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Modern agriculture needs to use fertilizer more efficiently
(Features an amazing story about how the first nitrogen-fixing plant was destroyed)
nitrogen  climate-change  agriculture  food  chemistry 
11 weeks ago by swampers
Shape-shifting pasta that will transform in water
They take up less space, and hence money, to ship
food  technology  wow 
june 2017 by swampers
Sourdough vs White Bread
"...nutrition needs to be personalized..."
food  diet  nutrition 
june 2017 by swampers
Nutella Café Set to Open in Chicago
I just want to know when the Scottish branch opens
nutella  food  Chicago  USA 
may 2017 by swampers
Scottish Food, Explained For Americans
"[Irn Bru is] not as much of an acquired taste as American root beer, which tastes like weapons-grade athlete’s foot ointment."
Scotland  food  funny 
may 2017 by swampers
The Hass Avocado Mother Tree
Another genetically-identical crop, you say...?
food  biology  agriculture  business 
march 2017 by swampers
"I ♥ NY" - eating animal hearts
For the record, I grew up eating braised lamb hearts as a Sunday treat.
food  diet 
february 2017 by swampers
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