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Fic prompt! Marcus/Esca "Where the land falls to... by queenklu (PG)
“We’ll go to the Brigantes,” Esca announced, and set his mead down with a thunk. He licked his lips. Marcus did not watch his tongue.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  futurefic  curtain-fic  angst  schmoop  Short 
5 weeks ago by tenillypo
Fish and Guests, Common Threads by aurilly (Adult, 5,454 words)
As much as Marcus lies awake thinking of Esca, he could never take advantage of a slave. Esca takes matters into his own hands when a demanding guest to the villa threatens to avail himself of more of Uncle Aquila's hospitality than has formally been offered.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  missing-scene  slavefic  angst  Mid-Length 
december 2017 by tenillypo
with your shield or on it by Addison R (Adult, 12,091 words)
What would be worse? he thinks. That I am bound to this Roman but he is not bound to me, or that we are bound to each other?
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  alternate-history  soulmates  angst  hurt/comfort  schmoop  Mid-Length 
december 2017 by tenillypo
No Longer Bound To Rome by Destina (Adult, 2,497 words)
Some small part of Marcus feared that when Placidus turned his eyes to Esca again, Marcus might throw away his honor for the chance to beat him senseless.

If Esca did not move to strike Placidus first, that is.

The idea of it made Marcus warm all over.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  futurefic  angst  schmoop  Short 
september 2017 by tenillypo
Under Fire by Frostfire (PG, 18,617 words)
Esca is a prisoner on Marcus Flavius Aquila's transport ship. What could go wrong?
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  Action/Adventure  AU  space  prison-fic  slavefic  hurt/comfort  Long 
december 2015 by tenillypo
A Little Less Sixteen Candles by foxxcub (Adult, 14,173 words)
The rivalry between the Theta Sigma Rhos and the Delta Omicrons began so long ago, no one really knew the exact date. But the truth now was that the Thetas were jocks and the Deltas were nerds, and everything else was just history.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  Romance  AU  fratboys  school  angst  Mid-Length 
december 2015 by tenillypo
Wherever You Go by alby_mangroves (Adult, 3,980 words)
“We might be meat for hounds tomorrow,” Esca says, feeling the words scrape his throat raw and watching for understanding in Marcus’ eyes. They have no time to waste now. None at all.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  missing-scene  PWP  hurt/comfort  angst  Mid-Length 
december 2015 by tenillypo
Out of This Place by Sineala (PG, 5,987 words)
After the return of the Eagle, Marcus takes Esca to Rome to meet the rest of his family. Esca decides to alleviate the pressures of the situation by pretending what Marcus' family assumes: that he and Marcus are romantically involved. Maybe he should have consulted Marcus first.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  futurefic  road-trip  angst  fake-boyfriend  Mid-Length  Gift! 
december 2015 by tenillypo
Nan Sgiathan Oir by queenklu (Adult, 7,606 words)
And Esca knew in his heart that the eagle Marcus sought was not a lump of metal after all.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  AU  Action/Adventure  Wingfic  Mid-Length 
december 2015 by tenillypo
Children of the Sun by Sineala (PG, 6,127 words)
Everyone knows that somewhere else in the world is the person who is the other half of their soul, destined for them by the gods, a person whose very emotions they can feel. Lonely and in disgrace, Marcus soldiers across the empire, certain that his own soulmate is out there, and he strives to find him even as duty and misfortune would keep them apart.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  AU  soulmates  angst  hurt/comfort  Mid-Length 
may 2015 by tenillypo
From the Depths of His Heart by Sineala (PG-13, 31,308 words)
After his injury at Isca Dumnoniorum and subsequent discharge from the army, Marcus moves to Calleva, learns to live with himself again, and happens to fall in love with a young British man on the way. Also, Esca is a werewolf.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  alternate-history  animal-transformation  werewolves  Epic 
may 2015 by tenillypo
Aes Imaginosum by Sineala (PG, 11,169 words)
"Are you very certain you have no brothers, Marcus?" Esca asked.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  futurefic  Mid-Length 
may 2015 by tenillypo
The Fires and the Conscious Air by Sineala (Adult, 2,477 words)
A storm causes Marcus and Esca to take shelter in a cave. I think you know what happens next.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  futurefic  hurt/comfort  Short 
may 2015 by tenillypo
Learn to Fly by Sineala (PG, 1,485 words)
And everyone knew that much about the rare winged-men of Britain: they broke.

