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skiesovergideon: Family Ties
After his fall from the Bifrost, Loki finds himself taken in by a suburban family and lacking most of his magic. He resolves to escape them as soon as possible. This does not go the way he planned. (84,600 words)  fandom:avengers  medium:fic  creator:skiesovergideon  length:50k-100k  relationship:gen  relationship:siblings  relationship:brothers  focus:loki  beings:aliens  beings:magic.users  focus:oc  posted:2012-01  bookmarked:2012-06  posted:2012-02  !no.smut  au:canon.divergence  challenge:norsekink 
june 2012 by sylvaine
akamine_chan: and never be afraid again
Frank hits the jock right in the nose and tackles him, kneeing him between the legs and punching him a couple of more times for good measure before getting up and brushing himself off. "Watch who you call names, motherfucker," he spits down at the dude, who's too busy clutching at his junk and moaning to really pay attention. (600 words)
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fandom:bandom  medium:fic  creator:akamine_chan  length:-1k  relationship:slash  pairing:frank/gerard  focus:gerard  focus:frank  au:highschool/college  challenge:bandom_meme  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-05  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:blanket.permission 
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gqgqqt: Margins
Phil doesn’t know what, exactly, but something is wrong.

Clint shows up two hours late to work instead of the usual half-hour, and when he walks into the briefing room, he settles silently in his chair and sits perfectly still. (5,100 words)
fandom:avengers  medium:fic  creator:gqgqqt  length:5k-10k  relationship:slash  pairing:clint/phil  !no.smut  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-05  concept:subdrop  smut:d/s/obedience 
may 2012 by sylvaine
la_dissonance: Tom/Max fic snippet
It was originally part of a much longer fic in my head where Tom is pining after Max and they're both secretly really kinky although neither of them know it, so Tom thinks he has to date Max like vanilla people do (read: likes Cosmo thinks people should date.) Blah blah blah stuff happens and Max figures out what's going on & they ~talk. And then they decide to keep up the Victorian courtship because it is amusing to them and UST is better with open communication and idk, that's where I stopped outlining. And then I came back four months later and decided it would be better as Sean/Max and that 90% of the content had to change, but I was loath the backspace the intro I had already written! So here you go. (1,600 words)
It is okay to make podfic of anything posted here! Same with translations or art. I'm generally okay with any kind of fic remixes/AU sharing/etc, but get in touch if what you have in mind is along the lines of a direct sequel, cool? If you do make something inspired by one of my stories, I'd love to know about it so I can link to it!
fandom:bandom  medium:fic  creator:la_dissonance  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:max/tom  focus:max  focus:tom  !no.smut  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-05  group:empires  *secondary.fanworks.policy:partial.permission 
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shortitude: simple rules to an easy cohabitation when your housemates are whackjobs
Some time post game, Gamzee, Karkat, Dave and Terezi end up living together. It's not easy, especially when quadrant lines are blurry and everyone eventually shares the same couch. And possibly bed. (1,200 words)
fandom:homestuck  medium:fic  creator:shortitude  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  relationship:het  beings:aliens  relationship:poly  smut:fighting/violence  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-05  focus:gamzee  focus:terezi  focus:dave.strider  focus:karkat  pairing:dave.strider/gamzee/karkat/terezi  !no.smut 
may 2012 by sylvaine
shinetheway: an open letter to fandom
So I started out with "open letter to fandom" about writers who use spit as lube. And then it, er. Got away from me. So just pretend that here's the bit about how writers write scenes without lube as though they're scenes with lube, but really it'd be SO HOT if they just wrote the scenes without lube as scenes without lube, you know? Or something like that. (700 words)
fandom:bandom  medium:fic  medium:not!fic  creator:shinetheway  length:-1k  relationship:slash  pairing:frank/gerard  focus:gerard  focus:frank  smut:fucking  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-04  group:my.chemical.romance 
april 2012 by sylvaine
s.e. smith: I <3 Fandom
Being in fandom feels like I have this huge crowd of people who have my back, and that’s pretty fantastic when you’re feeling down in the dumps, or you’re faced with a tough decision, or you really need help with something. (1,200 words)
fandom:*general  medium:meta  creator:s.e.smith  length:1k-5k  topic:fandom  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-04 
april 2012 by sylvaine
listedheart: Cinderella's Eyes
It starts off as nothing, just some dumb drinking game. Frank stares at Mikey with a manic glint in his eyes, clears his throat, and says, “I have never spent a whole day wearing a chick’s underwear.” (1,400 words)
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fandom:bandom  medium:fic  creator:listedheart/radioaches  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:mikey/ray  focus:frank  focus:ray  concept:genderfuck  concept:crossdressing  concept:drunk.or.high  challenge:no_tags(2012)  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-03  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance 
march 2012 by sylvaine
art-brutal: Bridging the Gap
Bob's night job doing sound in a dive bar gets significantly more interesting when events push him closer to one of the patrons. (1,000 words)
(Policy clarification: No BP that I could find, but their work has been podficced before.)
