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Cum On
One day while getting a blowjob from Insano Linkara accidentally cums on to Insano's face thus giving him a facial,Seeing Insano covered in his cum and looking like Linkara marked him as his Linkara proceeds to get half hard again and feels more turn on than ever before,Linkara than later starts to feel bad about his new found facial kink because he feels it's degrading when men in porn cum on to women's face so he feel like he would be degrading Insano by giving him a another facial,Insano manages to talk Linkara out of being guilty by telling him that Linkara indulge's Insano's power play and impact play kinks without any complaints and reminds him he end up enjoy them as much as Insano did so he be more than happy to indulge in Linkara's facial kink because true be told he finds it a little hot himself,Insano also tells Linkara that he fine doing it as much as Linkara wants as long as Linkara doesn't get any cum in his hair and even than Linkara can make it up to him by help him wash it out in the shower.
character:linkara  character:insano  type:M/m  feature:dom/sub  feature:facials  pairing:insano/linkara 
august 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
BDSM pain-play or impact-play scene (fully consensual, safewords established in the fic if you can work it in) with either Linkara or Insano (or, y'know, both is good too) as the top and Spoony as the bottom, where the purpose of the scene is to test Spoony's limits and find out how far into subspace he can go. (If the author is familiar with the concept of "flying" in this context, they're trying to fly Spoony.) Actual sex optional; if you want to include it, whichever top you chose is using it to bring Spoony back out of subspace to his normal snarky, horny state.
character:linkara  character:spoony  character:insano  type:M/m  feature:bdsm  feature:pain  feature:dom/sub  pairing:linkara/spoony  pairing:insano/spoony  pairing:insano/linkara/spoony 
july 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
No high concept here, just some simple kinks - Linkara/Spoony or Spoony/Linksano (your choice), nipple clamps and delayed orgasm. Make it raunchy.
character:linkara  character:spoony  character:linksano  type:M/m  pairing:linkara/spoony  pairing:spoony/other  feature:orgasmdenial  feature:dom/sub 
june 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
I don't follow...
Critic's review of the TMNT Christmas Special inspired dirty trash feelings, so Critic/Tamara, with dom Critic who's not very good at this, and snarky bottom Tamara.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:tamara  type:M/f  feature:dom/sub  pairing:critic/tamara 
december 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
Which one?
Based off the spotlight video with talk of safe words and having a fetish for British people, you think we could get some The Dom/Doug up in here?
character:doug  character:thedom  pairing:doug/thedom  type:M/m  feature:dom/sub 
september 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
Play Parties
With Critic saying he's into leashes in the first retooled ep of PQH, *and* him calling ballgags comfortable in Pixels, General Anesthetic simply must take him to one of the Saturday play parties mentioned. All consensual fun obviously.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:other  type:M/m  feature:dom/sub  feature:bondage  pairing:critic/other 
august 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
Critic Leashes
Pop Quiz Hotshot's confirmed that Critic is into being on a leash, and is hitting on General Anesthetic so damn hard. Before it gets retooled again, I gotta have General/Critic with Critic as a power bottom. Critic bent over something at least once would also be nice.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:other  feature:dom/sub  type:M/m  pairing:critic/other 
july 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
From the ending of Jurassic World review
Safe sane and consensual (as much as these characters can be) Critic/Malcolm/Tamara re-enacting 50 Shades with all them switching on the dom/sub role. Critic's gotta enjoy the subbing more and vice versa for Tamara because that's just canon, and Malcolm can go either way.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:malcolm  character:tamara  type:M/f/m  pairing:critic/malcolm/tamara  feature:dom/sub  feature:bdsm  feature:femdom 
june 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
Phelous/Oancitizen, Flogging
The Canadians are taking their revenge for the end of the "Freddy Got Fingered" review, only with floggers/cat-o-nines instead of sausage. Phelous discovers that for Oancitizen, it's not exactly a punishment. Not a punishment at all, in fact.

