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annemaris: answer my trick of the hour, let me breathe
Mikey frowns down at his bass. They've been going through this one song for, like, two hours. They wrote most of it last night together with the others, and Mikey's been practicing his part on and off since then.

He feels like he's got it all worked out pretty well, but Ray seems to still want something more. (2,300 words)
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annemaris: Magic Hours
"What the fuck?" Gerard asks, weakly. His heart's still trying to beat its way out of his chest. He's honestly used to dealing with ghosts by now, but he always startles when they do their whole "turning up out of nowhere to spook you to death" shtick. Also, this guy's not a ghost. So seriously, what the fuck.

"Who the fuck are you?" the guy asks, and Gerard splutters, because hey, this is their haunted house, so technically they're the ones who should be asking that. (8,200 words)
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