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Ooo, Shining
Rachel/Malcolm post-Shining review, with him comforting her for all the stress and abuse and panic attacks she had to go through in the episode.
character:rachel  character:malcolm  type:M/f  pairing:malcolm/rachel  feature:hurt/comfort  feature:panic  feature:abuse 
january 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
Critic's identity crisis
I'd say it's pretty clear that Critic has some identity issues (main catchphrase is saying who he is and what he does, grew up as a girl and switches between trying to be masculine and shameless femme, is always asking if he really is white and male, those extreme tantrums that he has to be made aware of after because he doesn't remember etc.). Could I have a panic attack during sex about some of that stuff and the other person trying to calm him down?
character:anyone/everyone  character:nostalgiacritic  feature:identity  feature:panic  feature:hurt/comfort  pairing:critic/anyone  type:m/? 
june 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
trigger warning: PTSD
Linkara/Spoony: Spoony has Post Truamatic Stress disorder from his time with Mechakara. He's been doing pretty well dealing with it on his own, but there's still a few rough patches. He hasn't told Linkara about any of this because he doesn't want him to feel guilty. One day though, he has a flashback or a panic attack while they're alone together and Linkara figures it out.
Hurt/Comfort please!
pairing:linkara/spoony  type:m/m  feature:panic  feature:stress  feature:hurt/comfort  character:mechakara  character:spoony  character:linkara 
march 2012 by tgwtg_prompts

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