react and graphql based cms
cms  developer  reactjs  graphql 
4 weeks ago
Cool Backgrounds
colour and shape background designer
developer  design  CSS  svg 
7 weeks ago
Timeline Line
Very nice simple svg timelines
developer  design  CSS  svg 
9 weeks ago
grid with flexbox fallback : common examples
css  developer  flexbox  grid 
12 weeks ago
Storybook Tutorial
StoryBook is used for building/testing UI components, typically with reactjs, also vuejs
developer  tutorials  reactjs 
april 2018
CSS Gridish
Tool for generating CSS with fallbacks for grids
developer  CSS  grid 
january 2018
Micron.js - Webkul
simple element animations when clicked
developer  JavaScript  library  animation  CSS 
january 2018
JavaScript Object Explorer
Tool to visualise how to use JS objects
developer  JavaScript 
january 2018
Array Explorer
Simple tool to work out which JS array function you need when
developer  JavaScript  arrays 
december 2017
File Upload javascript library
developer  JavaScript 
december 2017
GitHub - PhilippLgh/electron-toolkit
Library to manage build and bundle of electron apps
developer  electron  JavaScript 
december 2017
Don't Design Your Emails
html vs. plain-text email testing results.
developer  design  email  Marketing 
november 2017
ES2015+ cheatsheet
single page cheatsheet for ES6
developer  JavaScript 
october 2017
Icon Organizer & Icon Library | Nucleo
icons in different styles (outline, solid, colour) with app for management
developer  design  icons 
october 2017
Essential Image Optimization
image optimization be-all and end-all
image  optimise  developer 
october 2017
Filtering on a Non-Standard Database Field with WordPress | x + 3
Example of working with non-standard WP database tables (for lat/lng coordinate search)
september 2017
Essential Vanilla JavaScript Functions
writing array and string manipulation functions familiar from PHP in JS
developer  JavaScript 
september 2017
Grav - A Modern Flat-File CMS | Grav
Open source flat-file CMS WordPress alternative
developer  CMS 
august 2017
Integrating Animation into a Design System · An A List Apart Article
Comprehensive review of design principles when it comes to animation
developer  design  UI/UX  animation 
august 2017
Flywheel | How to combine Flexbox and CSS grids for efficient layouts
Use grid for 2d page layout
use flexbox for linear components
developer  CSS  grid  flexbox 
august 2017
open source password manager
password  security 
august 2017
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