fandom:bandom  medium:fic  creator:art-brutal  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  relationship:gen  pairing:bob/mikey  au:ordinary.lives  topic:disability.physical  challenge:picfor1000  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-03  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:implicit 
march 2012 by sylvaine
anonymous: untitled ficlet
"It looks the same as he remembers; dusty and abandoned. He skirts the traps he put in when he knew he'd have to leave and goes to the back. It's easier to get in there and cooler in the shaded lee of the building." (400 words)
fandom:bandom  medium:fic  creator:*anonymous  length:-1k  relationship:slash  pairing:gerard/party.poison  focus:gerard  focus:party.poison  au:killjoys  challenge:bandom_meme  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-03  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance 
march 2012 by sylvaine
anonymous: Piece of Cake
The problem, Mikey thinks, as he cracks his egg savagely on the side of his bowl, isn't that he isn't technically legal yet, or that he's some blushing virgin or something. The problem is that fucking Frank - *Mr. Iero* - won't fucking whip it out. (700 words)
fandom:bandom  medium:fic  creator:*anonymous  length:-1k  relationship:slash  pairing:frank/mikey  focus:mikey  focus:frank  au:highschool/college  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-03  challenge:bandom_meme  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance 
march 2012 by sylvaine
labingi: "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "The Prisoner"
"The Prisoner is about the fight for individuality, the determination not to be a number but an "I"--the "One" who is not a "unit of society" but a "free man." It is about a man who will face death, torture, and anything else you can throw at him rather than compromise his sense of self by conforming to the demands of the society he is enmeshed in. TRHPS is about the same thing." (700 words)  fandom:the.prisoner  creator:labingi  medium:meta  length:-1k  topic:sexuality  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02 
february 2012 by sylvaine
dear_monday & jedusaur: The sparklebass origins story
"I wonder how the sparklebass came to be. Probably somebody was bothering him about doing something ~distinct so they could sell it, and Mikey was like *clutches old bass* "I donwanna" and they were like "IT CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT, WAY, JUST SAY THE DAMN WORD" and he was like >:( "FINE OKAY THE WORD IS *SPARKLES*" (200 words)
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fandom:bandom  medium:not!fic  creator:jedusaur  creator:dear_monday  length:-1k  relationship:gen  focus:mikey  concept:crack  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance 
february 2012 by sylvaine
dear_monday: A Penny For Your Thoughts
"You're shitting me, right?" he says, looking Poison up and down disbelievingly. "You're not. You narcissistic fuck."

