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Eight iconic examples of data visualisation
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A collection of the most exemplary examples of data visualizations, including Napoleons invasion of Russia and the iconic London Underground map.
By James Cook University Online.

We live in the age of data. From global temperatures to shopping habits, new technologies have made it easier to collect, store and access information than any time in history. But our use of these technologies has also eroded our attention spans and fueled “post-truth” misunderstandings.

So, how do we present evidence in ways that the human mind can rapidly and accurately absorb it? Professionals who study data visualisation frequently innovate ingenious and moving solutions.

Check out eight top data visualisation examples below.

1. Napoleon’s invasion of Russia
It’s no flashy infographic, but many information scientists consider this 150-year-old squiggle to be the best data visualisation ever created. Drawn by Charles Joseph Minard in 1869, it tells the story of Napoleon’s ill-fated 1812 invasion of Russia.

As the b
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