(Whether you want this to be explicit, if surprising, consent or dub-con is up to you, but my intent is that Oan should at least end up enjoying it. Whether there is any application of sausage, literal or metaphorical, is also up to you!)
character:phelous  character:oancitizen  feature:dom/sub  feature:bondage  type:M/m  feature:whipping  pairing:oancitizen/phelous 
march 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
Spoilers for The Sixth Day review
That SciFi Guy teleports clone!Critic back to original Critic, and he really keeps him as sex slave. In the basement. Collared and chained.
character:critic  character:scifiguy  character:other  type:m/m  pairing:critic/other  feature:slavery  feature:dom/sub  feature:collars 
september 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
Dom!Critic/Tamara, ageplay and humiliation. It's basically canon that he puts her in sexy little girl outfits to piss her off.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:tamara  type:m/f  pairing:critic/tamara  feature:ageplay  feature:humiliation  feature:dom/sub 
september 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
Rachel Bloodbending
In The Critic's review of The Last Airbender, Rachel is shown to be able to bloodbend (In short, control someone's body).

So in short, Rachel forcefully doms someone using bloodbending.
character:rachel  character:anyone/everyone  feature:dom/sub  type:any  pairing:rachel/any 
september 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
submissive cat-boy
Because of the "Let's Fap With Spoony" Benzaie and Spoony videos

Spoony/Benzaie- Spoony is the submissive cat-boy who wants to serve his master's every need. Benzaie is the master.
character:spoony  character:benzaie  feature:dom/sub  feature:animalplay  pairing:benzaie/spoony  type:M/m 
august 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Gay men are we!
Imbroth/Carl, hatesex and potential D/s where Carl takes out his self-loathing on his game character. They're the same person, from a certain point of view. Bonus points for Imbroth calling Carl "Master" and then feeling uncomfortable about it for the first time.
character:jimbroth  character:carlfromdragonbored  type:M/m  feature:dom/sub  feature:hatesex  pairing:carldb/jimbroth 
july 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Needs moar rope bondage.
Needs moar rope bondage.

Preferably with someone unexpected topping.

Plz and thanks!
character:anyone/everyone  feature:bondage  feature:dom/sub  pairing:any  type:any 
july 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Critic/The 4 Catwomen
After the Catwoman review, Critic and the Catwomen decide to blow off some steam with sex.

Critic being dominated by them. Tying him up, scratching, biting, and whatever else you can think of, as long as they're in control.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:other  pairing:critic/other  feature:dom/sub  type:groupsex 
april 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
BDSM AU/Directed Verse
BDSM AU/Directed Verse
(Read more about it here:

A reviewer everyone assumes is a Top is actually a very closeted Sub. Cue a sub eager to hook up with them being confused, disappointed, and trying to make things work in a rare sub/sub relationship.

Would prefer something like the Cinema Snob being the closeted sub and Film Brain or Luke being the surprised sub, but any pairing would work.
character:anyone/everyone  character:filmbrain  character:luke  character:cinemasnob  pairing:filmbrain/snob  pairing:luke/snob  feature:bdsm  feature:dom/sub  type:M/m  type:any 
march 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
Rebecca/Donnie dressed up like Bane's henchmen
Rebecca/Donnie dressed up like Bane's henchmen (you remember, the ones with eyeliner and pretty guns?). I don't actually mind who doms who, but she did have the bigger weapon...
feature:dom/sub  character:donnie  character:rebecca  type:m/f  pairing:donnie/rebecca  feature:costumes  feature:weaponry 
february 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
I'm gonna be walking funny for months
In the orgy part of the Rejected SWS Ideas video, Paw says something like 'I'm gonna be walking funny for months'. My mind got... spinny, and weird shit happened. So, what I'd like to see is Paw as the sub of one of the female reviewers, who decides that his ego's getting a little too big and fucks him into submission (and so he really is walking oddly for ages).
character:paw  character:anyone/everyone  feature:dom/sub  feature:injury  type:m/f  pairing:paw/anyone 
october 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
d/s tattoos
Paw getting that wrist tattoo as a symbol of belonging to his dom, showing how serious their relationship has become. Preferably getting the tattoo while the dom is there, holding his other hand.
character:paw  character:anyone/everyone  feature:dom/sub  feature:tattoos  pairing:paw/anyone  type:m/? 
october 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
Critical Marine/Chick
Critical Marine/Chick, where he pretends to be Luke Skywalker and lets her dominate him. (See the stinger of Southland Tales.)
character:nostalgiachick  character:other  feature:dom/sub  feature:roleplaying  pairing:chick/other  type:m/f 
october 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
Let's Fap in Public with Team4Star video prompt
MasakoX's squeaky impressions of a girl getting turned on got me thinking ... thoughts.

