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Ooo, Shining
Rachel/Malcolm post-Shining review, with him comforting her for all the stress and abuse and panic attacks she had to go through in the episode.
character:rachel  character:malcolm  type:M/f  pairing:malcolm/rachel  feature:hurt/comfort  feature:panic  feature:abuse 
january 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
Dark Critic/Rachel (no cutesy I beg you, go from the actual show) post Master Of Disguise. What she had to do to get her job back.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:rachel  type:m/f  pairing:critic/rachel  feature:dark 
september 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
Rachel Bloodbending
In The Critic's review of The Last Airbender, Rachel is shown to be able to bloodbend (In short, control someone's body).

So in short, Rachel forcefully doms someone using bloodbending.
character:rachel  character:anyone/everyone  feature:dom/sub  type:any  pairing:rachel/any 
september 2013 by tgwtg_prompts

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