Poison shrugs. "Hey. Suit yourself, motorbaby. You're not the only hooker out here tonight, you know." (1,900 words)
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fandom:bandom  creator:dear_monday  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:gerard/party.poison  focus:gerard  focus:party.poison  au:killjoys  smut:fucking  smut:biting  challenge:bandom_meme  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  medium:fic  group:my.chemical.romance 
february 2012 by sylvaine
akamine_chan: tattooed on the inside
He can see the spill of tattoos down his left arm that makes his right arm look almost blank, but he's still caught by the broken heart, the ghost wish and now, H-A-LL-O. He bites back a rough sound and arches his back a little, slowing down, lightening his touch, using just the fingertips to tease. It's a fight to keep his eyes open, but he does, watching color and dark lines ripple and flow with each stroke. (800 words)
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fandom:bandom  creator:akamine_chan  length:-1k  relationship:solo  focus:frank  topic:body.mod  smut:handjob  smut:masturbation  smut:tattoos  challenge:bandom_meme  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  medium:fic  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:blanket.permission 
february 2012 by sylvaine
daasgrrl: Cat's in the Cradle
In the beginning, there was Sherlock Holmes. And Holmes brought forth the brilliant doctor House, embodied by the lovely Hugh Laurie. Who prior to that in Fortysomething played a slightly less brilliant doctor, Paul Slippery, who begat three sons, the eldest of whom was played by the equally-lovely-if-somewhat-peculiarly-named Benedict Cumberbatch. Who of course grew up to play Sherlock. And the Universe looked upon its work and pronounced it good. And then my head exploded. (3:45)
fandom:sherlock  fandom:house  fandom:fortysomething  creator:daasgrrl  focus:sherlock  focus:house  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  medium:vid  !no.smut  fandom:*crossover 
february 2012 by sylvaine
akamine_chan: bones to the other side
Ray knew better. He did.

Everyone knew that the Black Deeps were dangerous and that going there was just asking to get eaten by a wale or ripped apart by a krab or something equally as hideous. They'd all heard the stories. The Deeps were inky dark; no one had ever figured out what caused the blackness that hovered like a giant undersea cloud. So the PTB just fenced it off and warned people and fin away and hoped for the best. (2,600 words)
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fandom:bandom  creator:akamine_chan  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  focus:ray  au:underwater  beings:merpeople  concept:tentacles  concept:soulbond  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  relationship:gen  medium:fic  !no.smut  pairing:omc/ray  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:blanket.permission 
february 2012 by sylvaine
akamine_chan: so far from you
Long before they were My Chemical Romance, they'd played in a succession of shitty bands, chasing after their dreams and trying to find some meaning in their lives. Gerard's hands were shaking so badly that he poked Mikey in the eye twice with the eyeliner pencil, but Mikey never flinched. He just blinked back the tears and looked at Gerard with the same unwavering belief he'd had in Gerard since he was four. (750 words)
With podfic by argentumlupine here: or here:
akamine_chan: Transformative works policy:

argentumlupine: Transformative works policy:
fandom:bandom  creator:akamine_chan  length:-1k  relationship:gen  relationship:brothers  relationship:siblings  focus:gerard  focus:mikey  concept:genderfuck  topic:addiction/sobriety  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  medium:fic  medium:podfic  creator:argentumlupine  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:blanket.permission 
february 2012 by sylvaine
doreyg: Whirling Silently in Space
“I preferred you when you were solid, you know,” Moon says one day (week (year)) – idly, quietly, into echoing space, “more to hold on to.” (450 words)
fandom:anthropomorfic  creator:doreyg  length:-1k  relationship:queer  pairing:planetary.ring/shepherd.moon  challenge:porn.battle.XIII  bookmarked:2012-02  posted:2012-02  medium:fic  !no.smut  relationship:other 
february 2012 by sylvaine
paranomasias: goodbye.avi
Media always knew Mega was going to get into trouble. [...] Funny, then, how all those flaws had been what made Media fall in love with her. (900 words)
fandom:anthropomorfic  creator:paranomasias  length:-1k  relationship:femslash  pairing:mediafire/megaupload  focus:mediafire  focus:megaupload  smut:masturbation  challenge:porn.battle.XIII  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  medium:fic 
february 2012 by sylvaine
imaginary_golux: Blood and Moonlight
Red holds her secret close, tells no one, not her best friend or her sister or her mother, not even Grandmother, who might understand; she tells no one, and lets no one see when she creeps snow-silent and naked as a babe from her window to the woods, under the full moon and the unblinking stars. (300 words)
creator:imaginary_golux  length:-1k  relationship:het  beings:animals  smut:biting  smut:fucking  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  challenge:porn.battle.XIII  beings:shapeshifters/weres  medium:fic  smut:bestiality  fandom:fairy.tales&mythology 
february 2012 by sylvaine
inlovewithnight: Handle With Care
It's always the same, has been since back in the day, since they were punk-ass kids who thought they were kings. They finish up at the club or the bar or the party--wherever they were making the scene--and they slip off together, walking back to wherever they were going to be alone. (850 words)
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fandom:bandom  creator:inlovewithnight  length:-1k  relationship:slash  pairing:gabe/travis  relationship:poly  focus:gabe  focus:travis  smut:handjob  challenge:porn.battle.XIII  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  medium:fic  group:cobra.starship  group:gym.class.heroes  *secondary.fanworks.policy:partial.permission 
february 2012 by sylvaine
sunsetmog: A Little More (Touch Me)
"Come meet me at the mall after school tomorrow," Spencer says, all of a sudden. "Then we can come back to my place. And—you know."