Masako/Benzaie, student/teacher roleplay. Masako is the blushing student staying after school for detention, Benzaie is the devious teacher eager to "punish" him. Both guys are hyping up the cheesiness of the scenario and going over the top with their dialogue and such, barely keeping themselves from laughing. Super bonus points for spanking.

All consensual, please.
character:masakox  character:benzaie  feature:dom/sub  feature:student/teacher  feature:humor  feature:spanking  pairing:benzaie/masakox  type:m/m 
august 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
ATG/Critic, hot hot hot sauce
Ask That Guy making a video where he's fucking Critic's ass and mouth with an open hot sauce bottle. Long deep strokes, nice and hard, with no cheating and letting Critic wash it out after.
character:askthatguy  character:nostalgiacritic  feature:pain  feature:bdsm  feature:dom/sub  pairing:askthatguy/nostalgiacritic  type:m/m 
june 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
Alright, hear me out.
Spoony and Linkara are in a D/s relationship, with Linkara as the sub. It mostly goes on in private, but one day they are among friends at a party (or whatever) when Spoony starts working his Dom-ness. Linkara for whatever reason doesn't call the safeword (wanting to see how far he can go, not wanting to disapoint his master, etc...)

TL;DR, Spoony/Linkara BDSM in front of others.
character:spoony  character:linkara  character:anyone/everyone  feature:dom/sub  feature:exhibitionism  pairing:linkara/spoony  type:m/m 
june 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
I couldn't resist the LesYay...
Nella: I've been asked to perform a lesbian Dominatrix in a musical playing in June. Um. I kinda want to, but...shit. Stage!performing. D:

Elisa: @Nellachronism DUDE! Don't pass up such a chance!

Nella: @elisaInTime Just told them yes. You'd better come and see it!!! I need the moral support!!!

Lindsay: @Nellachronism @ElisaInTime Only if we get a spanking.

RPS-times! Nella as a firm but loving dom and Lindsay and Elisa as her girls. Extra points if Lindsay works in a few topping from the bottom moments.
character:nella  character:lindsay  character:elisa  feature:dom/sub  feature:rpf  pairing:elisa/lindsay/nella  type:f/f/f 
may 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
Cos Critic crawling back to him for help way back in January was fun okay?
character:nostalgiacritic  character:angryjoe  feature:dom/sub  pairing:joe/critic  type:m/m 
may 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
Mara Wilson/Critic, punishment
I know this is all sorts of wrong (real person, we've mostly seen her as a cutesy child and so on), but Mara Wilson/Critic where she punishes him some more in the fun way. I can't help it! He's so appealing when he's in impotent rage!
character:nostalgiacritic  character:other  feature:punishment  feature:dom/sub  pairing:critic/other  type:m/f 
may 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
Because MAGFest made me do it.
Welshy/JewWario. Welshy dominates JewWario and JewWario acts all giddy and happy and fanboyish about it, gleefully doing everything Welshy says.

Inspired by an incident at the TGWTG autograph session at MAGFest where Welshy revealed his corset and Justin raced up to him and cried in his female voice, "Oh, Welshy, will you please sign my breasts?!" (photo evidence)
character:welshy  character:jewwario  feature:dom/sub  feature:fanboying  feature:conventions  pairing:jewwario/welshy  type:m/m 
april 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
I love it too, but...
Linkara seems to play the dominant parter a lot, doesn't he? Yeah, I adore those fics, but how about we have a good old fashioned Sub!Linkara with Dom!Spoony.

Take it away, Anons.
character:linkara  character:spoony  feature:dom/sub  pairing:linkara/spoony  type:m/m 
april 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
TGWTG Kink Meme - Prompt Post!
Is there a male version of bimbofication? Not necessarily feminizing the subject, just making him really ditzy, giggly, submissive and horny?

