ehazlett/docker-volume-libsecret: Docker Volume Driver plugin for libsecret
Docker volume-driver to mount Vault-secrets as volumes. Looks to be outdated, though (?).
docker  secret  security  driver  opensource  foss  addon 
18 hours ago
Reahl: The Python-only web framework
Building a web application in pure Python. Layout etc. is configured by instantiating classes.
framework  python  webapp  opensource  foss 
19 hours ago
dyne/Tomb: the Crypto Undertaker
A software to create encrypted volumes / files so save secrets.
software  opensource  foss  security  token  encryption 
22 hours ago
grpc / grpc.io
A high performance, open-source universal RPC framework.
rpc  development  webdev 
3 days ago
Using blockchain for creating your distributed cloud storage.
blockchain  cloud  distributed  storage  opensource 
3 days ago
Static site generator powered by MarkDown and Vue.js
static  vue  vuejs  generator  cms  opensource  foss 
3 days ago
PGCon2016: PostgreSQL When It is Not Your Job
A very good presentation by Christophe Pettus: `PostgreSQL when it's not your job`. A lot of useful and understandable stuff. Don't use anything for granted, though, as it's been a long time since then.
postgresql  advice  howto  administration  performance  tutorial 
4 days ago
PostgreSQL when it is not your job | Hacker News
Page about the very good presentation `PostgreSQL when it's not your job` by Christophe Pettus. It contains some remarks about the settings in the presentation. Useful...
postgresql  performance  administration  advice  howto  tutorial 
4 days ago
fogus: Some Lisp books (and then some)
A list of books about Lisp / LISP. Inspiring resource.
book  lisp  list 
4 days ago
Startup Playbook
A lot of advise for startups (and not only).
entrepreneurship  reference  startup  useful  howto  hint 
5 days ago
Postmake - Curated tools and resources for your next project
A list of useful software that can be used for projects by (not only) startups.
startup  list  software  inspiration  useful 
5 days ago
Nefertiti Hack
Freely available 3D object of Nefertiti's head (German: Nofretete).
scan  3d  object  model  free 
11 days ago
Home Page - WeasyPrint
An open source Python software to convert html to PDF.
software  opensource  foss  python  converter  convert 
11 days ago
Some additional information about Kobo eReader. Including different versions of the firmware.
kobo  hints  howto  firmware 
13 days ago
rupa/z: z - jump around
Helpful shell script to jump to the most 'frecent' (intentional mixture of `frequent` and `recent`) directory.
bash  shell  terminal  opensource  cli  foss 
13 days ago
Kobo Firmware Downloads
Firmware downloads for Kobo eReader, also the older ones.
firmware  list  ereader  kobo 
13 days ago
Like `sed` for JSON data.
cli  json  shell  terminal  opensource  foss 
14 days ago
evanmiller/hecate: The Hex Editor From Hell!
A hex editor for the CLI using a little bit different method of displaying the contents.
golang  hex  editor  cli  shell  terminal  opensource  foss 
14 days ago
NCurses Disk Usage
A disk usage analyzer for the CLI using ncurses.
cli  sysadmin  disk  shell  terminal  opensource  foss 
14 days ago
kevinschoon/pomo: Pomodoro CLI
A CLI for the Pomodoro Technique (add all those copyright stuff from the originator of the technique here). To the author of the technique: Send me an email before suing me... Gosh...
cli  golang  shell  terminal  management  timemanagement  time  pomodoro  opensource  foss 
14 days ago
peco/peco: Simplistic interactive filtering tool
Interactive grep for the CLI. Binaries for all main OSes available.
cli  golang  shell  terminal  grep  opensource  foss 
14 days ago
British Library | Flickr
A million of historical images provided by the British Library. All public domain!
archive  history  images  library  publicdomain  pd  free  illustration 
4 weeks ago
Timeular. Track, understand and improve how you work.
A dice that helps keeping track of single tasks by rolling it to one side.
hardware  gadget  Timetracking  commercial  office 
5 weeks ago
Demonstration site of how to convert a video into a comic as part of this paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/1812.03473
conversion  video  comic  service  online 
5 weeks ago
Antergos | Your Linux. Always Fresh. Never Frozen.
