Casting Remix
John Malkovich in Titanic? Sold!
funny  video  movies  impersonation  acting 
may 2017
Brexit: 70 Percent Of Tech Workers Considering Leaving UK
Regardless of the accuracy of the chosen methodology, that's a scary number to be anywhere near.
Brexit  tech  jobs  UK 
may 2017
The art of misdirection
One of my favourite TED Talks. Watch and listen carefully!
TED-Talks  psychology  magic 
may 2017
How English is the Eurovision Song Contest?
Of course, the winning song was one of the few not sung in English.
language  Eurovision  singing 
may 2017
Audio Tattoos
This seems like something I would like to do
tattoos  sounds  technology 
may 2017
The belief that train rides could bring about instant insanity
Reminds me of the flurry of 'road rage' incidents that flared up in the 1990s but seem to have died down to an unremarkable and unreported number in recent years.
mental-health  travel  trains 
may 2017
Emotional Labour
Must find the time to read this completely!
emotion  work  relationships  gender  society  patriarchy  via:andrewducker 
may 2017
London Tube Map (showing nearest tube station)
Needs an overlay, but pretty cool nonetheless
maps  London  coding 
may 2017
Long hundred
When a hundred didn't mean a hundred. Except when it did.
language  numbers  history 
may 2017
Twenty years on from Deep Blue vs Kasparov
Holy carpal-tunnel, Batman! Twenty years? For real?
data  AI  computing 
may 2017
'The Sims' you remember is coming to iOS and Android
So long as they remember to include ghosts, I'll be happy.
gaming  mobile-gaming  games 
may 2017
Scottish Food, Explained For Americans
"[Irn Bru is] not as much of an acquired taste as American root beer, which tastes like weapons-grade athlete’s foot ointment."
Scotland  food  funny 
may 2017
The Spoon Theory
For those who don't know what it means when I refer to "spoons" (and especially when I say I don't have any.)
disability  health  psychology 
may 2017
The Great British Brexit Robbery
Similar article about Trump's victory, here: bit.ly/2qSHCyp
data  politics  UK  Brexit 
may 2017
"Always a Catch": A Museum Megagame at the Scottish Fisheries Museum
I've played in a megagame before, and they're a lot of fun!
gaming  Scotland  fish 
may 2017
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