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A ton of presets for CSS animations
animation  css 
june 2018 by technoterry
How to: Prevent Body From Scrolling When Overlay Is On | Have Fun Learning
Modal scrolling behavior that prevents being able to scroll the background in safari
june 2018 by technoterry
CSS multiple line abbreviation
Alternative to using text-overflow: ellipsis
march 2016 by technoterry
Excellent CSS and JS demos
css  js  portfolio 
january 2014 by technoterry
SVG and <image> tag tricks
Including a fallback image in an SVG that is only read by browsers that don't understand SVG
css  image  svg 
november 2013 by technoterry
Create CSS tabs or arrows for modal windows.
august 2013 by technoterry
Responsive News — Wraith
Responsive visual regression testing tool
css  testing  design 
august 2013 by technoterry
Visual regression testing tool
css  design  testing 
august 2013 by technoterry
Submit buttons that transition into a loader image with animations
design  css 
june 2013 by technoterry
Test for specific CSS selector using modernizr and this script
modernizr  css 
march 2013 by technoterry
Line Height
Slide deck on how browsers calculate line height
css  typography 
december 2012 by technoterry
Shiny Demos
Modern web technology demos by Opera
css  webgl  canvas  design  portfolio 
december 2012 by technoterry
Equations for Organic Motion
Sin/Cos based equations for organic motion demonstrated using CSS animations (I think)
css  animation  math 
november 2012 by technoterry
Big CSS // Speaker Deck
Best practices for teams working on CSS
september 2012 by technoterry

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