"Practice," Brendon says lightly. He doesn't feel light.

"Practice," Spencer agrees, and for the briefest of moments, their gazes meet.

Or, alternatively, the working title for this fic: panties and lip gloss ii: revenge of the lip gloss. (6,000 words)
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fandom:bandom  creator:sunsetmog  length:5k-10k  relationship:slash  pairing:brendon/spencer  concept:genderfuck  concept:crossdressing  au:highschool/college  focus:brendon  focus:spencer  verse:panties.and.lip.gloss  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  smut:handjob  smut:masturbation  smut:facials  medium:fic  smut:oral 
february 2012 by sylvaine
sunsetmog: More Than You Bargained For
In which Brendon and Spencer are inexperienced, Spencer worries about being able to undo a bra when required to, Brendon offers to help him practice by dressing up in girls' underwear, and things spiral from there. (3,500 words)
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fandom:bandom  creator:sunsetmog  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:brendon/spencer  concept:genderfuck  concept:crossdressing  au:highschool/college  focus:brendon  focus:spencer  verse:panties.and.lip.gloss  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  smut:frottage  smut:handjob  smut:masturbation  medium:fic 
february 2012 by sylvaine
matildafilch/tilda: Guitar for Dummies
Spencer has a secret wish. Tonight it’s just Ian and Spence, and they’ve had a couple beers too many and they’re leaning against each other in the semi-circular booth making bitchy comments about all the drunk pretentious people in the bar, when they somehow get around to talking about things they’ve always wanted to do but never done. (3,900 words)
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fandom:bandom  creator:matildafilch/tilda  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:ian/spencer  challenge:random_bandom(2012)  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  focus:ian  focus:spencer  medium:fic  !no.smut 
february 2012 by sylvaine
mrsronweasley: By the Book
"The sign read:

For Teachers!
Please join us on Thursday
In room 214 at 2:45pm
For our very first meeting!
Bring your favorite book!" (10,500 words)
fandom:bandom  creator:mrsronweasley  relationship:slash  pairing:frank/gerard  focus:gerard  focus:frank  au:ordinary.lives  smut:tattoos  smut:handjob  challenge:no_tags(2012)  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  length:10k-20k  medium:fic  smut:oral  group:my.chemical.romance  group:the.hush.sound 
february 2012 by sylvaine
allyndra: Working Title
For the prompt "Hollywood AU (They're both out! Or one isn't out but falls for the one who is! Wackiness/soul-searching ensues! WHATEVER IT IS, THEY ARE ACTORS IN HOLLYWOOD)" (1,900 words)
Podfic by anna_unfolding here:
(Policy clarification: No BP that I could find, but their work has been podficced before.)
