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Jain: Bedrest
Steve was down at the very end of the room, just visible behind the screen that sheltered his bed. There were other beds lined up along the walls, most of them filled with other sick kids, but Bucky didn't pay them any mind. (1,200 words)
Also at  fandom:captain.america  medium:fic  creator:jain  length:1k-5k  relationship:gen  focus:bucky  focus:steve  pairing:bucky/steve  posted:2012-06  bookmarked:2012-07  !no.smut  concept:illness  challenge:avengers.kissing.fest(2012) 
july 2012 by sylvaine
scifigrl47: Phil Coulson Can't Keep the Avengers Out of Medical
Tony Stark sometimes doesn't make the best choices with his health. Tony is usually bad at communicating. Steve usually doesn't end up in medical, but there are always exceptions.

Phil Coulson is the one who has to write up this nonsense, and he can't keep the Avengers out of medical. (10,600 words)
Author permission statement:  fandom:avengers  medium:fic  creator:scifigrl47  length:10k-20k  relationship:slash  relationship:gen  focus:tony  concept:injury  concept:illness  posted:2012-07  bookmarked:2012-07  !no.smut  verse:toasterverse  verse:phil.coulson'  beings:AIs/robots  pairing:clint/phil  pairing:steve/tony  *secondary.fanworks.policy:partial.permission 
july 2012 by sylvaine
greedy_dancer: With This Fever (Yeah)
For some inexplicable reason, Frank’s not sick, even though Gerard’s been moaning about his flu-like symptoms for the past couple of days and it usually doesn’t take much more than someone saying the word “flu” for Frank’s shitty immune system to just curl up in a corner and raise the white flag. So Frank’s enjoying playing nurse for once, getting to be the one who fetches tea and tissues and scarves instead of the one who needs to be taken care of. (1,300 words)
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fandom:bandom  medium:fic  creator:greedy_dancer  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:frank/gerard  focus:gerard  focus:frank  concept:illness  smut:handjob  smut:intercrural  posted:2011-01  bookmarked:2012-05  challenge:porn.battle.XI  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:blanket.permission 
may 2012 by sylvaine
lalejandra: Frnk cghing pls brng smthng when u can also coffee
Mikey is just trying to watch Final Destination, but Frank keeps hacking up a fucking lung on the other side of the couch -- plus it looks like he might spill the vodka. Time for an intervention. (1,800 words)
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fandom:bandom  medium:fic  creator:lalejandra  length:1k-5k  relationship:gen  focus:frank  focus:mikey  concept:illness  concept:drunk.or.high  challenge:bandom.bff.fest(2012)  posted:2012-03  bookmarked:2012-04  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:blanket.permission 
april 2012 by sylvaine
brooklinegirl: Turn It Up
Asshole!Frank meets his match when he gets into a relationship with Asshole!Jamia. Frank's not one hundred percent sure why the relationship thing isn't freaking him out as much as it should - all he knows is that lately, the only girl he wants to put his dick in is Jamia.

What's it going to take for these two to make it work? Apparently, a lot of dirty, dirty sex, and Jamia pushing every boundary Frank has. Oh, and a little help from his friends, of course.

