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The hidden structures of 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Books
I wonder if anyone ever mapped out the Fighting Fantasy books like this?
books  data  visualisation 
13 days ago by swampers
Mapping the manifestos
A distinctly warped view of who the "main" parties are; but still a decent overview
politics  uk  data  visualisation 
5 weeks ago by swampers
Fundamental Theorem of Algebra - A Visual Approach
Wonderfully informative way of visualising complex functions in a two-dimensional manner
mathematics  colour  visualisation 
february 2017 by swampers
Parenthood - in graphs
I'm only five weeks into my journey of being a parent, but the one about sleep especially speaks to me...
graphs  funny  data  visualisation  parenting 
august 2016 by swampers
The growth of cities across the globe
It's like watching the map at the end of a Civ game
history  data  visualisation  geography  wow 
july 2016 by swampers
e to the pi i "for dummies"
My favourite mathematical identity (I even have it as a tattoo.)
visualisation  geekery  mathematics 
june 2016 by swampers

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