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William Gibson: ‘I was losing a sense of how weird the real world was' – The Guardian
He certainly gets it right in one respect in Agency: the flashpoint crisis in the book’s contemporary timeline concerns a Turkish invasion of northern Syria, complicated by Russian interference, after the US pulls out. The book would have been at the proof stage by the time Trump announced his withdrawal from the region last year.

“The person who designed that crisis,” Gibson says, “is someone with a job in government in the United States. He’s been a very good friend for quite a while, and given his professional background, I knew that he could give me something. I didn’t specify that part of the world. I just said I need a Cuban missile crisis-like event that could happen now. He came up with that one almost immediately. What’s been very eerie for me is seeing the actual place names I used on the news. I wrote to him immediately. He said: ‘Well why do you think I put it in there? If that sort of thing happens it’s going to happen there.’” Subcontracting crisis design, it bears noticing, is an extremely William Gibson thing to do.
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