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inlovewithnight: A Little Touch-up And A Little Paint
Written for the emotion play square at kink_bingo's April 2012 "gift baskets" challenge. (600 words)
Some of Pete's bad days can't be fixed with extra affection. Gabe knows that. Brain chemistry is a complex and baffling thing that he can't do anything about, even in his most arrogant Cobra-spouting state of bravado. Those days, he makes himself hold back to just being quiet and being there.

Today's mood, though, feels more like storm clouds than the Big Dark Sadness. He suspects an argument with Ashlee about Bronx-time, a parking ticket, or Tumblr being broken.

Transformative works policy: I grant default permission to podfic my work.( )
fandom:bandom  medium:fic  creator:inlovewithnight  length:-1k  relationship:slash  pairing:gabe/pete  focus:pete  focus:gabe  challenge:kink-bingo  posted:2012-04  bookmarked:2012-04  !no.smut  group:cobra.starship  group:fall.out.boy  *secondary.fanworks.policy:partial.permission 
april 2012 by sylvaine
inlovewithnight: Takedown
Pete fights being held down. Not on purpose, but on instinct. After two black eyes and a bloody nose, Gabe has accepted that if they're going to play, they're going to play with solid accessories that would restrain a horse, much less a pint-sized rock star. (1,200 words)
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Transformative works policy: I grant default permission to podfic my work.( )
fandom:bandom  medium:fic  creator:inlovewithnight  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:gabe/pete  focus:pete  focus:gabe  concept:kinky.gen  smut:bondage  smut:biting  smut:waxplay  challenge:bandom_meme  posted:2012-03  bookmarked:2012-03  smut:painplay  group:cobra.starship  group:fall.out.boy  *secondary.fanworks.policy:partial.permission 
march 2012 by sylvaine

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