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Ember Nickel: Shuntbumps
Asexual Awareness Challenge: Bill and Fleur have been married for ten years, and no one would say they're not the model of happiness. But for some of their siblings, happiness might follow a different model. (1,300 words)
fandom:harry.potter  creator:ember_nickel  relationship:gen  topic:asexuality  posted:2012-01  bookmarked:2011-12  length:1k-5k  focus:charlie  focus:gabrielle  challenge:ffnet.asexual.awareness.challenge(2011)  beings:magic.users  topic:otherkin&therianthropy&vampirism&c.  medium:fic  !no.smut 
january 2012 by sylvaine
boxparade: A Picture Says A Thousand Words (Unless You Just Can't See It)
“I’m going to have to listen to offhanded comments about your sex life all the time now, aren’t I?”“Yeah, probably.” (2,200 words)
pairing:brendon/spencer  fandom:bandom  length:1k-5k  creator:boxparade  relationship:slash  concept:crack  bookmarked:2011-12  posted:2011-12  focus:brendon  focus:spencer  focus:ryan  medium:fic  !no.smut 
december 2011 by sylvaine
verbs_not_nouns: Ramp Up Essay: Being a Kinky Ace
"To start, I'm Venn, a kinky asexual person who writes about being a kinky asexual person. Other potentially relevant labels are bottom, cisgender, female, able-bodied, virgin, aromantic, and fannish." (2,000 words)
topic:asexuality  topic:kink  length:1k-5k  creator:verbs_not_nouns  challenge:kink-bingo  posted:2011-05  bookmarked:2011-12  fandom:*general  medium:meta 
december 2011 by sylvaine
mahoni: Aliens in Chicagoland
Bob is prepared to defend his backyard from evil ninjas the summer after kindergarten, but what he gets is a monster, a Doctor and a pair of Ponds. (5,100 words)
Also at and
fandom:bandom  fandom:doctor.who  length:5k-10k  creator:mahoni  relationship:gen  concept:kidfic  posted:2011-01  bookmarked:2011-12  focus:bob  beings:aliens  medium:fic  !no.smut  fandom:*crossover 
december 2011 by sylvaine
ladyfoxxx: Theory and Practice
"Frank's mouth drops open a little. "And you're… okay with that? With Mikey wanting to..."

Ray snorts out a shy laugh, "Yeah, I am." He runs a hand through his curls, then leaves it on his neck, "Maybe too okay with it. He just," Ray looks up then, and Frank nearly loses a breath at the expression on his face. "He really wants it."" (3700 words)
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fandom:bandom  creator:ladyfoxxx  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  relationship:poly  pairing:mikey/ray  pairing:bob/brian/frank/mikey/ray  posted:2011-12  bookmarked:2011-12  smut:fucking  smut:voyeurism  smut:gangbang  focus:frank  focus:mikey  focus:ray  pairing:gsf  medium:fic  pairing:bob/brian  group:my.chemical.romance 
december 2011 by sylvaine
birdsflying: Head First For Basements
"Patrick's thigh was buzzing under his head - possibly the second flask had been a bad idea. Patrick petted Frank's head and pulled his cellphone out. "Pete says that everyone's going to Denny's after." "Oooh, pancakes. Ooh." Frank said, waving a hand in the air. Ray snorted. "Voice of reason here, all in favour of going to Denny's with a drunk Frank, raise a hand." He looked around: the only hand in the air was, predictably, attached to Frank. "Yeah, that's what I thought."" (2,090 words)
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fandom:bandom  smut:handjob  pairing:frank/patrick  posted:2007-10  relationship:slash  length:1k-5k  au:highschool/college  bookmarked:2011-12  focus:frank  focus:patrick  focus:gerard  challenge:turning.tricks.or.treats.challenge(2007)  concept:drunk.or.high  medium:fic  creator:birdsflying/fvckofagun/megolas  group:fall.out.boy  group:my.chemical.romance 
december 2011 by sylvaine
idyll: untitled
"Gerard's not sober, not even close, and it's probably a bad idea to let him near Bob's eyes with anything pointy at all, but Bob's not entirely sober himself."(850 words)
fandom:bandom  creator:idyll  length:-1k  relationship:gen  concept:genderfuck  posted:2007-12  bookmarked:2011-12  focus:gerard  focus:bob  medium:fic  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance 
december 2011 by sylvaine
idyll: untitled
Mikey bruises easily. "He hates it, generally, because it makes him seem fragile or delicate, even if only to himself. And he's not. Not in that way. But Mikey doesn't mind at all the bruises that come to life on his knees when he sinks to them in front of Frank on concrete venue floors, carpeted hotel room floors, or gravel-rough parking lots." (460 words)
fandom:bandom  length:-1k  creator:idyll  relationship:slash  pairing:frank/mikey  posted:2007-12  bookmarked:2011-12  smut:biting  focus:frank  focus:mikey  medium:fic  smut:oral  group:my.chemical.romance 
december 2011 by sylvaine
synonomy: Catalyst
Written for the prompt "Someone talking about why they like a particular element of sex - i.e; getting fucked. Preferably during the act and preferably an MCR pairing." (3,300 words)
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fandom:bandom  creator:synonomy  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:frank/gerard  posted:2011-12  bookmarked:2011-12  smut:fucking  focus:gerard  focus:frank  challenge:anon-lovefest  medium:fic  group:my.chemical.romance 
december 2011 by sylvaine
esama: Yesterday's Lessons
Ten years has passed and things have changed. Yet Kaiba Seto is still the same and Mutou Yugi is still standing, even if on broken legs. Note: though I doubt this was intended by the author, the characters involved in the central relationship come across very strongly to me as demisexual and demiromantic. (100,000 words) [WIP]
Also available as document in author's Yahoo!Group at
Art for fic here (spoilery for first few chapters):
fandom:yu-gi-oh!  creator:esama  relationship:slash  topic:disability.physical  posted:2010-12  posted:2008-06  bookmarked:2011-12  smut:handjob  smut:frottage  medium:fic  pairing:seto.kaiba/yugi.mutou  focus:yugi.mutou  focus:seto.kaiba  topic:asexuality  !WIP  length:100k-200k 
december 2011 by sylvaine
idyll: Not a Pretty Girl
girl!Bob verse. Features My Chem and Brian Schechter, with appearances by members of The Used and some random others along the way. (17 fics; 28,000 words)
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fandom:bandom  creator:idyll  relationship:gen  concept:genderfuck  posted:2008-02  bookmarked:2011-12  relationship:het  verse:not.a.pretty.girl  focus:bob  challenge:14valentines(2008)  topic:gender  medium:fic  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance 
december 2011 by sylvaine
rageprufrock: Murderous, Co-Dependent
It's an uncomfortable and telling measure of the depth of Lestrade's parental guilt that he acquires not one, but two kittens. (1,900 words)
fandom:sherlock  creator:rageprufrock  length:1k-5k  relationship:gen  beings:animals  concept:anthro  bookmarked:2011-12  posted:2011-03  focus:lestrade  focus:sherlock  focus:john  au:other  medium:fic  !no.smut 
september 2011 by sylvaine
sociofemme: Torch
"The sculptor is there again. Gerard almost turns and leaves, except he is so, so behind, and if he misses another afternoon with this kind of light, he's pretty fucked. So." (5,000 words)
fandom:bandom  creator:sociofemme  length:1k-5k  relationship:slash  pairing:bob/gerard  au:highschool/college  bookmarked:2011-12  posted:2008-07  focus:gerard  focus:bob  medium:fic  !no.smut  group:my.chemical.romance 
august 2011 by sylvaine

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