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Modern agriculture needs to use fertilizer more efficiently
(Features an amazing story about how the first nitrogen-fixing plant was destroyed)
nitrogen  climate-change  agriculture  food  chemistry 
april 2018 by swampers
Hurricane Irma: A Practically Impossible Storm
"If Godzilla emerged from the ocean and laid waste to Houston, then a week later did the same in the Caribbean, and then attacked Miami with atomic breath, the US government would learn to build giant Godzilla-fighting mech suits lickety-split."
weather  USA  climate  climate-change 
september 2017 by swampers
How 95 Fahrenheit days will spread across the world
(That's 35 Celsius to the non-Americans, non-Bahamans, non-Caymanians and non-Belizeans out there. And 308.15 Kelvin for the nerds.)
climate-change  environment 
june 2017 by swampers

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