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Theresa May is now almost as unpopular as pre-campaign Corbyn
"New YouGov research highlights just how badly the election campaign and result damaged the public’s view of both the Prime Minister and the Conservative party and how much it boosted Labour and its leader."
Labour  Conservatives  politics  UK 
12 days ago by swampers
To sleep or not to sleep?
Planning for the General Election results
elections  politics  UK 
21 days ago by swampers
Of course Trump stole another family's coat of arms
(I recommend referring to it as a Trump Stamp)
heraldry  USA  UK  law  ffs 
29 days ago by swampers
"My god. It worked. It really worked."
The reactionary comments about 'free speech' completely miss what it actually is, of course.
free-speech  radio  UK 
4 weeks ago by swampers
BBC Store to close for good
I didn't even know it existed
UK  TV  streaming 
4 weeks ago by swampers
Brave New World vs 1984
Fun fact: Aldous Huxley briefly taught French to George Orwell in 1917 at Eton
dystopia  literature  UK 
5 weeks ago by swampers
Mapping the manifestos
A distinctly warped view of who the "main" parties are; but still a decent overview
politics  uk  data  visualisation 
5 weeks ago by swampers
Brexit: 70 Percent Of Tech Workers Considering Leaving UK
Regardless of the accuracy of the chosen methodology, that's a scary number to be anywhere near.
Brexit  tech  jobs  UK 
6 weeks ago by swampers
The Great British Brexit Robbery
Similar article about Trump's victory, here: bit.ly/2qSHCyp
data  politics  UK  Brexit 
7 weeks ago by swampers
Getting Drunk With The Funeral Industry To Find Out What Happens When We Die
"...it was clear that what Jenner had accidentally organised was an industry meeting for people who worked with the dead..."
death  convention  UK 
7 weeks ago by swampers
The British and their exceptionalism
"...few have ever allowed the belief in their exceptionalism to damage their economic and political interests in quite the way Britain is currently doing."
UK  EU  Brexit  politics  economics 
7 weeks ago by swampers
A British pub chain has just banned swearing - BBC Three
"Samuel Smiths pubs have become known for their traditional, "uncompromisingly Victorian" aesthetic and their lack of music or TVs..." ...and soon, customers.
funny  swearing  pubs  UK  OhForFucksSake 
9 weeks ago by swampers
"Some people earning £70,000 do not feel rich"
I believe the phrase I'm looking for here is "aww, diddums!"
poverty  UK  politics  tax 
9 weeks ago by swampers
A woman who begged for 50p has been sentenced to six months in prison
"...[her] inability to get legal representation was typical in civil cases since cuts to legal aid came in."
wtf  laws  crime  UK 
9 weeks ago by swampers
Homes daubed with latin graffiti
At least it's not "Romanes eunt domus"...
latin  graffiti  UK 
12 weeks ago by swampers
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