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Liminal Spaces - layersofsilence - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
A prolific assassin whose career spanned decades, however brainwashed, was always going to cause controversy when it came time for him to try and enter the afterlife. So, a compromise: he is asked to operate a liminal space, to help lost souls to find the crossing-place. No going out and gathering souls, no keeping souls, and no kicking souls out.

It might be lonely work, but James is fine. James is fine, and then Steve Rogers, all blue-eyed sparking passion, marches into his liminal space.

This was completely lovely.
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got guns in my head (and they won’t go) - bysine - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
By comparison, being roommates with James Buchanan Barnes, formerly the Winter Soldier, has been a vast improvement. Notwithstanding the part where people openly take pictures of Barnes (and consequently Peter) on campus. Or random people poking Peter in the back during lectures to hiss, are you really the Winter Soldier’s roommate at him. Or remnant HYDRA operatives kidnapping Peter in order to lure the Winter Soldier out (which, really, is too many levels of stupid for Peter to handle).

"You know you're not supposed to call him the Winter Soldier any more, right?" Peter says, while they handcuff him to a pipe. A pipe. "Also this whole thing is kind of messing up my schedule. My two overdue papers won't exactly write themselves."

I'm not sure why I love Peter Parker-Bucky Barnes friendship fic so much, but i really do.
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Second Chances | Driverpicksthemooseic (Ratkinzluver33)
Leia wasn't convinced inviting evil incarnate to join them in fighting the Empire was exactly one of Obi-Wan's brightest ideas. (The De-Aged!Fic, because someone had to.)

**||** [121.358 words]

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Someday My Prince Will Come - tinzelda - Captain America [Archive of Our Own]
This is basically an escape from MCU angst, imagining how things would be if Bucky had indeed fallen from the train back in WWII but never became the Winter Soldier. All the fun of a man-out-of-time getting used to the 21st century without any of that troublesome trying-to-kill-Steve stuff.

After destroying the helicarriers in DC, Steve works with the other Avengers to stamp out hidden Hydra bases and finds Bucky: in cryofreeze but still very much himself. Steve is ecstatic to have his best pal back, of course, but now he has to deal with his long-repressed feelings for Bucky. Much longing ensues.
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Effects of Obliteration - geneticallydead - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
AU where American Hydra couldn't open Bucky's cryotube, so he was inactive from the time the Soviets sold him until the Avengers discover him after the fall of Hydra. Mostly a very very fluffy Bucky recovery fic. (25,000 words)
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