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Lieblingstweets im Mai (Teil 2) |
RT : Samstag: Küche aufgeräut, Brot gegessen, gebadet, Lieblingstweets gepostet.
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may 2015 by svensonsan
Twitter / spreeblick: Jemand hat sein Kostüm vor ...
Jemand hat sein Kostüm vor unserem Büro verloren. Hinweis von hilft hoffentlich.
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november 2013 by svensonsan
Der sensationelle Hamburger Trick - Ferienwohnungen Hamburg vs. Berlin -
Neu. Blog. Der sensationelle Hamburger Trick – Ferienwohnungen Hamburg vs. Berlin
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july 2013 by svensonsan
re:publica - YouTube
kennt ihr, ja? Das geht echt fix. Mitschnitte galore.
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may 2013 by svensonsan
Entrepreneur Claims He Made $10,000 in One Day Via Facebook Ads
Was ich an den Amis mag: Jeder Flohmarkt-Verkäufer wird gleich zum "Entrepreneur" %
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july 2012 by svensonsan
Das Higgs-Teilchen im Schnelldurchgang | Hier wohnen Drachen | - Wissenschaft, Kultur, Politik
Sensationeller Artikel. Besser als jegliche Qualitätspresse zum Thema. "Das Higgs-Teilchen im Schnelldurchgang"
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july 2012 by svensonsan
re:publica 12
": Der Vorverkauf hat begonnen! ACTION! "
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november 2011 by svensonsan
Robot rides bicycle
Und dann gibt es plötzlich Roboter, die Fahrrad fahren können. Irre.
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october 2011 by svensonsan
CCC | Chaos Computer Club analysiert Staatstrojaner
": analysiert Staatstrojaner, Computerwanze mit Hintertür zum Nachladen von Schadcode "
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october 2011 by svensonsan
Creationism vs Evolution, Limerick Style : DebateAChristian
reddit is awesome; here's a big debate of Evolution vs. Creationism, all in limericks:
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october 2011 by svensonsan
Don’t Let Trolls Take Their Toll!
Attention billy goats: Are you tired of trolls hiding under your bridge? Then say goodbye to trolls with Bridge-Kleen™ Troll Repellent! Two out of three billy goats agree — Bridge-Kleen works!

It really works, istolethetv!

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october 2011 by svensonsan
Der neue, heisse Scheiss:
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september 2011 by svensonsan
Stichwort parlamentarische Immunität. Ist seine Webseite ist ein rechtfreier Raum?
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september 2011 by svensonsan
Wie findet Ihr die Anzeige? Funktioniert das für Offline-Verm... on Twitpic
Wie findet Ihr die Anzeige? Funktioniert das für Offline-Vermieter im Abendblatt?
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august 2011 by svensonsan
According to German TV, anti-Starfleet rebels helped take down Osama Bin Laden [Star Trek]
Last Thursday, German news channel N24 was discussing how the Navy's SEAL Team Six participated in the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden. The report started out normal, but an image search snafu took the broadcast to the final frontier. More »
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may 2011 by svensonsan
Use Wolfram Alpha to Figure Out Confusing Family Relationships [Relationships]
What do you call the son of your mom's cousin? How about the husband of your mother's uncle's daughter? Type how you're related into Wolfram Alpha's computation engine, and it returns the relationship—first cousin once removed, in that last example.
Not only do you get a sketch of the family tree when you enter something like "great-uncle's son's daughter," but you get a quick chart explaining just how related you are to the person you're describing, in a "blood relationship fraction." You may now proceed to whittle down your holiday card list, as well as impress everyone with your proper genealogical naming at the family reunion.

Update: Kane2742 points out that "Cousin" on Wikipedia explains the first, second, X-removed, and other particulars of relationship naming in writing, as well as on a nifty chart.

My Cousin's Cousin's Niece's Grandfather Said to Just Ask Wolfram|Alpha [Wolfram|Alpha Blog]
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june 2010 by svensonsan

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