Law of Jante - Wikipedia
The `Law of Jante` stating to behave like the others because _you_ are not more special than _we_. :-)
niceword  psychology  culture 
3 days ago
Lagom - Wikipedia
A one-word-definition of `not too less, not too much` in Swedish.
niceword  language  interesting 
3 days ago
Autocommand Groups / Learn Vimscript the Hard Way
Tutorial on how to autogroup `autocmd`s in order to prevent multiple execution on sourceing the `.vimrc`-file.
vim  howto  vimscript 
4 days ago
Greenfish Icon Editor Pro 3.6 - Greenfish Software Official Website
Bitmap and icon editor, open source. Has also a portable version.
icon  software  editor  opensource  free 
5 days ago
Shotcut - Home
Easy though powerful open source video editor
editor  video  opensource  free  software 
5 days ago
norvig/paip-lisp: Lisp code for the textbook "Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming"
A free book about LISP and the paradigms of AI by Peter Norvig: `Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming` (1992)
lisp  book  ebook  free  code  ai 
5 days ago
dbdiagram.io - Database Relationship Diagrams Design Tool
Online tool to create your database diagrams and relations using a simple DSL. Can be exported to e.g. MySQL or PSQL as well as PDF or PNG.
database  diagram  drawing  dsl  sql  mysql  postgresql  psql  service  online 
5 days ago
Home | Charticulator
Tool to create charts in the browser a la Tableau Desktop. Can export to png, svg or Power BI
chart  data  Visualization  tool  online  software 
5 days ago
Mayku - Make your ideas real
A complementary hardware to any 3d printer allowing you to create a casting mold (=Gussform) out of objects.
3dprinter  tool  hardware  inspiration  diy  shop 
5 days ago
alcor/itty-bitty: Itty.bitty is a tool to create links that contain small sites
Difficult to describe: It let's you create a complete website, zipped and packed as link. Different usages, still need to think about what can be all done with this. Considering it useful.
link  site  generator  html  share  service  online  opensource  free  foss  interesting  inspiration  useful 
9 days ago
mhartington/oceanic-next: Oceanic Next theme for neovim
Nice them that works also with neovim (contrary to solarized that I used before).
colorscheme  theme  editor  vim  free  opensource  foss 
9 days ago
itchyny/lightline.vim: A light and configurable statusline/tabline plugin for Vim
As the name suggests a lighter statusline, mostly using built-in functions.
vim  plugin  opensource  free  foss 
9 days ago
weynhamz/vim-plugin-minibufexpl: Elegant buffer explorer - takes very little screen space
MiniBufferExplorer shows a small window with the buffer names, so you can easily switch with `<number>Ctrl-^`. I personally prefer `blink/vim-bufferline`.
vim  plugin  free  opensource  foss 
9 days ago
Gravit Designer
Formerly known as gravit.io (now bought by Corel)
editor  layout  webdesign  design  vector  software  opensource  foss 
25 days ago
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