Rome had found that out soon enough. Oh, certainly, the winged-men could not be caught once they were in the air, and they had a knack for avoiding even the most skilled archers. On the ground, too, they were fast, nimble, as Esca was. As he had been. But they were hollow-boned like birds, fragile, and if you could manage to get your hands on such men they were easy to ground. Permanently.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  Wingfic  angst  hurt/comfort  Short 
may 2015 by tenillypo
insolence by Helenish (Adult, 4,107 words)
Marcus wants to get up and pull his clothes back on but he’s not certain his leg will take his weight, and he won’t fall in front of Esca, have Esca’s hands on him, helping him up, see the flicker of pity in Esca’s eyes. “So you think me a fool,” he says, “that I cannot tell when my touch is unwanted.”
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  missing-scene  slavefic  angst  Mid-Length 
may 2015 by tenillypo
Peace by Aramley (PG, 2,232 words)
"He saved my life, and I saved his," said Esca, because it was the essential truth: the bones around which everything that came later was built. "Our paths run together now."
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  futurefic  curtain-fic  Short 
january 2015 by tenillypo
Annum Novum by exeterlinden (PG, 14,786 words)
The merchant, Gnaeus, who had sold Marcus this property, had spoken of a solid main building, of well-kept pens and fertile soil, all newly abandoned by deceitful tenants and only cheap because he was tired of the whole business and wanted the land off his hands for good. He had talked of neighbours and a village nearby with opportunities of trade, but he had entirely failed to mention that the house lay deep in tribal country.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  futurefic  curtain-fic  hurt/comfort  angst  schmoop  Mid-Length 
december 2013 by tenillypo
Odi et Amo by Pouxin (Adult, 57,471 words)
Esca and Marcus are at an all boys boarding school in the UK in the 1970s. They hate each other, until they both become members of the newly formed Dead Poets' Society... Adolescent ardor follows.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  AU  Romance  school  angst  Epic 
july 2013 by tenillypo
Chosen Man by Sineala (Adult, 116,551 words)
The son of the man who lost the Eagle of the Ninth would never be allowed a first command of his very own fort, would he?

Marcus is posted not to Isca Dumnoniorum, but to a wretched and run-down garrison north of the Wall. There he finds that he is the new centurion of a group of scouts and spies, all of them British. He has few supplies and no experience. His men distrust him. His superiors despise him. His second-in-command is an incompetent drunkard. And the local tribes are determined to kill all of them.

But the worst thing of all is one of Marcus' soldiers. He is an enigmatic, dangerous, and insubordinate man by the name of Esca, who makes Marcus yearn for terrifying things he has never before wanted and can never, ever let himself have...
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  alternate-history  Action/Adventure  hurt/comfort  angst  schmoop  Epic 
february 2013 by tenillypo
what makes the cornfield smile by Desdemon (PG-13, 3,753 words)
Marcus finds the boy underneath the wood rack, curled in on himself so small that Marcus almost missed him in the thick grass.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  futurefic  curtain-fic  kidfic  schmoop  Mid-Length 
december 2012 by tenillypo
in bleak midwinter by lazulisong (PG, 1,013 words)
The winters here are not good for Marcus' leg. Esca lies awake sometimes and wonders if Marcus should go back to Rome, to the softer winters that Marcus tells him about. He can't imagine it, a winter without snow or heavy rain, a winter where even the darkness is lessened. Marcus says even flowers bloom in the winter where he was born.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  futurefic  curtain-fic  hurt/comfort  Short 
december 2012 by tenillypo
Edge by Eatsscissors (PG, 1,646 words)
As if he can read Marcus's thoughts, Esca says, "It will not end well for me if you are found dead of a slit throat in the morning."
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  UST  missing-scene  hurt/comfort  Short 
october 2012 by tenillypo
The Centurion's Hound by Jay Tryfanstone (R, 12,857 words)
He had not changed much, in ten years, the smooth-faced tribune who had sat in Uncle Aquila's house and discussed with them the issue of a certain Roman Eagle and a Legion that vanished into the mists. Not much at all. There was still that air of detached contempt, something about the way he held his shoulders, that reminded Marcus what it had felt like that year to be crippled and aching.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  futurefic  Action/Adventure  Mid-Length 
april 2012 by tenillypo
In Borcovicus by Isis (Adult, 2,495 words)
"I am glad to see you awake and well," said Drusillus as he extinguished the now-unneeded rushlight, then went to Marcus's bedside. "Your man will be back soon to help you clean yourself."

