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Princess Xenomorph! And Princess Deadpool! Ohh - Princess Lisa Simpson!
(I will not stop thinking of new additions to Disney's Princess line-up)
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december 2017 by swampers
It’s just tartan fantasy, but ‘set-jetters’ love Outlander
"He omits Eilan Donan Castle and its starring role in Monty Python and the Holy Grail - which some might see almost as a documentary, compared to Braveheart or Outlander..."
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september 2017 by swampers
BBC Store to close for good
I didn't even know it existed
UK  TV  streaming 
may 2017 by swampers
American Gods adaptation really is "faithful"
"...fans of genre stuff just take [it] on faith when it doesn’t make sense."
Gaiman  American-Gods  TV 
may 2017 by swampers
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