Because if there is (or if that seems nice to you) then I would really love to see that happen to Spoony. Maybe Sage decides to turn him into a nice little pet?
character:spoony  character:bennettthesage  character:anyone/everyone  feature:dom/sub  feature:mindcontrol  feature:feminization  pairing:spoony/anyone  pairing:sage/spoony  type:any 
april 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
Because Harvey Finevoice and Reasons.
Harvey/female singer (not an actual celeb). She steals one night a week from the singer and his club now. At first he was mad, now he can't get enough of her. Rough rough sex and Dom/sub play? :3
character:harveyfinevoice  character:other  feature:dom/sub  feature:rough  pairing:harvey/other  type:m/f 
march 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
Linkara/Spoony d/s
Inspired by Spoony's (!/TheSpoonyOne/status/174201372705689600) tweets (!/TheSpoonyOne/status/174202107136716800) earlier, I'd love to see Spoony/Linkara, where Spoony wants to be dominated and he's skeptical Linkara can do it because he's usually so nice, and Linkara shows him how wrong he is.
character:linkara  character:spoony  feature:dom/sub  pairing:linkara/spoony  type:m/m 
march 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
Warning: Slavery, potential non-con
Ancient Rome AU. Wealthy Domina/the male slave she's recently purchased.

Whatever pairing anon is comfortable with, though I'm partial to Chick/Critic or Lupa/Phelous.
character:nostalgiachick  character:nostalgiacritic  character:obscuruslupa  character:phelous  character:anyone/everyone  feature:noncon  feature:au  feature:dom/sub  feature:slavery  pairing:critic/chick  pairing:lupa/phelous  pairing:any  type:m/f 
march 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
Linkara/Critic, with bratty Critic
Based from the Star Trek review: Linkara/Critic, with Linkara domming and Critic being a brat but still grudgingly willing to follow orders. I know that's the usual Critic prompt, but Linkara made him cry so whaddya want from me?
character:nostalgiacritic  character:linkara  feature:dom/sub  pairing:critic/linkara  type:m/m 
february 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
One naked, one dressed
Can I have a fic/art where a dom character is naked and the sub is fully dressed? Please and thank you.
character:anyone/everyone  feature:dom/sub  feature:clothing  pairing:any  type:any 
january 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
Phealous/Lupa, D/s
Phealous/Lupa, D/s

Phelous as the laconic, bored dom and Lupa as the eager sub who has to do her best to rile him up for some fun. Otherwise he's just gonna sit there and watch tv while she kneels at his feet and gets more and more frustrated because he won't touch her at all.

I want her to succeed in the end, but it takes her a long time and a lot of tense moments to get him interested. (He's totally into this the whole time, he's just pretending to be disinterested until she "gets his attention.")
type:m/f  pairing:lupa/phelous  feature:dom/sub  character:obscuruslupa  character:phelous 
january 2012 by tgwtg_prompts
critic poking chick's temper
So I was binging through their crossovers, and I've noticed Critic likes poking the Chick's temper just a bit too much for it to be healthy. Can I have him with a fetish for it - prodding her (nothing too asshole-y please, Disney Sequel Nerd Rage level is perfect) because he knows that she'll dom the fuck out of him at the end.
character:nostalgiachick  character:nostalgiacritic  feature:dom/sub  feature:teasing  type:m/f  pairing:critic/chick 
december 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
Chick domming her boys
But anyone notice Brentalfloss being spanked by the Chick in the MR! review? Coupled with Floss calling the Critic "baby" when they're alone and Critic instantly recognizing the Chick's bedroom, I think we need some OT3 action. Chick domming her boys, Critic in between the two, whatever way you want to take it. (Just keep Chick being dommy if you please. #femdomkink)
character:nostalgiachick  character:brentalfloss  character:nostalgiacritic  feature:dom/sub  feature:spanking  pairing:chick/critic/brentalfloss  type:m/f/m 
december 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
insano, linkara and the joys of bdsm
Insano slowly introducing Linkara to the joys of BDSM, specifically collaring. Specifically, by collaring Linkara.
He doesn't just snap a collar on Linkara after one of their fights one day, there's a slow build up and gradual introduction and some discussions on the history and psychology of it all, until Linkara finds it perfectly natural to fight, have Insano "overpower" him, and end up kneeling on the floor in nothing but his hat and a collar. And he appreciates it, because he's so exhausted from having to be in charge and in control and save the day/world/universe all the time that it's relaxing to let Insano be in the driver's seat for a while.
character:insano  character:linkara  feature:bdsm  feature:collars  feature:dom/sub  feature:dominancefight  pairing:insano/linkara  type:m/m 
november 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
"Critic eagerly doing whatever he's told"
Inspired by Care Bears 2, Sage testing just how far he can go with the whole "Critic eagerly doing whatever he's told" thing. Make it dark if you would.
character:bennettthesage  character:nostalgiacritic  feature:dom/sub  pairing:sage/critic  type:m/m  feature:dark 
november 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
he can do evil too
Can I have some Linkara/Insano D/s, please? I think I can't get enough of dom!Linkara...
character:linkara  character:insano  pairing:insano/linkara  feature:dom/sub  type:m/m 
november 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
critic in a dolcett fic
Critic in a Dolcett fic.