fandom:bandom  creator:allyndra  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:frank/gerard  focus:gerard  focus:frank  au:ordinary.lives  challenge:no_tags(2012)  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  medium:fic  !no.smut  medium:podfic  creator:anna_unfolding  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:implicit 
february 2012 by sylvaine
akamine_chan: take back the life you stole
Poison won't let Gerard fuck him. Not that Gerard's asked, or anything, but Poison's got some standards and that's one of the ones he holds fast to. (Asking why is likely to get you punched. Or shot. Poison doesn't like to talk about it.) (1,500 words)
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fandom:bandom  creator:akamine_chan  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:gerard/party.poison  focus:party.poison  au:killjoys  smut:fucking  smut:handjob  smut:finger.fucking  smut:rimming  verse:sharpest.lives  challenge:no_tags(2012)  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  medium:fic  smut:oral  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:blanket.permission 
february 2012 by sylvaine
annemaris: Magic Hours
"What the fuck?" Gerard asks, weakly. His heart's still trying to beat its way out of his chest. He's honestly used to dealing with ghosts by now, but he always startles when they do their whole "turning up out of nowhere to spook you to death" shtick. Also, this guy's not a ghost. So seriously, what the fuck.

"Who the fuck are you?" the guy asks, and Gerard splutters, because hey, this is their haunted house, so technically they're the ones who should be asking that. (8,200 words)
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fandom:bandom  creator:annemari(s)  length:5k-10k  relationship:slash  pairing:frank/gerard  focus:frank  focus:mikey  focus:gerard  focus:ray  challenge:no_tags(2012)  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  au:fantasy/supernatural  beings:ghosts/spirits  medium:fic  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:blanket.permission 
february 2012 by sylvaine
turps: A Different Way to Walk
It didn’t actually start with Mikey. When you look from the outside it seems like it should. After all, Mikey’s her husband and Alicia wears their love inked into her skin -- but it didn’t. [...] It started with Pete. (5,800 words)
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Author permission statement:
fandom:bandom  creator:turps  length:5k-10k  relationship:slash  relationship:poly  relationship:het  pairing:alicia/mikey/pete  focus:alicia  focus:mikey  focus:pete  challenge:no_tags(2012)  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  medium:fic  !no.smut  group:fall.out.boy  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:partial.permission 
february 2012 by sylvaine
pocus/lovebashed: pre-killjoys Gerard
"he's a pre-killjoys, working for BL/ind gerard. he pops those pills they feed to the people to keep from feeling sad about his gray, uniform life, but the dose isn't really big enough anymore and he's starting to think in colors and sounds again, remembering how things used to be. he doesn't know what to do, doesn't have the answers yet, but he knows he can't live like this for much longer. can't keep lying to himself anymore."
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fandom:bandom  relationship:gen  focus:gerard  au:killjoys  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  creator:lovebashed  medium:art  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance 
february 2012 by sylvaine
jjtaylor: By Now I'm Sure You Know
For the prompt "While on the World Contamination Tour, Frank watches Gerard pop the balloons during Planetary. He never realized he had a knife kink until he saw the very competent way Gerard handles the knife." (3,400 words)
With podfic by argentumlupine here: or here:
Transformative works policies:
fandom:bandom  creator:jjtaylor  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:frank/gerard  focus:frank  focus:gerard  smut:knifeplay  smut:handjob  challenge:no_tags(2012)  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  medium:fic  medium:podfic  creator:argentumlupine  smut:d/s/obedience  smut:oral  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:blanket.permission 
