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Jumpstart Pro
"Jumpstart is the perfect starting point for your next Ruby on Rails app. Skip the boilerplate setup and build your app faster."
rails  template  business  tailwind 
8 weeks ago by techpeace Conversation Intelligence Platform for Sales
" is the market leading Conversation Cloud, built to securely capture, store and analyze your team's calls and meetings so your team can focus on what really matters: your customers and your business."
sales  NLU  business  nlp 
october 2018 by techpeace
Coda — A doc for makers.
An Airtable competitor. Interactive docs.
wiki  knowledge-base  tool  business 
october 2018 by techpeace
Tiller is the only service that automatically feeds your daily finances into Google Sheets and Excel.
business  finance  tools 
october 2018 by techpeace
Home :
product recommendations API to monetize chatbots
monetization  chatbots  business  tool  competitor  voxable 
october 2017 by techpeace
layaway for ecommerce sites
ecommerce  finance  business  shopify 
august 2017 by techpeace
Wrappup: Meetings with Momentum
another AI tool for notetaking during meetings
business  tool  AI  meetings 
june 2017 by techpeace
Run your business on the Ethereum blockchain
blockchain  business  ethereum 
february 2017 by techpeace
some kind of online advertising management service
marketing  advertising  business 
october 2016 by techpeace
Roll Call
Really simple WebRTC conference calls
business  conference-calls  audio  WebRTC  podcasts 
october 2016 by techpeace
Cards Against Humanity's ecommerce company
shipping  ecommerce  business 
august 2016 by techpeace
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