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peradi: do not take love advice from sweary droids
“Why did Finn just beep at me? Does he speak Droid when he’s upset?” “It seems so,” says BB-8. He’s never been so proud of the coat-stealing banthafucker. -- Finn learns Droid. BB-8 makes a friend. Poe is confused, and everything ends up happily. (1,800 words) With art by Jacke_Fallon here:
fandom:star.wars  fandom:star.wars:st  medium:fic  medium:art  creator:jacke_fallon  creator:peradi  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:finn/poe  focus:finn  focus:poe.dameron  focus:bb-8  beings:AIs/robots  posted:2016-01  bookmarked:2018-02  *secondary.fanworks.policy:implicit  topic:language  *secondary.fanworks.policy:unknown  verse:sweary.bb8 
february 2018 by sylvaine
manic_intent: When in Midgard
For the 5 Acts meme, act: "body marking". (1,000 words)
"I don't understand what you're... oh. You want to write on my cast." That was another good thing about Thor - he didn't freak out about injuries and start trying to coddle Tony. Coddling was boring, unless there was comfort sex involved, and Thor managed that splendidly without the nagging and bitching. "Sure. Go ahead. But must it be pink?"  fandom:avengers  medium:fic  creator:manic_intent  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:thor/tony  focus:thor  focus:tony  smut:drawing/painting  concept:injury  topic:language  posted:2011-10  bookmarked:2012-07  !no.smut  beings:gods 
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opensound: Ampersand
"A student essay by John Zampano, written in 2012 for a freshman poetry course at Columbia. The following excerpts were found, with excessive red-pen scribbles in the margins, in the back of a collection of poetry from the Columbia library. The author of the poetry, of course, was one Gerard Way - a semiobscure poet/prose writer who emerged in the wake of September 11. Way is largely unnotable, save one interesting fact: all his books are published with color centerplates featuring his own illustrations, created to mirror his pieces. Zampano, who dropped the poetry course after two and a half months, failed to note this entirely. The editor suspects there is an important reason Zampano dropped out." (2,300 words)
fandom:bandom  medium:fic  medium:poetry  medium:essay  creator:opensound/paloma_cayendo  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:gerard/mikey  focus:gerard  focus:mikey  topic:language  relationship:siblings  relationship:brothers  relationship:incest  posted:2006-04  bookmarked:2012-05  au:ordinary.lives  !no.smut  challenge:fanfic100  group:my.chemical.romance 
may 2012 by sylvaine
Annakovsky: Umad Learns Sumerian
A fic about learning dead languages, when you're Dawn and it's the summer after season 6. (1,900 words)
Also at
(Policy clarification: No BP that I could find, but their work has been podficced before.)
fandom:buffy.the.vampire.slayer  medium:fic  creator:annakovsky  length:1k-5k  relationship:gen  focus:dawn  topic:language  posted:2003-11  bookmarked:2012-03  !no.smut  *secondary.fanworks.policy:implicit 
march 2012 by sylvaine
Eric K. Auld: Seven Bar Jokes Involving Grammar and Punctuation.
Full text:
1. A comma splice walks into a bar, it has a drink and then leaves.

2. A dangling modifier walks into a bar. After finishing a drink, the bartender asks it to leave.

3. A question mark walks into a bar?

4. Two quotation marks “walk into” a bar.

5. A gerund and an infinitive walk into a bar, drinking to drink.

6. The bar was walked into by the passive voice.

7. Three intransitive verbs walk into a bar. They sit. They drink. They leave.
fandom:*none  medium:fic  creator:eric.k.auld  length:-1k  topic:language  bookmarked:2012-02 
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