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The Bullshit Web
(The less profane description would probably be 'bloated')
web  advertising  design  internet  bloat 
august 2018 by swampers
Here’s How Heineken Made That Ad
This answered a question I had: there were nine pairings altogether
Heineken  advertising  conversations 
may 2017 by swampers
(I have to wonder how many pairs didn't make it to the end...)
advertising  Heineken  beer  society  differences  wow 
april 2017 by swampers
Twitter Blasts Kendall Jenner's Cringeworthy Pepsi Commercial
I watched about two-thirds of the advert on silent, and couldn't watch any more.
advertising  Pepsi  wtf 
april 2017 by swampers
Vulcans looking for a new mortgage
Bizarre advertising campaign springboarding off the new Star Trek film
star-trek  advertising  finance 
july 2016 by swampers

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