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The most senior family circuit judge in South West England speaks to Buzzfeed
"...I’ve been a lawyer since 1980. And I can’t fill out forms properly. How do they do it when it’s in a foreign language?"
UK  law  legal  parenting  children 
october 2017 by swampers
Backlash for lip-kissing
Parents kissing their children is a surprisingly divisive issue.
kiss  children  parenting  wtf 
june 2017 by swampers
The Sweet Spot Between Permissive and Authoritarian Parenting
Interesting overview. Obviously this is chock full of opinion, and thus all wrong (or correct) depending on your own views...
parenting  children 
may 2017 by swampers
A Sentimental Dad on Crying His Daughter to Sleep
This resonates with me an unsurprisingly large amount
parenting  babies  children 
may 2017 by swampers
50 Best Places to Work for New Dads in 2017
(Does anyone know of a similar one for new mums?)
USA  work  fatherhood  parenting 
may 2017 by swampers
Curiosity isn't gendered
I want Amazon UK to do the STEM subscription in time for my son to enjoy it!
toys  parenting  gender  play  science 
february 2017 by swampers
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