(I got recced here for good, kinky dark stuff. Hope that's not too out of line.)
character:nostalgiacritic  type:f/?  feature:genderfuck  feature:bondage  pairing:critic/other  feature:dom/sub  feature:violence  feature:vore 
october 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
I'm gonna use you tonight
Film Brain and Welshy calling Lupa "ma'am" and her being all stern with them at the end of their review of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" made me want fic of her as a sexy school teacher domming her naughty schoolboys.
Maybe they're both in detention and Film Brain's more of the ingenue and Welshy's more of a troublemaker who's had experience with Mistress Lupa's "punishments" before?
character:filmbrain  character:welshy  character:obscuruslupa  feature:teaching  type:m/f/m  feature:dom/sub  feature:au  pairing:filmbrain/lupa/welshy 
august 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
feelings of power, wings of flour
Ask That Guy 62 was pretty high on the humiliation scale. Could I possibly get some ATG/Critic, where Critic lets Guy dom the fuck out of him so he can get some feelings of power back?
character:askthatguy  character:nostalgiacritic  type:M/m  pairing:askthatguy/nostalgiacritic  feature:dom/sub 
august 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
moving park bench for homeless people
Just watched Oancitizen's review of Shortbus. In the opening bit he's looking at porn, sees the camera watching him, and acts all embarrassed and flustered and stuff.
... did not know I had that kink until now.

This has given me a craving for fic of him in a scene with a dom (preferably a woman) and Oan getting "caught" looking at porn and the dom punishing him. Sexily.

Oh dear lord ... here comes the guilt! *rides the guilty wave into next week*
feature:dom/sub  character:oancitizen  character:anyone/everyone  pairing:oancitizen/anyone  feature:punishment 
august 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
hell's kitchen
thecinemasnob: Relax, guys, Jillian is not as angry or hostile in real life as she was in the "Change Up" video. She was just trying to be entertaining.

TheSpoonyOne: @thecinemasnob Nuh uh. When you were away Jillian beat me with a phone book, screaming "PIG!! PIG!!"

thecinemasnob: @TheSpoonyOne You got a phone book?? Lucky bastard, with me, it's always a cinder block.

TheSpoonyOne: She was probably justified. I was eyein' her lemon drink.

I think this calls for some Jillian/Snob/Spoony, with Jillian domming both of them and being awesome. Or maybe just lolzy shenanigans between the three of them.
character:jillian  character:cinemasnob  character:spoony  type:m/f/m  pairing:jillian/snob/spoony  feature:dom/sub 
august 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
Dr. Tease traps the Makeover Fairy
Dr Tease draws the Makeover Fairy into a trap, to study her for SCIENCE!

Possibly sexy science, with Tease dominant, or to examine her powers.
character:drtease  character:makeoverfairy  type:f/f  feature:science  feature:dom/sub  pairing:makeoverfairy/tease 
june 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
Unexpected New OTP is Unexpected
NChick's Twitter: #marrymephelous
Phelous's Twitter: Oh, all right. It's something to do.!/Phelous/status/77354662453448704

I had no idea that I needed this, but I do, I really do. I want it to happen, and not only that, I want them to be really apathetic about the proceedings and then get bored and go mess with the Critic for the honeymoon. And by "mess with" I mean "engage in loads of dub-con sex with." They've both dommed him in fics before, hows about they do him together? ; )
character:nostalgiachick  character:phelous  character:nostalgiacritic  feature:wedding  pairing:chick/phelous  pairing:chick/critic/phelous  type:m/f  type:m/f/m  feature:dom/sub 
june 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
Needs to be done, for reals.
Look, as much as we love our Critic being a little bitch, isn't it about time he got his chance to shine?

