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Vintage Rotary Phone Turned Virtual Assistant | Hackaday
Like many of us, [Zoltan Toth-Czifra] has completely embraced 21st century living. His home is awash in smart gadgets and dodads, from color changing light bulbs to Internet-connected cameras. But he’s also got a soft spot for the look and feel of vintage hardware, like the rotary phone he keeps kicking around to remind him of the old days. He recently decided to bridge these two worlds by turning the rotary phone into a modern voice controlled assistant.
raspberrypi  phones  retro  howto 
november 2018 by swheatley
How to Recover a Disk Partition with TestDisk and GParted Live
Use Tuxboot instead of UNetBootin to create USB live media from Windows. Instructions say to use Intel/PC for partition type, but for larger disks you will need to select EFI instead.
howto  harddrive  recovery  *  linux 
november 2018 by swheatley
unmerge cells and copy the content in each previously merged cell - Microsoft Community
JLLatham replied on May 5, 2012, unmerge with VBA macro, leaves blanks unchanged
excel  macros  howto  work 
july 2018 by swheatley
Using Python’s Pathlib Module - Practical Business Python
It is difficult to write a python script that does not have some interaction with the file system. The activity could be as simple as reading a data file into a pandas DataFrame or as complex as parsing thousands of files in a deeply nested directory structure. Python’s standard library has several helpful functions for these tasks - including the pathlib module.

The pathlib module was first included in python 3.4 and has been enhanced in each of the subsequent releases. Pathlib is an object oriented interface to the filesystem and provides a more intuitive method to interact with the filesystem in a platform agnostic and pythonic manner.
python  howto  files  *  resources  reference 
december 2017 by swheatley
JK Brickworks | A Life of LEGO­® Bricks
Amazing mechanical LEGO creations. Includes instructions for most of his creations.
lego  technics  mechanical  howto 
january 2017 by swheatley
Use a transistor to gate current from the LEDs, and trigger the gate with an Arduino pin.
arduino  electronics  led  howto 
october 2015 by swheatley
Code inComplete - HTML5 Games
Builds clones of breakout, outrun, and other classic arcade and console games in HTML5 and JavaScript.
games  html  javascript  html5  development  *  howto  tutorial 
july 2015 by swheatley
Making 100,000 Stars - HTML5 Rocks
Excellent overview of writing a 3D web visualization using three.js
toread  webgl  html5  howto  threejs  3d  visualization 
november 2012 by swheatley
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