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Removing jQuery from GitHub.com frontend
We have recently completed a milestone where we were able to drop jQuery as a dependency of the frontend code for GitHub.com. This marks the end of a gradual, years-long transition of increasingly decoupling from jQuery until we were able to completely remove the library. In this post, we will explain a bit of history of how we started depending on jQuery in the first place, how we realized when it was no longer needed, and point out that—instead of replacing it with another library or framework—we were able to achieve everything that we needed using standard browser APIs.
javascript  jquery  github 
12 weeks ago by tedw
Fizzy School
Lessons in JavaScript for anyone writing jQuery
javascript  jquery  reference 
september 2017 by tedw
is a tiny jQuery plugin for truncating multiple lines of text.
javascript  jquery  text  truncate 
november 2016 by tedw
Learn about the Bellows module, an expanding bellows menu for multi-level navigation systems.
js  accordion  plugin  jquery 
november 2016 by tedw
- Making infield form labels suck less.
jquery  input  label  form 
november 2016 by tedw
Is jQuery Still Relevant?
In this Slack chat, we bring together web and mobile development experts to discuss whether the jQuery project is still useful for modern web development.
javascript  jquery 
october 2016 by tedw
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