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Shape-shifting pasta that will transform in water
They take up less space, and hence money, to ship
food  technology  wow 
16 days ago by swampers
Transforming Cubes
Amazing what some card, tape and magnets can do
geometry  wow  magnets 
5 weeks ago by swampers
Jens Olsen's World Clock - Copenhagen, Denmark
I wish I'd known about this before I visited Copenhagen. Maybe next time.
time  engineering  wow 
6 weeks ago by swampers
The Leaked Fyre Festival Pitch Deck Is Beyond Parody
"...the employees who work for Fyre ... are referred to as "The Fyre Squad"..."
wow  funny  festival  via:andrewducker  fail 
7 weeks ago by swampers
(I have to wonder how many pairs didn't make it to the end...)
advertising  Heineken  beer  society  differences  wow 
8 weeks ago by swampers
The Ghost In The Shell Movie Has Some Very Expensive Statues
If you ever wanted a 1/4th sized robo-Geisha, here's your chance
movies  merchandising  wow  anime 
february 2017 by swampers
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