Marcus frowned. "He is not a slave."

"No," agreed the other, "he is your freeman, or so he told us. But I think he would take the head off any who would dare tend you in his place."
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  missing-scene  hurt/comfort  Short 
march 2012 by tenillypo
Hearth by cobweb_diamond (PG, 2,690 words)
The messenger came when Marcus was cleaning rabbits on the front step.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  futurefic  angst  schmoop  curtain-fic  Short 
january 2012 by tenillypo
The Place You Are by ariadnes_string (PG-13, 1,500 words)
Esca was up, fighting-ready, the moss-wet smell heavy in his nostrils, before he realized he had no idea what had awakened him. Crouching, he listened, but heard no sound beyond the cave’s mouth—no animals or hunters or Guern returning. Then, beside him Marcus tossed his head restlessly and half-stifled another groan, and Esca understood that the disturbance had come from closer by.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  missing-scene  hurt/comfort  Short 
december 2011 by tenillypo
Pia Fidelis by ainsoph15 (R)
In between the lines of a story about honour is another story about love. This is an attempt to fill in those lines and to tell that story, with all the scenes that weren't shown.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  UST  missing-scene  WiP 
october 2011 by tenillypo
See the Mountains Kiss High Heaven by rufflefeather (R, 5,970 words)
The girl is good. She is quiet and adept, works hard with a confidence suiting years of practice, even though she cannot have seen more than fifteen summers. After a few weeks, she smiles tentatively at Marcus as if she knows to be grateful. She smiles at Esca too, wider, lips parted to reveal large, even white teeth.

Esca never sees.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  futurefic  schmoop  Mid-Length 
october 2011 by tenillypo
With Our Arms Unbound by ariadnes_string (R, 1,500 words)
“If you like an unmoored ship,” he said, “then so am I. I have no ties to hold me to Caledonia, nor any in Calleva. Excepting you.”
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  missing-scene  angst  Short  series 
september 2011 by tenillypo
Briton Empire!AU by anonymous (Adult)
AU where the Britons have been slowly beating back the Romans. Although Marcus' actions enable the fort to be defended successfully that day, it is later overrun before he can be sent away. He is half-delirious with pain when the Briton chief recognizes him and decides to present "the Roman hero" as a gift to his superior -- Esca.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  alternate-history  Action/Adventure  slavefic  angst  WiP 
september 2011 by tenillypo
The Blood Knows the Path by linaerys (Adult, 9,430 words)
Esca is a bad slave. Stephanos and Sassticca, who runs the kitchen, are at pains to make sure he knows this.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  missing-scene  slavefic  Mid-Length 
september 2011 by tenillypo
Written In Every Line On Your Palm by frackin_sweet (Adult, 15,550 words)
The first close look Esca gets at his new master is while the surgeon is binding Marcus Aquila to the table.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  missing-scene  schmoop  angst  hurt/comfort  Long 
september 2011 by tenillypo
The Measure of a Man by frackin_sweet (PG, 2,289 words)
It soon becomes clear that the other slaves of the Aquila household think Esca was raised by wolves.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  UST  missing-scene  drunk/stoned  Short 
september 2011 by tenillypo
The Days Beyond by misspamela (NC-17, 14,258 words)
Esca's new master was a fool.

Perhaps not simple, but he couldn’t see what he had done. He tried to dismiss Esca, dismiss his life, and the saving of it, as inconsequential. He was a fool, and an arrogant fool at that. Romans, just blundering through the world, never caring what they destroyed on the way.

Esca’s new master did not understand that they were now tied together by fate, for as long as they would live. He did not understand that he now owned Esca in a way that he could never have bought with gold.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  slavefic  drunk/stoned  angst  missing-scene  Mid-Length 
september 2011 by tenillypo
Until All the Songs Are Sung by Carmarthen (Adult, 20,894 words)
In which Esca seeks out his kin in Hibernia and Marcus goes with him; naturally, sex, adventures, and miscommunications ensue.
fic  [The-Eagle]  slash  Marcus/Esca  futurefic  Action/Adventure  Romance  body-ink  curtain-fic  Long 
september 2011 by tenillypo

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