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Backlash for lip-kissing
Parents kissing their children is a surprisingly divisive issue.
kiss  children  parenting  wtf 
june 2017 by swampers
BBC Sandwich Making "Lunch Hack"
I saw this and wondered where the 'hack' was. He didn't even tell you how to stop your colleagues from stealing your ingredients.
sandwich  wtf 
may 2017 by swampers
A woman who begged for 50p has been sentenced to six months in prison
"...[her] inability to get legal representation was typical in civil cases since cuts to legal aid came in."
wtf  laws  crime  UK 
april 2017 by swampers
Twitter Blasts Kendall Jenner's Cringeworthy Pepsi Commercial
I watched about two-thirds of the advert on silent, and couldn't watch any more.
advertising  Pepsi  wtf 
april 2017 by swampers
Scarier Than 'Psycho': Twitter Erupts Over Trump's 'Bats**t' Press Conference
Unsure if this is an interesting read or just worth remembering as the 'good times' when the shells are dropping all around
wtf  politics  USA 
february 2017 by swampers
Donald Trump Told Chris Christie To Eat Meatloaf
To be fair, Frankenfurter made everyone eat Meat Loaf
wtf  politics 
february 2017 by swampers

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