Coda — A doc for makers.
An Airtable competitor. Interactive docs.
wiki  knowledge-base  tool  business 
4 days ago
Tiller is the only service that automatically feeds your daily finances into Google Sheets and Excel.
business  finance  tools 
6 days ago
"Create and share beautiful images of your source code.
Start typing or drop a file into the text area to get started."
open-source  presentation  screencasts  screenshotting 
10 days ago
Reflector 3 | Screen mirror Android, iOS & Chrome OS to a bigger screen
"Reflector turns Mac, Windows and Android devices into AirPlay, Google Cast or Miracast receivers. Use Reflector to wirelessly display and record iPhones, iPads, Chromebooks, Android devices and Windows tablets on a bigger screen."
app  mac  mobile-development  osx 
12 days ago
Vimm's Lair: The Vault
"The Vault contains every game ever released in the US for eleven classic systems"
emulator  video-games  gaming 
13 days ago
JavaScript Visualizer
visualize javascript execution contexts - good for teaching closures and hoisting
javascript  learning  tool 
20 days ago
For open source - Depfu
"Depfu continuously updates your dependencies one at a time and creates a pull request with all the info you need. You stay in control."
continuous-deployment  ci  gems  open-source  bundler 
25 days ago
Home - Fauna
"FaunaDB is a distributed, multi-model, ACID-compliant, and globally scalable OLTP database built to meet the demands of the future of data, today."
database  nosql  serverless 
25 days ago
Home - Vocalize
"We have leveraged decades of experience from the field of Audiology and created a software suite designed to evaluate the hearing capabilities of AI powered virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Bixby and Google Assistant. We apply our protocols across spoken language variables such as volume level, background noise, distance and cadence. This creates a detailed description of the virtual assistant hearing ability."
speech-recognition  voxable  add-to-list 
4 weeks ago
makandra/modularity: Traits and partial classes for Ruby
different ways of defining modules and class macros
ruby  gem 
5 weeks ago
The Best Slack Integration for Customer Support | frame.ai
"Monitor your customer experience operations.
Search transcripts and tags to spot every important moment."
conversational-interfaces  chatbots  customer-support  voxable  add-to-list 
5 weeks ago
Vue directory tree with notes
An explanation of the Vue internals, as an interactive directory tree
vue  learning 
5 weeks ago
Commitizen by commitizen
CLI for building "conventional changelog" commit messages
open-source  git  tool  changelog 
6 weeks ago
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