february 2012 by sylvaine
esama: Business
The Dursleys didn't raise Harry Potter to be a very good boy. Mildest of fusions with Sherlock Holmes.(13,000 words)
fandom:harry.potter  creator:esama  length:10k-20k  relationship:gen  focus:harry  concept:dark!character  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  beings:magic.users  au:canon.divergence  medium:fic  !no.smut 
february 2012 by sylvaine
akamine_chan: against the sun we're the enemy
They'd been on the road for days, the Exterminator a white shape in the distance. They'd lose him for a half a day only to turn around and find that smudge on the horizon, blinding bright. Somehow, it managed to project a predatory sense of menace that set their nerves on edge. (2,900 words)
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fandom:bandom  creator:akamine_chan  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  relationship:gen  au:killjoys  challenge:no_tags(2012)  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  medium:fic  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:blanket.permission 
february 2012 by sylvaine
kinetikatrue: A Little Less 'As you wish', A Little More 'I know'
For the prompt "Gerard wakes up the morning after a night on the town alone, but with hickeys on his neck and a photobooth picture in his back pocket of him kissing a dark-haired, tattooed stranger." The one with JerCon and Leia & Han cosplay. (6,300 words)
fandom:bandom  length:5k-10k  relationship:slash  pairing:frank/gerard  focus:gerard  au:ordinary.lives  concept:genderfuck  concept:crossdressing  challenge:no_tags(2012)  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  concept:drunk.or.high  creator:kinetikatrue  medium:fic  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance 
february 2012 by sylvaine
dapatty & s0ckpupp3t: The Boys of Summer
The four core members of MCR (and their wives) are in open relationships with each other, but lately Ray has been playing a lot of music with James Dewees offstage. Frank and Christa are encouraging, but Gerard has some reservations. Meanwhile, Pete and Brendon pay a surprise visit to Mikey and Frank. All problems can be solved with (sex) adult rational discussion (without pants). (21,800 words)
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With mix by wilde_stallyn here:
dapatty's permission statement:
s0ckpupp3t's permission statement:
smut:biting  smut:handjob  smut:voyeurism  smut:fucking  pairing:frank/mikey  pairing:frank/ray  pairing:gerard/ray  pairing:dewees/ray  pairing:mikey/pete  pairing:brendon/frank  smut:blindfold  smut:hairpulling  smut:bondage  smut:masturbation  concept:genderfuck  concept:crossdressing  smut:rimming  relationship:slash  relationship:poly  relationship:brothers  relationship:incest  relationship:het  smut:finger.fucking  smut:double.penetration  pairing:frank/gerard/mikey  fandom:bandom  creator:s0ckpupp3t  creator:dapatty  focus:mikey  focus:gerard  focus:frank  focus:brendon  focus:pete  focus:ray  focus:dewees  verse:oversexed!au  challenge:polybigbang(2012)  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  creator:wilde_stallyn  relationship:siblings  medium:mix  medium:fic  smut:edging/orgasm.delay/denial  smut:d/s/obedience  smut:oral  group:fall.out.boy  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:unknown  *secondary.fanworks.policy:blanket.permission 
february 2012 by sylvaine
TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel: One Of Those Things
Discovering that you have some kind of angel-marriage, soulbond-thing to your nerdy angel friend kind of forces you to re-evaluate your relationship. In Dean's case, this involves freaking out and massive fail. (2,600 words)
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(Policy clarification: No BP that I could find, but their work has been podficced before.)
fandom:supernatural  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:castiel/dean  focus:castiel  beings:angels  topic:asexuality  concept:soulbond  challenge:asexy.valentines.fest(2012)  posted:2012-02  bookmarked:2012-02  medium:fic  !no.smut  focus:dean.winchester  creator:aceofannwn/tardisistheonlywaytotravel  *secondary.fanworks.policy:implicit 
february 2012 by sylvaine