Here's what I'd like to see:
Fearing other reviewers may be looking to take his top dog spot on the site, Critic snaps and makes some new rules. By rules I mean he doms every single one of... or at least most of... the contributors listed on the front page (Linkara, Chick, Spoony, Benzaie, Joe, Sage, Snob, Marz, Phelous, Film Brain, Paw, the Game Heroes, Todd, and Lupa) in the kinkiest, most BDSM-tastic ways you can think of in order to keep them in line and remind them of their place.

Crazy go nuts.
character:nostalgiacritic  type:m/m  type:m/f  feature:dom/sub  character:linkara  character:nostalgiachick  character:benzaie  character:angryjoe  character:bennettthesage  character:marzgurl  character:phelous  character:filmbrain  character:paw  character:handsometom  character:8bitmickey  character:toddintheshadows  character:obscuruslupa 
june 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
"I know you know. I'm wrapped around your finger.
Youre so, youre so.
Beautiful and dangerous.
Hot and cold.
Don't you see the light, boy.
I could blow your mind, boy.
Let me be your new toy.~"
Boy Like You. Ke$ha.

I don't care if it's songfic or not, but it needs to involve submissive!Linkara with ANYONE. have at it.
feature:dom/sub  character:linkara  feature:songfic  character:anyone/everyone  pairing:linkara/anyone  type:m/? 
june 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
Props to anyone who has also watched "Rosemary's Baby"
I have read fics where Ask That Guy is the equilvilent of Satan on earth, well, after watching Rosemary's Baby I am in the mood for a "Ask That Guy wanting tp father a demon seed heir to his depravity" storyline. Simply put he kidnaps one of the nice innocent female TGWTG reviewers and forces her to be his unholy bride and carry his evil seed whether she wants to or not (most preferably not) empathesis on mind-control, kidnapping, Dom, creepiness, and of course non-con.

Whether he suceeds in his endevour or not is up to you. :)
character:askthatguy  character:anyone/everyone  feature:pregnancy  type:m/f  pairing:askthatguy/anyone  feature:mindcontrol  feature:abduction  feature:dom/sub  feature:noncon 
may 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
Based on the nice little "Modsquad" icon for this here Kinkmeme
can we see Paw, MarzGurl, Sage, and LordKaT domming "moderating" someone? (hint, hint) Either all at once, or they each take turns with the someone. Even better if they're all in the outfits they seem to be wearing in the icon (so, LordKaT in a mask, General MarzGurl, Surgeon Sage, and... Paw).

I need to stop staring at that icon so much, it gives me ideas like this.
character:lordkat  character:paw  character:marzgurl  character:bennettthesage  type:m/?  type:f/?  pairing:lordkat/anyone  pairing:paw/anyone  pairing:marz/anyone  pairing:sage/anyone  character:anyone/everyone  feature:dom/sub 
may 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
he ate my heart
Cin Wicked seems like such a sweetheart. Can we see him domming someone? He'd be an awesome, nice dom. Also, it'd be hot.
character:cinwicked  type:m/?  feature:dom/sub  pairing:cin/anyone  character:anyone/everyone 
may 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
KM Prime. I like it.
About midway through the KM Prime, there were three Dom/sub Spoony/Linkara fills involving collars. You know the ones. In the last one, Linkara thinks to himself: "He remembered being angry at this once... breaking in was the most fun."

Could we see that, please? 'That' being Spoony gently asserting dominance over a stubborn, slightly nervous closeted!sub!Linkara?

It's filler's privilege as to the activities that go on, but I would adore a scene where Spoony binds and handfeeds Linkara in order to show that being helpless and dependent doesn't have to be scary.
character:linkara  character:spoony  type:m/m  pairing:linkara/spoony  feature:dom/sub 
may 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
Liz/Linkara D/s
Iron Liz recently tweeted: Well, if I'm going to dominate the WORLD, I should get a few more floggers ;)

I take this as a sign we're being encouraged to have more BDSM Done Right fic. So: Iron Liz as the firm but caring Domme giving happy sub!Linkara what he needs. Bonus points for cuddling (and any aftercare if needed) after they finish the scene.
character:ironliz  character:linkara  type:m/f  pairing:ironliz/linkara  feature:dom/sub  feature:bondage  feature:cuddling 
april 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
Translating to...
Spoony and Linkara team up to get Insano under control in a double D/s scenario, consensual/dud-con/non-con is writer's choice.

