video, Paw says something like 'I'm gonna be walking funny for months'. My mind got... spinny, and weird shit happened. So, what I'd like to see is Paw as the sub of one of the female reviewers, who decides that his ego's getting a little too big and fucks him into submission (and so he really is walking oddly for ages).
character:paw  character:anyone/everyone  feature:dom/sub  feature:injury  type:m/f  pairing:paw/anyone 
october 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
90's kid having a crush on Lupa
90's kid having a crush on Lupa and him trying to get her attention and impress her.
character:90skid  character:obscuruslupa  feature:crush  pairing:90skid/lupa  type:m/f 
october 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
Critic/the human version of Ursula. Because he said he found both versions of her hot. (Bonus if she has still has tentacles.)
character:nostalgiacritic  character:other  crossover:littlemermaid  feature:tentacles  pairing:critic/other  type:m/f 
october 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
Critical Marine/Chick
Critical Marine/Chick, where he pretends to be Luke Skywalker and lets her dominate him. (See the stinger of Southland Tales.)
character:nostalgiachick  character:other  feature:dom/sub  feature:roleplaying  pairing:chick/other  type:m/f 
october 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
TGWTG Kink Meme - Prompt Post!
Random male reviewer/random female reviewer. They review a really horrible film, end up hysterical and have sex despite not being... stable, shall we say.
character:anyone/everyone  feature:insanity  pairing:any  type:m/f 
september 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
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