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Mathematics for Computer Science
Want to come back to read this properly. Might help me put my mathematical background into CS use better
computers  mathematics  science 
march 2017 by swampers
Researchers Tap a Sleep Switch in the Brain | Quanta Magazine
Includes the best fragment I'll see all day: "...a colony of narcoleptic dogs at Stanford..."
sleep  science  neurology 
february 2017 by swampers
On Influenza A (H1N1)
all your base pairs are belong to H5N1
biology  genetics  science  computing 
february 2017 by swampers
Curiosity isn't gendered
I want Amazon UK to do the STEM subscription in time for my son to enjoy it!
toys  parenting  gender  play  science 
february 2017 by swampers
Statistical Breakup
I'm now choosing to believe all my previous relationships were part of control groups
science  relationships  funny  webcomic 
january 2017 by swampers
New £5 Notes Are Riddled With Bacteria - But It's The Good Kind
"Despite the word "SPECIMEN" across the photo ... there's no poo on our polymer pounds."
money  funny  science  bacteria 
january 2017 by swampers
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