...or maybe my Russian is not that good.
character:spoony  character:linkara  character:insano  type:m/m/m  feature:dom/sub  pairing:insano/linkara/spoony  kinkmemeprime 
april 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
Iron Liz on Twitter: @Scarlettopia Well, if I'm going to dominate the WORLD, I should get a few more floggers ;)

Iron Liz/Linkara D/s with fluffy aftercare. GO.
character:ironliz  character:linkara  type:m/f  pairing:ironliz/linkara  kinkmemeprime  feature:dom/sub  feature:fluff 
april 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
Nice and simple.
Critic realizing that he gets smackdowns when he's too annoying, so he deliberately irritates Chick and ATG... and they work it out quickly so they team up to dom him and push beyond what he's used to to show who's in charge.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:nostalgiachick  character:askthatguy  kinkmemeprime  type:m/f/m  feature:dom/sub  feature:punishment  pairing:chick/critic/askthatguy 
april 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
Todd, Paw, and bondage
Just watched the "Grenade" video.
"Oh my god, yeah, beat me till I'm numb, I need it, give me more, please"
sooooo, Todd and Paw in a BDSM relationship.
character:toddintheshadows  character:paw  kinkmemeprime  type:m/m  pairing:paw/todd  feature:bondage  feature:dom/sub  feature:masochism 
april 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
I'd really love fic
Of Linkara being a closeted dom, but he's ashamed because he's a feminist and he doesn't feel comfortable with wanting to go all BDSM with a lady in the bedroom. Cue Liz finding out (maybe he's got a porn stash somewhere, maybe it's his computer's bookmarks, whatever) and showing him that he can be a feminist AND be into BDSM. Equal attention to their discussions and Linkara's angst as well as the BDSM stuff would be great.

So, dom!Linkara, accomodating sub!Liz.
character:linkara  character:ironliz  type:m/f  kinkmemeprime  pairing:ironliz/linkara  feature:bondage  feature:dom/sub  feature:angst 
march 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
As she seems to like him
Chick/Mr. Plinkett. He thinks she'll be easy to torture and kill, but she turns it around and dominates the fuck out of him. Bonus points for making him lick her boots.
character:nostalgiachick  character:other  kinkmemeprime  type:m/f  pairing:chick/other  feature:dom/sub  feature:bootlicking  crossover:redlettermedia 
february 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
Based on Twitter. Again.
ZeSadPanda: @thelindsayellis Doug never stroke my feminine side.
gookygox: @ZeSadPanda he'd better not. >=(

Holly/Doug, possessive fem!dom.
character:doug  character:holly  type:m/f  pairing:doug/holly  kinkmemeprime  feature:dom/sub  feature:possessiveness 
february 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
let's start in the very beginning
I would love to see more of the CEO!Linkara/Spoony relationship from this fill

How and when did it start or them negotiating the safewords would be amazing, but anything is good.
character:linkara  character:spoony  feature:dom/sub  kinkmemeprime  type:m/m  pairing:linkara/spoony  setting:nostalgiachristmas 
february 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
Behind the Scenes at Channel Awesome: Holly is a leatherbound dom who has to (literally) whip some of the contributor boys into shape when they get lazy with their videos and put out unfunny crap, whine about how hard they have to work to get them finished on time, forget to put on a new pot of coffee, or are otherwise generally naughty.

Bonus points for Punky and Overactor being her equally dommy assistants and incorporating some lesboriffic teasing into the boys' punishments.
character:holly  character:anyone/everyone  kinkmemeprime  type:m/f  feature:dom/sub  feature:whipping  feature:leather  type:f/f  feature:punishment  character:punky  character:overactor 
february 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
This is practically a fic in and of itself
Scarlettopia -

@IronLiz Yeah, the promise of a beating from Liz isn't going to make ME more productive. "Please mistress, may I have another?"
character:scarlett  character:ironliz  type:f/f  pairing:ironliz/scarlett  feature:dom/sub  kinkmemeprime 
january 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
cite your sources

I blame this video.

