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"The kid in front of him has so much contained energy, he practically vibrates. He also makes Gerard want to pick up a brush for the first time since Frank left him." (500 words)
fandom:bandom  medium:fic  creator:prettykitty-aya  length:-1k  relationship:slash  pairing:brendon/gerard  focus:gerard  posted:2008-01  au:art  bookmarked:2012-05  au:ordinary.lives  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance 
may 2012 by sylvaine
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It’s a perfect handprint, bright and bold and big, long-fingered, a little off-center, wrapped from the front of his thigh almost all the way around to meet itself again. (1,400 words)
fandom:bandom  medium:fic  creator:somethingradiates  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:brendon/gerard  focus:gerard  focus:brendon  smut:drawing/painting  concept:drunk.or.high  posted:2012-04  bookmarked:2012-04  group:my.chemical.romance 
april 2012 by sylvaine

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