x_dark_siren_x: angel on my shoulder, devil at my door
All Frank wanted was a cigarette. One fucking cigarette and some peace and quiet for just five minutes. (2,400 words)
Regarding transformative works: You don't need to ask my permission to create podfic or art of any fic I've written, but please let me know and link me to the finished product, so I can flail at you and send everyone I know your way. (This does not apply to remixes/sequels; I'm afraid I'm not comfortable with blanket permission in that area.) ( )
fandom:bandom  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:frank/fun.ghoul  focus:frank  au:killjoys  challenge:anon-lovefest  posted:2012-02  smut:handjob  bookmarked:2012-02  focus:fun.ghoul  medium:fic  creator:ashers_kiss/x_dark_siren_x  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:partial.permission 
february 2012 by sylvaine

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fandom:y_slash  focus:alex  focus:alicia  focus:bob  focus:brendon  focus:castiel  focus:charlie  focus:dave.strider  focus:dean.winchester  focus:dewees  focus:frank  focus:fun.ghoul  focus:gabe  focus:gamzee  focus:gerard  focus:harry  focus:house  focus:ian  focus:jamia  focus:karkat  focus:lilith  focus:lindsey  focus:loki  focus:malik.ishtar  focus:max  focus:mediafire  focus:megaupload  focus:mikey  focus:oc  focus:party.poison  focus:pete  focus:ray  focus:river  focus:ruby  focus:ryou.bakura  focus:sherlock  focus:spencer  focus:spike  focus:terezi  focus:tom  focus:travis  focus:xander  group:cobra.starship  group:empires  group:fall.out.boy  group:gym.class.heroes  group:mindless.self.indulgence  group:my.chemical.romance  group:sons.of.admiral  group:the.hush.sound  length:-1k  length:1k-5k  length:5k-10k  length:10k-20k  length:50k-100k  medium:art  medium:fic  medium:meta  medium:mix  medium:not!fic  medium:podfic  medium:vid  pairing:alex/charlie/ed/tom  pairing:alex/mikey  pairing:alicia/gabe/mikey  pairing:alicia/mikey/pete  pairing:ashlee/pete  pairing:bebe/gabe  pairing:bob/frank/mikey  pairing:bob/gabe/patrick  pairing:bob/mikey  pairing:bob/patrick  pairing:brendon/frank  pairing:brendon/spencer  pairing:castiel/dean  pairing:clint/phil  pairing:courtney/pete  pairing:dave.strider/gamzee/karkat/terezi  pairing:dewees/ray  pairing:frank/fun.ghoul  pairing:frank/gabe/gerard  pairing:frank/gerard  pairing:frank/gerard/jamia/lindsey  pairing:frank/gerard/mikey  pairing:frank/gerard/mikey/ray  pairing:frank/jamia  pairing:frank/mikey  pairing:frank/ray  pairing:fun.ghoul/gerard  pairing:gabe/gerard  pairing:gabe/mikey/pete  pairing:gabe/patrick  pairing:gabe/pete  pairing:gabe/pete/travis/william  pairing:gabe/travis  pairing:gabe/william  pairing:gerard/lindsey  pairing:gerard/mikey  pairing:gerard/party.poison  pairing:gerard/pete  pairing:gerard/ray  pairing:gsf  pairing:ian/spencer  pairing:lilith/ruby  pairing:max/tom  pairing:mediafire/megaupload  pairing:mikey/pete  pairing:mikey/ray  pairing:omc/ray  pairing:pete/travis  pairing:planetary.ring/shepherd.moon  pairing:river/  pairing:ryou.bakura/yami.bakura  pairing:ryou.bakura/yami.bakura/malik.ishtar/rishid.ishtar  pairing:ryou.bakura/yami.marik  pairing:spike/xander  posted:2012-01  posted:2012-02  relationship:brothers  relationship:femslash  relationship:gen  relationship:het  relationship:incest  relationship:other  relationship:poly  relationship:queer  relationship:siblings  relationship:slash  relationship:solo  smut:bestiality  smut:biting  smut:blindfold  smut:bondage  smut:breathplay  smut:d/s/obedience  smut:double.penetration  smut:drawing/painting  smut:edging/orgasm.delay/denial  smut:facials  smut:fighting/violence  smut:finger.fucking  smut:finger.sucking  smut:frottage  smut:fucking  smut:hairpulling  smut:handjob  smut:knifeplay  smut:masturbation  smut:oral  smut:pegging  smut:powers  smut:rimming  smut:tattoos  smut:voyeurism  smut:xeno  topic:addiction/sobriety  topic:asexuality  topic:body.mod  topic:depression  topic:disability.physical  topic:dreams/nightmares/hallucinations  topic:dub-/non-con  topic:fandom  topic:insomnia  topic:multiplicity  topic:self.harm  topic:sexuality  verse:JRA  verse:oversexed!au  verse:panties.and.lip.gloss  verse:sharpest.lives 

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