progressive json parsing for async stuff
ajax  javascript  performance 
october 2013
Colout by nojhan
add colors to text streams based on regex and other
bash  color  shell 
june 2013
automated intros to websites
javascript  webdev 
may 2013
Stop mangling error output. · nosetests
the workaround to fix that annoying keyerror bug
python  nose  testing 
february 2013
Smart Time Ago
relative times in javascript
javascript  coding  ui 
july 2012
Caching with Twemcache
forked memcache by twitter
memcache  cache  code 
july 2012
Death Row Information
last statements of people executed in texas
june 2012
Mosh: the mobile shell
deals with network downtime nicely
april 2012
color scheme editor for vim
january 2012
Tab Candy
chrome extension fodder
browser  extension  tabs 
july 2010
rsms's nginx_http_push_module at master - GitHub
really awesome sounding nginx model for long polling
nginx  comet  longpolling 
october 2009
The C10K problem
neat write-up on low level concurrent connection badassity
scalability  concurrency 
october 2009
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