A rolling release Arch distro with meaningful defaults and packages.
distro  os  linux  arch 
6 weeks ago
LKCE18 on Vimeo
All videos from the conference Lean Kanban Central Europe.
videos  conference  kanban  lean  scrum 
7 weeks ago
Python Programming Tutorials
Massive collection of freely available and extensive tutorials on all things Python, from GUI to web to game programming. Also one tutorial on Golang can be found there. Videos + transcripts.
collection  python  tutorial  robotics  gamedev  dataanalysis  webdev  development  pandas  gui  ui  tipp 
7 weeks ago
Serveo: expose local servers to the internet using SSH
SSH-tunneling over the internet, for e.g. exposing a local web-servcie over the internet.
remote  ssh  webdev  development  proxy  service  online  selfhosting  freemium 
7 weeks ago
wagoodman/dive: A tool for exploring each layer in a docker image
A tool for exploring a docker image, layer contents, and discovering ways to shrink your Docker image size.
docker  optimization  devops  container  software  opensource  foss 
8 weeks ago
NixOS Linux
A Linux distribution with a declarative approach to configuration management.
configuration  deployment  os  distribution  linux 
8 weeks ago
SVG Crowbar
Helpful bookmarklet to save any SVG to a file.
bookmarklet  svg  free  opensource  foss  webdev 
8 weeks ago
xlwings | Python For Excel. Free & Open Source.
A Python-library to run Python-code from within Excel.
excel  library  python  opensource  foss 
8 weeks ago
chubin/cheat.sh: the only cheat sheet you need
Tool to query for cheatsheets of different programming languages, cli-tools etc. using curl.
cheatsheet  cli  documentation  software  opensource  foss  terminal  curl 
8 weeks ago
jesseduffield/lazygit: simple terminal UI for git commands
Tool written in Go to execute git-commands interactively, e.g. adding files etc.
go  git  golang  cli  terminal  software  opensource  foss 
8 weeks ago
asciinema - Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way
Tool to record the terminal for creating screencasts of the terminal.
screencast  terminal  screencapture  software  ascii 
8 weeks ago
German page for measuring the performance of the broadband connection.
germany  network  performance  test  service  online 
9 weeks ago
Different types of folding a letter in order to seal it correctly.
howto  writing  diy 
10 weeks ago
mastodon.social - Mastodon
THE (?) opensource alternative to Twitter. Different decentralized, partly specialized, federated servers. You can even run your own.
social  twitter  opensource  foss 
10 weeks ago
The Plain Text Project
A site dedicated to plain text, collecting tools, templates etc.
text  editor  links  software  template 
10 weeks ago
Uses This / Interviews
Interviews with people all around the world about their current work setup, tools used etc.
geek  interview  setup  inspiration 
10 weeks ago
CQRS, Event Sourcing, and Domain Driven Design FAQ
A complete course on CQRS, event sourcing and Domain Driven Design.
cqrs  eventsourcing  ddd  development  tipp 
10 weeks ago
Joplin - an open source note taking and to-do application with synchronisation capabilities
"An open source note taking and to-do application with synchronisation capabilities."
writing  notes  software  free  opensource  foss  editor  markdown 
10 weeks ago
reMarkable | The paper tablet
A tablet used for note taking, drawing, reading, ...
hardware  tablet  drawing 
10 weeks ago
Fold N Fly ✈
A page collecting a lot of different models for paper planes. You can filter by expert level and flying behavior.
kids  paper  howto  origami  diy 
10 weeks ago
Every elixir video
A list of a lot of conferences related to elixir, erlang, phoenix and co and their videos published.
elixir  erlang  video  development  webdev  links  list  youtube  tipp 
11 weeks ago
GRC | Gibson Research Corporation Home Page  
Page by Steve Gibson with a lot of security and privacy related stuff. From (partially commercial) software up to research articles.
privacy  security  tools  tutorials  howto  software 
11 weeks ago
Arrays and Lists in SQL Server (Short version)
An authoritative answer on how to handle lists and arrays in SQL Server
database  sql  sqlserver  howto  list  article 
11 weeks ago
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