A story that proves that even assholes can fall in love - and how. (30,500 words)
With art by focusfixated here: and mix by halfeatenmoon here: and podfic by mistresscurvy here:
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fandom:bandom  medium:fic  medium:art  medium:mix  creator:brooklinegirl  creator:halfeatenmoon  creator:focusfixated  length:20k-50k  relationship:slash  relationship:het  pairing:frank/jamia  pairing:gerard/pedicone  au:ordinary.lives  concept:asshole!fic  challenge:bandombigbang(2011)  posted:2011-08  bookmarked:2012-04  concept:drunk.or.high  smut:porn  smut:masturbation  smut:handjob  smut:fucking  smut:finger.sucking  smut:frottage  smut:finger.fucking  smut:pegging  concept:illness  focus:frank  focus:jamia  medium:podfic  creator:mistresscurvy  smut:oral  group:my.chemical.romance 
april 2012 by sylvaine
x_dark_siren_x: play ring around the ambulance
Because Frank pretty much always got sick before the full moon. Gerard didn’t know any other wolf, turned or not, who reacted so badly to the lead-up. (600 words)
Regarding transformative works: You don't need to ask my permission to create podfic or art of any fic I've written, but please let me know and link me to the finished product, so I can flail at you and send everyone I know your way. (This does not apply to remixes/sequels; I'm afraid I'm not comfortable with blanket permission in that area.) ( )
fandom:bandom  medium:fic  length:-1k  relationship:gen  focus:gerard  focus:frank  concept:illness  beings:shapeshifters/weres  challenge:bandom_meme  posted:2012-03  bookmarked:2012-03  creator:ashers_kiss/x_dark_siren_x  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:partial.permission 
march 2012 by sylvaine
Delphinapterus: A Little Razzle Dazzle
Even before he had officially met them Bob had heard about The Way Brothers (when Brian talked about them he always capitalized it - it was worse than the little finger wiggling air quotes people used for reasons Bob still didn't understand ) and their antics. (2,000 words)
Also at and and
fandom:bandom  medium:fic  creator:delphinapterus  length:1k-5k  relationship:gen  focus:gerard  focus:mikey  focus:bob  beings:magic.users  concept:illness  posted:2010-01  bookmarked:2012-03  relationship:siblings  relationship:brothers  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance 
march 2012 by sylvaine
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: if my velocity starts to make you sweat
It's Frank who calls first. Almost as soon as they land in Munich. It's just, they hate flying, even when it’s a relatively short flight like this one, and everyone is grumpy and tired and all Frank wants is to be back in Edinburgh pressed between Grant and Gerard. (14,700 words)
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fandom:bandom  medium:fic  creator:tuesdaysgone  creator:fleurdeliser  length:10k-20k  fandom:comics.rpf  relationship:slash  relationship:poly  pairing:frank/gerard  pairing:frank/gerard/grant  focus:gerard  focus:frank  focus:grant  concept:illness  smut:fucking  verse:ot3  posted:2011-01  bookmarked:2012-03  smut:oral  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:blanket.permission  *secondary.fanworks.policy:partial.permission 
march 2012 by sylvaine
pinn/secrethappiness: Summer Teeth
Contrary to what certain fucktards named Gerard might say, Frank is totally capable of taking care of other people. It's just that the opportunity doesn't arise that often. (2,700 words)
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pairing:bob/frank  fandom:bandom  creator:pinn/secrethappiness  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  focus:frank  posted:2008-07  bookmarked:2012-01  concept:illness  medium:fic  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance 
january 2012 by sylvaine
chalcopyrite: Hermit
Ray is a hermit living off the land. One day he finds a feverish, delirious man wandering his property. Ray must nurse him back to health while fighting an attraction to the mysterious stranger. (6,800 words)
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fandom:bandom  creator:chalcopyrite  length:5k-10k  relationship:slash  pairing:frank/ray  focus:ray  focus:frank  au:homestead  concept:illness  challenge:yobrothatssick(2011)  posted:2011-11  bookmarked:2012-02  medium:fic  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance 
december 2011 by sylvaine
akamine_chan: it's not the life it seems
Frank woke up struggling to breathe.

He sat up in his rumpled bed, fighting against the oppressive pressure in his chest. There wasn't enough air. He heard himself gasping and choking, felt the congestion and blockage in his lungs stealing his ability to inhale. What little air he managed to draw in jammed in his throat and suddenly he couldn't exhale, could only wheeze in more air as his chest expanded and dizziness made his head spin. (4,900 words)
Transformative works policy:
fandom:bandom  medium:fic  creator:akamine_chan  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  relationship:selfcest  pairing:frank/frank  focus:frank  pairing:frank/mikey  concept:timetravel  concept:illness  challenge:yobrothatssick(2011)  posted:2011-11  bookmarked:2012-05  smut:handjob  smut:oral  group:my.chemical.romance  *secondary.fanworks.policy:blanket.permission 
december 2011 by sylvaine
chalcopyrite: Soup
For the prompt: Coffeeshop AU! Frank is a struggling sole proprietor, and when he gets sick, he tries to keep the place open. Longtime customers and acquaintances-on-their-way-to-friendship Waybros are horrified, and Gerard gets Mikey to take over operations while he gets Frank tucked in and hydrated. (1,900 words)
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fandom:bandom  creator:chalcopyrite  length:1k-5k  relationship:gen  pairing:frank/gerard  focus:frank  focus:gerard  focus:mikey  au:ordinary.lives  concept:illness  challenge:yobrothatssick(2011)  posted:2011-11  bookmarked:2012-02  medium:fic  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance 
december 2011 by sylvaine

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