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Louie Ramsay
Louie Ramsay achieved widespread fame when she played Dora, the down-to-earth wife of Chief Inspector Wexford in the Ruth Rendell Mysteries on ITV.
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Wexford wife dies at Market Lavington (From The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)
The funeral of actress Louie Ramsay, who has died at the age of 81, has been held up because her only son is in hospital. Mr Baker, nearly 80, is now in a frail condition at Market Lavington nursing home, where Ms Ramsay died.
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march 2011 by tabardroad
Louie Ramsay - Telegraph
Louie Ramsay, who died on March 6 aged 81, was best known to television viewers as Dora, the spiky but down-to-earth wife of Chief Inspector Reg Wexford in the hugely popular Ruth Rendell Mysteries series on ITV.
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Louie Ramsay 1929 - 2011 obituary
Actor known for her role as Dora, the wife of Inspector Wexford in the popular TV series.
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