I don't really have a kink. Maybe femdom, and she pulls his hair? I mainly just wanna see the two of 'em together!
character:jesuotaku  character:nash  type:m/f  pairing:jesu/nash  feature:dom/sub  feature:hair 
january 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
So we've had collars before, right?
So could I have some more of that flavor, but with a twist: I want the top to be the one with the collar, basically acting as a servant/sex slave for the bottom and loving it. The bottom should have plenty of fun ordering the top around and being all in-control and "now, pleasure me".

So yeah submissive top in a collar. I don't care about pairing, but if you were to write femslash I would be very pleased and if it were to involve Scarlett or JesuOtaku I'd technically have to marry you.
type:any  character:anyone/everyone  pairing:any  feature:dom/sub  feature:collars  kinkmemeprime 
january 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
From LordKat's wiki
Everyone is dominating me - PawDugan

I friggin' demand fic! Everyone domming Paw!
character:paw  character:anyone/everyone  pairing:paw/everyone  feature:dom/sub  kinkmemeprime  type:m/f  type:m/m 
january 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
Am I the only one who saw this?
So, the Last Angry Geek and Linkara grabbed a poor innocent geek, ripped up his comic book, stuffed it into his mouth, and then MURDERED him in The Last Angry Geek's latest video.
If that wasn't enough (believe me, it would have been for me!) The Last Angry Geek said in the review:

"Like so many of us on the night before our wedding, he spent the night under a fat man. *shifty, nervous look*"

So ... Linkara and the Last Angry Geek going out on a nerd-rage-fueled murder spree, please and thank you? Followed by Linkara domming the hell out of the Geek and taking advantage of his inferiority complex?
character:linkara  character:lastangrygeek  type:m/m  kinkmemeprime  pairing:linkara/lastangrygeek  feature:murder  feature:rage  feature:dom/sub 
january 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
I'm pretty sure I'm legally insane by now XDD
Critic somehow finds out about ATG's taste for dommy, violent sex, and begins acting strangely (blushing, avoiding eye contact, squirming, etc.) afterwards. ATG bullies Linkara, one of Critic's friends, into revealing that Critic knows about ATG's kinkiness. Linkara, misreading the signals, believes that Critic is horrified by ATG and is acting the way he is because he's scared. After some angsting, ATG eventually confronts Critic on it, only to find out that Critic isn't scared at all, ATG has just tapped into Critic's hidden submissive side and Critic isn't quite sure how to deal with the revelation that he's suddenly experiencing some serious lust for his identical twin. ATG comes up with a way to "deal" with said revelation.
Overly specific prompt is overly specific XDDD
character:nostalgiacritic  character:askthatguy  character:linkara  kinkmemeprime  type:m/m  feature:dom/sub  pairing:askthatguy/nostalgiacritic 
january 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
But please use better grammar than Gor.
I would like... an inversion of the Gorean lifestyle The guys are trained/hard-wired into being submissive sluts by the girls - like Critic for Chick and Nella, Linkara for Liz and Marz and so on - a bit like the original numbers!verse but without the self-awareness of "holyshithisiswrong".
character:anyone/everyone  pairing:any  type:m/f  feature:dom/sub  feature:slavery  kinkmemeprime 
january 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
SSC? In *my* kink meme?
Not going on a rant, but I'm kind of annoyed right now at some anti-kink feminists, and of course a Linkara prompt is the obvious response!

Specifically, subby!Liz (or switchy, if you just can't see that; it gives me a bit of trouble myself)/vanilla!Linkara, in which she asks him to hit her or do a rape-roleplay or anything that would be a huge no-no if not done by request. He has some serious misgivings, maybe even refuses at first, but he does come to terms with it, even if he doesn't understand what she gets out of it.

If it includes negotiations and safewords and is just generally realistically SSC, I will be full of glee.
character:linkara  character:ironliz  kinkmemeprime  pairing:ironliz/linkara  type:m/f  feature:dom/sub  feature:bondage 
january 2011 by tgwtg_prompts
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